Can you offer a loving home to a loving pet?


Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Age: 7 years 1 month.

Bruno is a fantastic Staffordshire Bull Terrier with a heart of gold! He is a real chatty lad who loves to chunter and chat with you whilst out walking.
Bruno is usually friendly towards other d...

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Breed: Dogue de Bordeaux
Age: 3 years 3 months.

Big Buzz the Dogue De Bordeux cross has found himself back with us due to a huge upheaval in his previous home. This big dope is 3 years old and loves the company of people. He enjoys his walks a...

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Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Age: 1 year 8 months.

Gertie is an 18 month old small American Bulldog who has a heart of gold! She has a few lifelong medical problems; hip dysplasia and a skin problem which are currently under control with medicati...

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Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Age: 1 year 3 months.

Mylo came to us as he was growling at the children in the property. We have found him to be a loving chap; but does get bored quite easily and this turns to frustration. Mylo’s ideal home w...

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Breed: Cross Breed
Age: 7 years 6 months.

Poor Pippin arrived with us due to her owner passing away. Her life has dramatically changed in the past few weeks but she has shown that she bounces back amazingly; she LOVES life, a loving and ...

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Breed: Terrier
Age: 9 years 1 month.

This lovely scruffy boy is Ralphie, who is 9 years old. Ralphie is a lovely chilled out boy who is good as gold. He has come in to us as he prefers the quiet life, and wasn't enjoying living with...

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Breed: Lurcher
Age: 11 months.

11 month old Rodney is a real character, just like his Only Fools and Horses namesake - Rodney is super lanky and all legs and paws. He would benefit with some lead training and given his age, we...

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Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Age: 2 years 4 months.

Roxy is a 2 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross. She LOVES to learn new things and is a very bright girl. She works well for food and is eager to please. She can be a bit of a whirlwind whe...

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