Can you offer Lulu a new home?

Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Colour: Tortie
Sex: Female
Age: 2 years 1 month.
Time with us: 7 weeks.

*Very experienced cat owner needed*

Lulu has had a tough start to life and unfortunately has a history of being physically abused.
When she first came into the shelter, staff had to wear gauntlets just to feed her, she was terrified and was lunging and hissing trying to protect herself. Lulu didn't trust any of us, and we worried that her fear of humans was already too deep to reverse, but we didn't give up.
After weeks on a behaviour plan, we have celebrated many milestones with Lulu. From her taking dreamies out of our hand, to letting us stroke her. And even sitting on the cattery supervisors lap!
We are over joyed that this sweet girl has finally learnt that not all people are bad, and she is allowed to relax and enjoy her life.
She is the sweetest cat, and although still unpredictable and timid of loud noises and sudden movements, we think she will make such a lovely pet cat once she feels safe and settled.

We are ideally looking for someone who has experience with cats with behaviour issues.
Lulu will need her own room or space to begin with, and her new owner will have to have the time and patience to work with her until she learns to trust them. This is not going to happen over night so only apply for Lulu if you understand that this might be a long process.
She will need an adult only home.
Lulu can be easily spooked and stressed by things so we feel a home with no other pets would be the most ideal scenario for her. She has shown a few positive signs with other cats whilst with us but also met cats who she has reacted very angrily towards, so we feel rehoming her with other animals is not worth the risk as Lulu is going to have enough to adapt to without adding in extra stressors.

How wonderful would it be to watch this beautiful girl settle into a home where she feels safe. To give her the chance to experience how it feels to be loved by her owner, and to have a home where she finally belongs.'

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