Can you offer Pearl a new home?

Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Colour: White
Sex: Female
Age: 4 years 6 months.
Time with us: 6 months.

Say a huge hello to our beautiful precious, Pearl.

Pearl is an outgoing, inquisitive and friendly girl with a lovely nature. Unfortunately Pearl is deaf, as is often the case with white cats who have blue eyes. Because of her deafness Pearl can sometimes get a little tetchy if she gets spooked, but she is usually a lovely girl!! Although risky, we would like Pearl to have access outside as she has always been an outdoor cat and gets very stressed being cooped up indoors all of the time.
The ideal home for Pearl would be somewhere quiet, away from any busy roads... although having been an outdoor cat all of her life she has probably picked up some road sense along the way.

Pearl has been with us for quite some time. Having come to us heavily pregnant Pearl went on to raise her babies brilliantly, but then suffered with an upset tummy. Pearl has found cattery life very stressful and this has contributed massively to her upset tummy. Over the past few weeks Pearl has started on a hypoallergenic diet, and this coupled with us limiting her stress factors (ie giving meds) has worked wonders for her.

In her new home Pearl is looking for a relaxed environment where there are no other pets or young children to cause her any stress. She would be find with teenagers and would ideally love a home where she gets lots of attention as she is a really interactive lady.'

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