Can you offer a loving home to a loving pet?


Breed: Mini-Lop
Age: 3 years 4 months.

Lemmy is a handsome 3 year old male, Mini Lop, he has been at the centre since 2.7.20! Initially Lemmy is quiet / nervous in nature, but overtime as he starts to settle, his confid...

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Breed: Lop Eared
Age: 2 years 1 month.

Oreo is a 2 yr old female Lop, who has been with us since 28.6.20! Oreo has a sweet /mischievous nature, she is always on the go, searching for new adventures. Her hobbies are digging, binkying, ...

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Breed: Lop Eared
Age: 1 year 0 months.

Popcorn is a young female Mini Lop, who has been with us since 6th July 2020! Popcorn came into our care through no fault of her own. She is of an independent nature and will tell you when she do...

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