Can you offer Kitkat a new home?

Breed: Mini-Lop
Colour: Grey and White
Sex: Female
Age: 9 months.
Time with us: 10 weeks.

Kitkat is a pretty, energetic and diva-ish female Lionhead rabbit, who is around 8 months old. Kitkat has been with us here at the centre since 15/07/21! She came into our care with another female (Wispa) due to the previous owners being unable to cope. Kitkat is a smart, energetic, easily frustrated, independent female bunny, so ideally needs experienced owners, that have knowledge of looking after highly energetic/ diva-ish females. Around humans Kitkat likes to interact with all 4 paws on the ground, under her own power, not to be forced into interacting she has to come to you, on her terms. She will tell you you whether she's had enough by grunting, and a nip, she can also lunge at you when she feels threatened. We believe she hasn't been handled much previously, building her trust and confidence is key to her being content in a forever home. ( that also has plenty of digging space).
Kitkat would love to live with a neutered male bunny that is ideally near to her age, and for them to be slowly bonded overtime. She could live with children of primary school age that have ideally had rabbits previously and know how to act around them, and to be supervised when interacting with her.
Kitkat would love to live in large outdoor housing, that has plenty of room for her to: dig, binky, chin, scent mark, & zoom.
Enrichment is also key for her feel content in her forever home, she enjoys the following:

Digging mats
Cardboard boxes
Balls (she enjoys flinging them around)
Plastic plant pots ^
Food puzzle games

Kitkat has been spayed, is fully vaccinated, & she has been microchipped'

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