Can you offer Buzz a new home?

Breed: Dogue de Bordeaux
Colour: White and Brindle
Sex: Male
Age: 3 years 3 months.
Time with us: 7 weeks.

Big Buzz the Dogue De Bordeux cross has found himself back with us due to a huge upheaval in his previous home. This big dope is 3 years old and loves the company of people. He enjoys his walks and will initially pull but does settle and plod after a few minutes. He can become easily frightened by random things such as benches in a field, traffic cones or carrier bags blowing in the wind. With reassurance he is then ok. Buzz is also very easily distracted by the goings on in the world, you could say he is a bit of a nosey parker.

Buzz needs a stable, calm home with people who have had large breeds before and who can handle him when he is distracted, as he can just randomly launch out to investigate. He has been fine with dogs here, and he could maybe live with a female in his new home. We would also recommend no children and minimal visitors to the house. He can be wary of men so you must be able to visit him a couple of times before adopting him to build up a bond. He loves nothing more than a cuddle and will sit on your knee giving you dead legs! New owners must be prepared to exercise regularly as he does get bored easily.'

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