Can you offer Bruno a new home?

Breed: German Shepherd Dog
Colour: Cream
Sex: Male
Age: 7 years 10 months.
Time with us: 3 weeks.

Bruno is a gorgeous white German Shepherd who is around 8 years old. We are looking for very experienced home for him, with people that have had the breed before. He isn't for the faint hearted, and he needs a lot of work, but we have already seen such a difference in him from a structured routine and some lead training.
He arrived with another dog, and had hardly ever been walked. This means that he is very alert when out on a walk, zig zags and can panic in certain situations. He isn't used to traffic and has lunged out a few times.
Bruno doesn't like a hands on approach, and isn't used to vet examinations or even having his lead clipped on. He is slowly learning that being touched isn;t a bad thing, and will now come over to us to be stroked.
He needs a lot of reassurance from his new owner, and he does respond better to men than women. He has been known to nip occasionally, so potential adopters will need to be aware of this and read the signs. He cannot live with other animals or children.'

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