Can you offer Mylo a new home?

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Colour: White and Black
Sex: Male
Age: 1 year 3 months.
Time with us: 8 weeks.

Mylo came to us as he was growling at the children in the property. We have found him to be a loving chap; but does get bored quite easily and this turns to frustration. Mylo’s ideal home would be with an active couple or family with children over 14yrs. He needs his brain exercising as well as his body- and all his pent up energy would be perfect for agility or long hikes or as a great running buddy.
Mylo hasn’t received the socialisation or training he needed when he was young, and unfortunately he doesn’t get on with other dogs. This will need addressing in his new home with training classes. He can live with cats that are used to dogs, and time will need to be built up when leaving him alone.'

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