Can you offer Jack a new home?

Breed: American Bulldog
Colour: White
Sex: Male
Age: 1 year 3 months.
Time with us: 5 weeks.

Sweet Jack has had a rubbish life so far, we haven't got much history on this boy, as he had been left in a property to fend for himself. It was quickly established by the kennel staff that he is a very nervous boy, that hasn't been exposed to much.
He is around 15 months old, and it has taken him a while to settle down to kennel life. He is petrified of new people- and the adoption process will need to be taken slow and steady, with people who have experience of Staffies and are calm and patient.
Jack walks lovely on the lead, he does have a few moments of lead ragging but he is easily distracted from this. Now he has got to know us, he will happily walk and he does enjoy being out.
His most favourite thing in the world is his football- and he does have quite a few skills that Gareth Southgate would be amazed at...! He also loves his snuggles in our dog social room, where he will leap on you at 100mph and lick your face.
We have found this lovely lad to be quite sociable around other dogs, so there is a possibility that he can live with another dog in his new home. You will need to be around for a lot of the time to start with, and gently build up the time that Jack is left alone as he does panic when you leave the kennel. We feel he would be better suited to a home with someone on their own, or a couple, as too many people in the home will overwhelm him.
Jack is a smashing boy who really deserves a second chance at life with people who will spoil him rotten.'

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