Can you offer Shep a new home?

Breed: German Shepherd Dog
Colour: Black and Tan
Sex: Male
Age: 2 years 7 months.
Time with us: 8 weeks.

Shep is a smashing 3 year old German Shepherd that came in to us via the Inspector, due to welfare grounds. It was evident that he hadn't received the veterinary treatment he needed; he was more or less bald all over, and had a very sore ear infection. Fast forward a couple of months and you wouldn't believe he is the same dog! His eyes have a sparkle, his coat is blowing in the wind, and he has so much energy to burn! Shep is no longer on medication, but he does need regular baths; this has proved very entertaining as he does love playing with the shower and its usually us that ends up more wet than him....!
He would love to find an active family home, with older children and possibly another dog. We have found him to be ok around other dogs. He does need boundaries put in place as it is evident he has never had these before. He jumps up, can get mouthy when excited and can get himself in a flap when putting his lead on. But once the initial excitement has gone, he is amazingly affectionate, loyal and just wants to please.'

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