Can you offer Axel a new home?

Breed: Cane Corso Mastiff
Colour: Black
Sex: Male
Age: 8 months.
Time with us: 4 weeks.

Axel is a beautiful 8 month old Labrador cross who came in half his body weight - only weighing 16kg! He is putting weight on nicely and has already put 7kg in the short time he's been with us!
Axel hasn't seen much of the world, he can be a little nervous until he gets to know you- but can be very wary of men. He is very food motivated so this is a great way to make friends with him. Once he knows you he is incredibly affectionate and really does give the best cuddles- resting his head in your lap or on your shoulder. He didn't really know what toys were when he came in, and he is slowly learning that they can be lots of fun!
He has met quite a few dogs here and whilst out walking, and is very scared of dogs bigger than Jack russell size (he has previously lived with small dogs and got on well with them) Socialising with people and other dogs is a must in his new home. We think he has got a bit more growing to do yet as he is a real lanky Larry with his legs and sometimes trips over them!
We would recommend a home with older children 15+ as he isn't used to living with them. He can live with a calm, friendly dog who won't be in his face and give him the space he needs to get to know the dog at his own pace. New owners will need to be around a lot of the time to help with toilet training and his needs.'

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