Can you offer Fluffy a new home?

Breed: Lionhead
Colour: White and Brown
Sex: Male
Age: 2 years 2 months.
Time with us: 12 weeks.

Fluffy is a 2 year old male Lionhead rabbit, who has been with us at the centre since 31/03/21! He came into our care due to his previous owner being unable to take care of him anymore. Fluffy is a skittish/nervous lad with a lot of potential. He can be re-homed with a gentle calm NEUTERED female, providing that they be slowly bonded over a period of time. We would like for Fluffy to be rehomed with only experienced owners, who are knowledgeable about nervous/skittish rabbits. Once settled in a home, we believe he would then be confident enough to show what a great and affectionate boy he is underneath. Due to his shy nature, we think older children would be more suitable for him, ideally who are experienced themselves. Fluffy would love to live in LARGE outdoor housing, and for it to have plenty of enrichment i.e. digging boxes, gnawers, tunnels, and fun toys. Fluffy has been castrated, fully vaccinated, & is microchipped.'

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