Can you offer Oreo a new home?

Breed: Lop Eared
Colour: Black
Sex: Female
Age: 2 years 2 months.
Time with us: 11 weeks.

Oreo is a 2 yr old female Lop, who has been with us since 28.6.20! Oreo has a sweet /mischievous nature, she is always on the go, searching for new adventures. Her hobbies are digging, binkying, chewing, nuzzling at whatever your doing, playing & more digging. Oreo does prefer to interact with humans on her terms with all 4 of her paws on the ground. Oreo can be rehomed with 1st time owners, that are well researched in rabbit welfare, care, and behaviour. Oreo could be rehomed with a neutered male (slow bond), & calm children of primary school age. She would love to live in large outdoor accommodation that has plenty of space so she can explore, binky, bop, & play all day.'

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