Can you offer Nacho a new home?

Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Colour: Ginger
Sex: Male
Age: 15 weeks.
Time with us: 9 weeks.

Nacho and Alice did not start their journeys in this world together, but since making friends here, they're now destined to share a lifetime of love and adventures together!! Nacho arrived with us a few weeks before little Alice and he was very nervous. But the arrival of Alice (who had a similar shy start) gave Nacho a new lease of life and they quickly formed a very strong bond.

Nacho and Alice both arrived as strays, and judging by their worried start we're guessing they were probably born outside and hadn't had much contact with us humans before. Nacho can still be scared at times and does have his wimpy moments, but Alice's confidence has flourished and this can only set a good example to Nacho and help him eventually overcome his fears too.

Nacho and Alice are ideally looking for a stress free home where they can finally get used to what home life is all about... so ideally no other pets or young children please. Given time and understanding they would no doubt settle fine with children aged around 8 years+ who are able to offer them space while they initially settle and get to grips with things.

Nacho and Alice are a gorgeous pair looking for a patient and understanding owner who doesn't mind showing them to ropes!'

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