Can you offer Whitney a new home?

Breed: Lop Eared
Colour: Brown
Sex: Female
Age: 1 year 1 month.
Time with us: 6 weeks.

Whitney is a pretty female Lop eared rabbit who's age we don't know for certain due to her being found stray. She has been at the centre since 14/01/21! She is a quiet/ shy female whose confidence is growing slowly but surely around humans. On the ground she is initially unsure of new environments so it takes some time for her to feel confident surrounded by new housing & scents. Handling wise she prefers to interact on the ground, being able to make a quick getaway if something is scary for her, under her own power. Whitney does enjoy a structured feeding routine and loves her veggies, hand feeding and interaction on her terms is key for her to gain trust/ confidence with humans. We would like Whitney to be rehomed with experienced rabbit owners that are knowledgeable about skittish/ nervous rabbits before. She could be rehomed with a neutered male, where the bonding process is taken slowly. Whitney can be rehomed with children of primary school age, ideally who are also experienced around nervous rabbits. She can be housed in large outdoor accommodation that has plenty of space & enrichment i.e. tunnels, digging boxes, gnawers & more! Whitney is fully vaccinated, spayed, & microchipped.'

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