Can you offer Rocco a new home?

Breed: American Bulldog
Colour: Brindle and White
Sex: Male
Age: 4 years 4 months.
Time with us: 8 weeks.

Our larger than life Rocco is now on the lookout for a very experienced home. Rocco's owner can no longer look after him, and found him too much to cope with.
Rocco is an extremely large dog, weighing around 55kg, and can be quite strong willed when he wants to be. We are sure that when he was young, his previous owner played with him with their feet, as he does have a fascination with feet. He can be quite intimidating when his fixation starts, but we now know the signs and can distract him with biscuits (he is VERY food motivated) He also has a fascination with tyres, and tries to bite them. Again, we are one step ahead and distract before the behaviour starts. He walks nicely on the lead after the initial excitement of being out of his kennel, and will steadily plod next to you. He enjoys food games on his walk, and also his big football.
Rocco is a gentle giant at heart, and loves the attention. He would be fine being left for a few hours, but cannot live with children. He could possibly live with a very chilled female dog in his new home.'

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