Can you offer Roo a new home?

Breed: Mini-Lop
Colour: Grey
Sex: Male
Age: 9 months.
Time with us: 11 weeks.

Roo is a handsome young male Mini Lop. He has been with us since 4th December 2020! Roo came into our care due to the previous owners moving and being unable to take him. He has a boisterous/ excitable character when on the ground, scent marking, zooming and investigating all of the enrichment. Dealing with people though is a nerve racking thing for him, he has been progressing with hand feeding and being exposed to new environments and dealing well with a structured routine, he has started to tolerate a head tickle for a short amount of time. We would like Roo to be rehomed with experienced owners who have knowledge about nervy/ skittish rabbits previously. Roo can be rehomed with a neutered female of around the same age to be slowly bonded, live preferably with experienced children of primary school age, and for him to be an outdoor rabbit, that has plenty of space & enrichment for him to be not just physically stimulated, but also mentally too. Roo is fully vaccinated, neutered, & microchipped.'

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