Can you offer Salem a new home?

Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Colour: Black
Sex: Male
Age: 2 years 0 months.
Time with us: 5 weeks.

Sweet Salem is looking for an experienced owner who is willing to go at his pace. He is a complex little guy who can be easily spooked initially, but is a boisterous barrel of fun once he gets to know you. Salem's behaviour can be somewhat unpredictable at times and he has many sides to his character, but underneath it all lies a really sensitive little boy who's just a little overwhelmed with the big wide world.

In his previous home Salem had always been an indoor cat so hasn't had a great deal of experience beyond those 4 walls and therefore can find everything a little overwhelming at times. He can be shy and nervous initially but soon settles and becomes really affectionate, giddy and playful! Salem's new owner will need to have experience with cats and understand to expect mood swings while he finds his feet.

We originally re homed Salem as an indoor cat, because that's what he was used to from his previous home, but he became very frustrated being kept indoors and this frustration unfortunately escalated into him lashing out. Looking closely at Salem's behaviour we feel the majority of his issues stem from built up frustration at never being let out. He is incredibly playful and boisterous with his toys, but displays typical hunter behaviours and gets frustrated at not being able to have the proper chase, catch and kill that so many cats instinctively crave. He loves to play but often gets too overstimulated if this is followed up by too much fuss, so it's best to let him have a cool down period after his playful bursts! Salem is now looking for a home where he can eventually go outside to explore to his hearts content, in turn letting off built up tensions and allowing his lovely sweet nature to shine through.

Due to his complex nature we are looking for an adult only home with experience cat people who understand Salem will play hard to get and will need more patience than most.
When Salem first came in, seeing another cat was very scary for him and he would get quite frantic. We don't want to risk Salem being brought back a third time so ideally he will be re homed as the only pet.

Salem is a lovely boy who will make the right person a great companion. He is affectionate, funny and always getting up to mischief! We really hope that we can find Salem his 'third time lucky' forever home.'

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