Can you offer Shadow a new home?

Breed: Rex
Colour: Various
Sex: Male
Age: 6 months.
Time with us: 9 weeks.

Shadow is a gorgeous 21 week old male velvet Rex. He is energetic and of a highly inquisitive nature. Shadow does prefer to have all 4 paws on the ground, but tolerates being gently picked up, stroked, and thoroughly enjoys being hand fed veggies. Shadow could be rehomed with a neutered female of a similar age, children of primary school age (ideally who've experienced owning a rabbit before). Shadow can be rehomed with 1st time owners who have researched rabbit welfare, care, & behaviour. Shadow would love to live in large outdoor accommodation where he can binky, bop, & play all day long. Shadow is neutered, fully vaccinated, & microchipped.'

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