Can you offer Marley a new home?

Breed: Bichon Frise
Colour: White
Sex: Male
Age: 1 year 10 months.
Time with us: 4 weeks.

2 Year old Marley Is a Bichon Frise cross who arrived via the Inspector. Marley's breed wasn't known when he first came to the RSPCA- he was heavily matted, but since having a number 1 all over there was a dog under all those mats!
Marley has taken a while to settle with us, he was very shut down and wouldn't even allow us to stroke him without panicking and lashing out. He has slowly come out of his shell and formed a bond with the staff. He is a very cheeky boy and we think previously he has ruled the roost. He will bark for attention, bark when he doesn't want to do something, and bark when he wants his own way! Slowly he is learning that this isn't acceptable.
Marley seems ok with other dogs, and could possibly live with a female small breed in his new home, this would build his confidence. Unfortunately due to his nervous disposition we wouldn't recommend children. He can be left for a couple of hours.'

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