Can you offer Morgan a new home?

Breed: Border Collie
Colour: Chocolate
Sex: Male
Age: 2 years 6 months.
Time with us: 6 weeks.

Morgan is a gorgeous 2yr old Kelpie, and he is a real sweetie! He has come in to us due to him not getting on with the other dog in the property- and we have found him to be very under socialised with other dogs when out on a walk. Luckily, Morgan is easily distracted by creating distance and changing direction quickly, so we feel this can be worked on in his new home.
He is very submissive with people, and will often roll on his back or wiggle his body when he sees you and will try to get as close as possible for reassurance from you.
His previous owner advised that Morgan can mouth, but we haven't seen any of this behaviour whilst he has been with us, but new owners will need to be aware.
Morgan does suffer a little from separation anxiety, so time left alone will need to be built up. He loves being outdoors and walks lovely on the lead, and also enjoys playing with his toys.
He would be fine living with children 15yrs+ but will need a pet free home.'

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