Can you offer Oreo a new home?

Breed: Netherland Dwarf
Colour: Black and White
Sex: Male
Age: 1 year 7 months.
Time with us: 5 weeks.

Oreo is a 1 year old male Netherland Dwarf X, he has been with us at the centre since 19.01.21! Oreo is a bold, boisterous, testosterone fuelled youngster, he is always on the go, anything and everything is of interest to him: Digging, scent marking (chinning), spraying (sometimes up you're leg), and just causing all round mischief. Handling wise Oreo is not comfortable being handled for long periods of time, so prefers to have all 4 paws on the ground so he can explore & be a cheeky chap. The home we are looking for, for Oreo is experienced individuals, who are knowledgeable about high energy rabbits and know the physical and also mental stimulation needs of non stop, testosterone fuelled male bunnies. Oreo could live with a very tolerant neutered female, children of primary school age, and for him to be an outdoor bunny, that has space in the housing & exercise run for enrichment & plenty of binky and zoomies space for him to play all day long. Oreo has recently been castrated, and may overtime calm down, but for the moment he's in play/ mischief mode 24/7. He is also chipped, and fully vaccinated.'

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