Can you offer Crystal a new home?

Breed: Mini-Lop
Colour: White
Sex: Female
Age: 15 weeks.
Time with us: 3 weeks.

Crystal is a young pretty female Mini Lop, who has been with us at the centre since 29.1.21! Crystal came into our care due to accidental breeding, through no fault of her own. Character wise Crystal is nervous and skittish in nature, is unsure around humans currently so a patient owner is key for her to build her confidence and trust, with regular contact, hand feeding and interacting on her terms, we believe she would make a lovely member of the family (you get out what you put in). On the ground she is unsure of new spaces so she will take time to settle and gain confidence in a new environment. We would like her to be rehomed with a neutered, laid back male of a similar age to build her confidence in new surroundings, and for her to be content within her forever home. Ideally we are looking for experienced owners, that are aware of taking things slow and waiting for her to feel comfortable around you to approach and interact. Crystal can also be rehomed with children of primary school age (ideally experienced), and for her to live in large outdoor housing that has plenty of exercise space and enrichment contained in it. Crystal is fully vaccinated, microchipped, & has been spayed.

* Due to Crystal being Albino, care needs to be taken being housed outdoors in the summer months, plenty of shade, & cool places also need to be provided for her.*'

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