Can you offer Daphne a new home?

Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Colour: Black and White
Sex: Female
Age: 10 years 5 months.
Time with us: 24 weeks.

Well where do we start with the delightful Daphne?!

Originally a long term stray, Daphne was taken to the vets when she appeared to be unwell. Poor Daphne had been homeless for atleast a few years, but was regularly fed by a kind lady on her street. Blood tests revealed Daphne to have an over active thyroid, which can be quite common as cats get older. She has been having regular check ups since she arrived in January and is now happy, healthy and ready to start her forever adventure. Daphne will need lifelong medication to regulate her thyroid function, but this medication is relatively low cost (approx £1 per day!!) and she takes it very nicely, like the good girl she is!

Daphne has spent time in a foster home since being with us, where she loved getting back to the life of luxury she missed when she was a stray for all that time. She is a really laid back and chilled out older girl, but still has plenty of life in her yet and loves a cheeky play with her toys when she thinks no one is watching.

Daphne is looking for a home where she is the only pet and where there are no young children. She was used to grandchildren visiting in her foster home with no issues, but she'd definitely prefer littles ones to only be visitors and not a permanent fixture! She'd be fine with teenagers/older kids who aren't going to be zooming about and will let her relax the day away!'

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