Can you offer Chesney a new home?

Breed: British Shorthair
Colour: Blue
Sex: Male
Age: 11 years 11 months.
Time with us: 5 weeks.

We adore every animal that comes to us but these two have a very special place in our hearts due to their perfect nature and heart breaking back story. They have never put a foot out of place and yet they have been in a cattery for rehoming three times in their life.
Their owner before us adopted them from the Cats Protection League when they were about 2/3 years old. Chesney was actually a show cat and we assume once he was too old they didn't want him anymore. Their previous owner who went into a care home did a brilliant job as they are the softest cats we have ever met, not a nasty bone in their body. Every morning they greet us with their "meows" and purrs and you can see it in their eyes that they just want love and attention.
They are an older pair of 11 and 9 years and due to their breed, they do come with some health issues.
British Shorthair cats have very small and short airways and sometimes their eyes are sunken in a little. This isn't so much the case for Crystal but sadly Chesney struggles with this. He sometimes has flare ups of cat flu, meaning he will sometimes need a trip to the vets for antibiotics or a steroid injection. His eyes are very sunken in so they need cleaning with a cotton wool pad and warm water twice a day. He also has suspected megacolon (weakened colon) so he is on a laxative twice a day which manages him fine. We also put a prescribed medication called Bisolvon on their food twice a day as it helps to ease congestion in their airways.
They were adopted at the beginning of October from us but sadly had to come back as the daughter in the home was allergic to them. Now back with us, we are desperate to find their final retirement home where they can get all the love they so desperately crave. We think they would be ok to live with other older cats but dogs may be a little scary for Crystal as she can be a bit scared of new things. Children of all ages would be fine too but we would prefer a quieter house for them to relax in.
They have proved in their last home that once in a home, they truly flourish and Chesney's symptoms even got a better once he was away from the stressful cattery life.

Please feel free to message us or call us on 01283 569165 for more information. (phone lines are open every day from 10am until 4pm, apart from Tuesdays when they are closed all day)
Thank you!'

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