Can you offer Cher a new home?

Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Colour: Tabby and White
Sex: Female
Age: 4 years 3 months.
Time with us: 12 weeks.

Meet Suki (black) and Cher (tabby and white).
This wonderful duo are a strongly bonded pair of cats who have a very sweet story...
At only four years old you wouldn't believe that Cher is actually Sukis grandma!

They came into the shelter with six kittens. Five of them were Sukis litter, and one was Chers. Because they are so close, they shared nursing duties and helped raise all the kittens between them, it was simply adorable!!!

We want to find these cuties a forever home where they can be together, and finally get chance to be kittens themselves. At only two years and four years old, they are both still very playful and kitten like.
They love affection and attention, and are always meowing at your ankles for some fuss and treats.

Even though they have lived with other animals, Suki and Cher aren't very cat friendly and would need to be re homed as the only pets.
They are very sweet girls, and although they don't like being picked up and cuddled all the time, they have never showed any signs of aggression. We think they would be fine being re homed with children of all ages as long as they are aware that cats are independent, and wont always want to play or cuddle.

This lovely pair of cats will suit most lifestyles, and will make lovely additions to any household.'

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