Can you offer Binx a new home?

Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Colour: Tortie
Sex: Female
Age: 1 year 11 months.
Time with us: 4 weeks.

Little Binx is a cutie but will take you through all the motions before she shows you her sweet side!

When she came to us, she was very very scared and wanted to hide away and not be seen.
We took the slow and gently approach with her which seemed like it was working until one day she decided it was time to switch things up and started to hiss, spit and swipe whenever we went near her.
We didn’t give up because we knew it was fear that was making her act this way and we wanted Binx to feel happy and safe.
After enticing Binx with treats, and talking to her with calm voices every few hours, she started to trust us. And then, almost overnight, she was the sweetest little girl!!

Binx isn’t a cat to take lightly and you would need to expect for this whirlwind of emotions before she feels safe, but we really think that the patience and effort would be worth it.
She now happily greets us every morning and loves jumping out of her pod and following the staff around the cattery.
She might never be a cuddly cat but that’s ok, she shows her love in other ways and we think she is a great little character.

If you have the patience and inclination to work with Binx so she is able to relax and enjoy living like the princess that she is, then you will be highly rewarded. She is a sweet, cheeky cat who would make a lovely housemate to the right person.

Because of Binxs unpredictable nature we think it would be best for her to be rehomed with no children and no other animals.'

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