Can you offer Lily a new home?

Breed: Rottweiler
Colour: Tan
Sex: Female
Age: 9 years 2 months.
Time with us: 4 weeks.

Say hello to our smashing brother and sister duo- Lily and Billy! They are aged around 9 years but Lily especially doesn't act it! We are looking for a home for them together as they are quite bonded and enjoy each others company.
Lily- She is the more feisty, outgoing, playful and energetic - she appears to be ok with other dogs. Billy- He is more mellow, loyal, affectionate and loving.
Lily can be a bit of a diva when Billy is around and push him out of the way for the attention. She can also be mouthy when excited so we would recommend 15yr+ children. They would both quite happily be ok being left for a couple of hours.'

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