Can you offer Tilly a new home?

Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Colour: Ginger and White
Sex: Female
Age: 7 years 3 months.
Time with us: 11 weeks.

Unfortunately due to a change in circumstances this special lady has ended up back with us after 3 years of living the spoiled life. She is looking for a very particular home and a very understanding person, as she can be quiet sassy. We know that from her time out of the cattery and in her previous home she can be a fairly affectionate and mellow girl, however due to the stress of the cattery it is rare for us to see this side of her. Saying this, she is fairly easy to work with and has shown minimum aggression when her boundaries and space are respected, always gently taking treats from our hands.
However handling wise, Tilly really dislikes and has been very quick to show her aggression when attempted as with petting. While on the odd occasion she does enjoy some affection, she only does so on her own terms and so if she's not in the mood she wont be slow to let you know.
While this sassy madam can be difficult to handle she has taken a special place in everyone's hearts who have worked with her as it creates a special kind of bond to understand a cat like Tilly, one of which we know can be developed further in the perfect home. It is a must that Tilly is an only cat as this can trigger her grumpy side. Ideally she would benefit from a home with lots of land, a farm or small holding where she can choose to be with or away from people. If you're interested in adopting this otherwise gorgeous girl please feel free to fill out an application form or call us on 01283 569165.'

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