Can you offer Spike a new home?

Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Colour: Black and White
Sex: Female
Age: 10 years 1 month.
Time with us: 6 weeks.

Spike came to us after her owner sadly passed away. Unfortunately the other family members knew little about Spike, so all we really know of her is an approximate age of 10 years old. Over the years Spike's owner had taken in stray cats, which Spike was not pleased about, so she became somewhat of a recluse and spent most of her time hidden away in the spare room. It's taken a lot of patience to get where we are with Spike, but with a gentle approach and lots of TLC, Spike is learning to relax and really starting to come out of her shell.

When she first arrived Spike was petrified. She'd barely seen another human in the last few years, let alone been plonked in a whole new environment so it was incredibly scary for her. In those first days she was very hissy and growly whenever we approached and honestly, we were worried what she'd do if we pushed her too far... thankfully we didn't need to worry!! The hissing and grumbling is as far as Spike takes it and even pushed to her limits with a stressful vet visit for an ingrown claw, Spike was never once nasty. She can still be quite nervous and flighty and she will hiss and scramble to get away if she's scared... but beyond that Spike is a sweet and gentle girl with lots of love to give.

Spike likes to have her safe spaces and spends the majority of her time tucked up in her little igloo bed, but she's making amazing progress. On initial approach she'll look a little sheepish but with a gentle approach she is purring away in no time and nuzzling into your hand for more fuss. She is desperate to trust and love, but just needs help to get there.

Spike will need an adult only home with no other pets. Ideally somewhere with experienced cat owners who can work out the balance between giving her space but also encouraging to show off her affectionate side like we know she so wants to!'

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