Can you offer Snowy a new home?

Breed: Rex
Colour: White and Brown
Sex: Male
Age: 1 year 0 months.
Time with us: 5 weeks.

Snowy is an energetic young male Rex rabbit that came into our care due to not getting along with his brother (Snowball). Snowy has been at the centre since 17/09/20! Snowy has a lot of energy, anything and everything has to be investigated & scent marked, an inquisitive youngster who needs to be provided with a range of exciting enrichment & plenty of space to keep him content. Snowy does tolerate being held, but for only a limited amount of time, he is progressing well with hand feeding & interacting more with staff. Snowy could be rehomed with a neutered female of a similar age (to be bonded slowly), calm children of primary school age (ideally who've experienced owning a rabbit before). Ideally we would like Snowy to be rehomed with experienced owners, who are knowledgeable in caring for rabbits, 1st time owners interested in him need to be well researched in rabbit welfare, care, & behaviour. Snowy can live in large outdoor accommodation where there is plenty of enrichment & space for him to explore, binky, bop, & play all day long.'

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