Can you offer Rhodri a new home?

Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Colour: White and Black
Sex: Male
Age: 2 years 1 month.
Time with us: 9 weeks.

Coming to you all the way from the Welsh valleys, say a huge hello to a very special Rhodri.

Rhodri arrived with us after the national RSPCA put out the call looking for a foster home to provide cage rest. He had been shot, breaking his left hind leg in the process. What we didn’t realise until we saw his X-ray was the sheer torture this poor guy had been put through.

His body was, and still is, littered with pellets. On one of the x-ray images alone we counted 35 pellets. There are so many scattered around his body that removing them wasn’t an option, and luckily they seem to cause him no bother.

After 6 weeks of cage rest Rhodri’s leg is now (almost) as good as new. He is walking and jumping well and the vets hope he will have no future troubles with it. Emotionally however Rhodri still bares the scars and can understandably be a little spooked by sudden loud bangs.

But throughout it all, Rhodri has proved to be a fighter and has not let anything affect his incredibly sweet nature one bit. He is friendly, affectionate and loves nothing more than sitting with you for a fuss. He is chilled out around other cats and is generally a very cool character!!

Rhodri is looking for a new home where there are no young children, but would be fine with older kids (aged 10+) who can be respectful of his fear of loud/sudden noises. He’d be best suited to a home where there are no other pets as he'd really just love to be centre of attention. It would be nice for Rhodri to ultimately have the choice of going outside if he wishes to do so in the future, but his behaviour with his fosterer and since coming back to the cattery has suggested he’s probably happier to stay inside for now, where he feels safe.'

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