Can you offer Cookie a new home?

Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Colour: Tortie
Sex: Female
Age: 2 years 6 months.
Time with us: 6 months.

Beautiful mummy Cookie was a stray cat who took up residence in somebody’s garden shed. Unfortunately Cookie wasn’t spayed and over the course of a year she produced a whopping 11 kittens from 3 different litters!

Cookie’s offspring have all come to Hillfield for rehoming, and now poor Cookie is the only one of the bunch still yet to find her forever home.

When Cookie first arrived she was understandably a little tetchy, having spent so long outside she’d forgotten what it was like to be around people. Cookie still likes to be the boss, she has that typical ‘naughty torti’ streak… but she is also very interactive, sweet and loving. However if she feels threatened or on the back foot Cookie does have the instinctive reaction to become defensive, so for this reason we’d have to say teenagers only for our fiery torti lady!

Cookie is a one woman show when it comes to other animals and MUST go to a pet free home. We are ideally looking for an experienced owner for Cookie who can appreciate her for what she is and won’t mind her occasional temperamental moments.'

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