Can you offer Pickle a new home?

Breed: Mini-Lop
Colour: Brown
Sex: Male
Age: 21 weeks.
Time with us: 18 weeks.

Pickle is a cheeky young male Mini Lop rabbit. He has been with us at the centre since 4/12/20! He came into our care due to the previous owners moving and not being able to take him with them. Pickle is a ball of energy, anything and everything needs to be investigated, an incredibly sweet young male that will keep you on your toes! Handling wise Pickle does prefer to have all 4 paws on the ground around humans, but does tolerate being held and hand fed for a short while. Mischievous and comical, he makes the staff laugh everyday. **Pickle does have ongoing problems with his teeth, they are growing wonky and crooked, so we are supplying him with extra hay and gnawers to help, there may be a possibility in the future where he may need surgery, please bear this in mind if you are interested in him. ** We would ideally like Pickle to be rehomed with experienced owners, who have knowledge about energetic, young rabbits. First time owners interested in Pickle need to have researched about rabbit care, welfare, & behaviour. We would like for Pickle to be rehomed with a neutered female near to his age, and for them to be bonded slowly over a period of time. Pickle can live with children of primary school age, preferably who are experienced also. Pickle would LOVE to live in large outdoor housing, that has plenty of space for him to binky, bop, dig, investigate, and play all day long, his housing needs to have plenty of space and enrichment i.e.. tunnels, gnawers, platforms (he likes being up high), digging boxes etc. Pickle is fully vaccinated, castrated, & microchipped.'

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