Can you offer Rolo a new home?

Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Colour: Brindle
Sex: Male
Age: 11 months.
Time with us: 9 weeks.

Rolo has been with us a few weeks due to him arriving with us very undersocialised. He is a clumsy, lovable lump who adores the people he knows. He is extremely playful - he loves charging around throwing his toys around and then collapses in a big heap wanting cuddles!
Once Rolo knows you, you can do absolutely anything with him; bathing, brushing, nail trims, as he just loves the hands on attention.
He has now learnt how to walk on a lead properly, but still needs a lot of work with basic commands and meeting people. He has integrated well with some of our volunteer dog walkers, being food obsessed speeds up the process of making friends. His socialising with other dogs is coming along nicely, and he has been off lead with a few females of a similar size. He can be boisterous, but when his canine friends tell him off he listens.
He would really benefit from living with a female dog in his new home. At the moment we think he would suit living in an adult only home, where new owners can really get stuck in with his training and socialising. Potential adopters will need to come down quite a few times for Rolo to get to know you, but he is so worth the effort and commitment.'

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