Can you offer Ophelia a new home?

Breed: Dutch
Colour: Brown and White
Sex: Female
Age: 1 year 2 months.
Time with us: 11 weeks.

Ophelia is a 1 year old female Dutch rabbit, who has been with us at the centre since 5/12/20! Fifi came into us due to her previous owners not being able to cope. Personality wise Fifi is a fiery headstrong female, who likes things done her way or the highway. She is intelligent, has high energy levels, & is a bit of a diva. Around humans she prefers to have all for paws on the ground, and to be hand fed veg whenever she likes. Fifi enjoys a structured feeding/cleaning routine, any changes to the routine she lets the staff know by shredding/ ripping her bedding up (basically throwing a wobbler). We would like Fifi to be rehomed with experienced owners, who knows what its like to have a spirited, headstrong rabbit. Fifi could be rehomed with a neutered male rabbit, providing that they are bonded slowly, and the male has a laidback/tolerative behaviour, teenagers who ideally have experience too, and for her to be rehomed in large outdoor housing for her to explore, binky, bop, & play. Ophelia is neutered, fully vaccinated, & microchipped.'

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