Can you offer Fuscia a new home?

Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Colour: Tortie
Sex: Female
Age: 3 years 0 months.
Time with us: 4 weeks.

Poor Fuscia has found it hard to settle in the cattery and the past few weeks have been pretty stressful for her. She is a timid little lady whose first instinct is to run... she is very much flight over fight! Over the past few weeks we've been working to build Fuscia's confidence and she's starting to make great progress.
Out of the cattery environment in our cosy cat socialising room Fuscia blossoms into an affectionate and sweet girl who really enjoys one on one cuddles. Fuscia has never shown us any aggression, even at her most frightened. She is a sweet and sensitive young cat who would make a fantastic pet for a patient owner who can help build her confidence.

For now Fuscia is looking for a home where she is the only pet, but we are going to assess her as she settles over the coming weeks to see how she feels about other cats. She would be best suited to a quiet adult only home where there isn't too much going on as that would spook her. With Fuscia it's all about finding that balance of being patient and leaving her to come round in her own time but also sometimes pushing her out of her comfort zone a little as she struggles to find that confidence without a little encouragement.'

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