Can you offer Riley a new home?

Breed: Cross Breed
Colour: Tan and White
Sex: Male
Age: 1 year 5 months.
Time with us: 8 weeks.

Riley is still only a pup at 1 years old. He came in to us via the Inspector, as previously he spent numerous hours inside a crate. He was very scared and nervous of everything when he came to us, but slow and steady introductions to the big wide world have paid off. It's never a dull day when Riley is around, he brightens everybody's day as he is so much fun and a very comical lad, never failing to make us laugh.
Riley has been with us since January, and he has learnt a lot. He now walks nicely on a head collar, knows his basic commands such as sit, wait, come and is grasping the down command. He will also leave his toys in exchange for a tasty biscuit! Training Riley is an absolute pleasure, as he is so bright and eager to please.
Riley is looking for a home with people that have had the American Bull breed before, as inside that large body is a very young pup who gets excited very easily and he can forget his manners.
He can live with children 15yrs and older. Unfortunately Riley missed out on early socialisation with other dogs, but there hasn't been anything that has majorly concerned us over his dog etiquette, and once in a home and getting the attention he needs he could settle down with another dog in the future. He cannot live with cats.'

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