Can you offer Rex a new home?

Breed: Rex
Colour: Brown
Sex: Male
Age: 1 year 5 months.
Time with us: 11 weeks.

Rex is a beautiful large male velvet Rex rabbit, he is just over 1yr old and is fully vaccinated, neutered, & microchipped. Rex came into our care on 4/11/20, due to his previous owners moving and not being able to take him. He is energetic, boisterous and on the go constantly. A high octane rabbit who needs a lot of space & plenty of interesting enrichment for him to be content. Rex does prefer having all four paws on the ground when dealing with humans, his confidence and trust has improved so much since his arrival, hand feeding & more socialising is really doing the trick. Rex needs to be rehomed with owners who are experienced in looking after rabbits previously, also experienced children of primary school age. Rex could be rehomed with a neutered female rabbit (to be slowly bonded) that is tolerant in nature. Rex needs to be rehomed in large outdoor housing, that has plenty of space for him to explore binky, bop, & play.'

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