Can you offer Jet a new home?

Breed: Domestic Medium Hair
Colour: Black
Sex: Male
Age: 1 year 1 month.
Time with us: 7 weeks.

Sweet boy Jet is a lovely little character who's not had a great start to life. He is only a young cat, estimated to be between 1-2 years old, but in those short years he's had a lot to deal with. Jet was living as a stray when he arrived with us, and was in a very tatty condition. He was very scared and hungry, but over time he is really starting to come out of his shell and let down that defensive guard that comes with being a stray and having to fend for himself for so long. Each and every day he is becoming more and more loving and affectionate and it would be so lovely for him to continue his blossoming journey in a new home where he can get more one on one. He is a completely different cat to the bundle of nerves who first arrived with us and now he is the first one chirping away in the morning, always pleased to see us and bopping us for fuss.

Sadly for Jet on his initial vet checks he tested positive for FIV, which is a feline immune condition similar to HIV in humans. With the right care there is no reason why FIV cats can't lead happy and long lives, but unfortunately due to the risk of transmitting to other cats it means Jet would need to be kept as an indoor cat. FIV is passed through fighting and mating, so it is important Jet stays inside, which in turn will also help to protect his immune system from any nasty bugs.

Jet is a shy but loving young boy who thoroughly deserves the chance to finally find out what it feels like to be a loved family member in a cosy home of his own.

Jet will need a home where there are no other pets and also adult only (or with teens) as little ones pose too much of a risk when it comes to leaving doors open and he'd prefer a quieter lifestyle!'

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