Can you offer Lyon a new home?

Breed: Lionhead
Colour: White
Sex: Male
Age: 2 years 8 months.
Time with us: 7 weeks.

Lyon is a 2 year old male Lop/ Lionhead, who has found himself back in our care again on 27/7/19, due to no fault of his own. Personality wise Lyon can be of an independent nature, and it will take him a while to gain his trust. We are looking for an experienced individual(s) who have knowledge of rabbits that are of a bold/ independent natured. Lyon could be rehomed with a neutered female (providing that they are slowly bonded). He would like to be rehomed in outdoor accommodation, with plenty of space to explore and play. Lyon has had no experience of living with children, so we would like him to be rehomed with experienced teenagers that will gradually build his confidence. Lyon could also be rehomed with relaxed cats.'

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