August 2021 – Keeping up with Hillfield Animal Home

We have had a wonderful August with lots of happy endings so we want to continue the positivity and show you these rabbits who were born at our centre on the 30th July 2021, aren’t they lovely!
These beauties will not be available for a little while yet so please keep an eye on the “Adopt a Rabbit” page for when they are ready to find their forever home. 

On a serious note..

It has been another busy month for us down at Hillfield Animal Home with kitten season well and truly underway! 
At the end of August we had a whopping 27 kittens on site that were either born here or found as strays. Obviously kittens are lovely and who doesn’t love a kitten!? However it is very sad to see as most of the mother cats are very young themselves. No animal should be giving birth when they are barely developed themselves but unfortunately, cats become sexually mature at four months old. 
It puts a lot of strain on their little bodies and can soon after weaning their babies become pregnant again. If your cat is not spayed then they will continue to go through this and it can cause various health problems either at the time or later on in life. 
We are always trying to spread awareness of the benefits of getting your animals neutered because so many people seem to be uneducated on this subject. We have a page explaining these benefits here:

As well as kittens, this month has been all about the dogs with it being International Dog Day on the 26th August! Below are just three of the cuties that are looking for their forever home at the moment. To find out more about them, head over to the "Adopt a Dog" page.

Please note that at any point the animals below could be reserved or adopted so please ensure they are available before applying.

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This handsome hunk came to us in July after he was showing food aggression around the child in the home. At just 11 months old, his previous owners had done a wonderful job with his training so far. He knows basic commands and is a well behaved boy, including around other dogs. This made him an absolute pleasure to work with and he was a firm favourite with our dog walkers. After seeing the vet and settling into kennel life, he was finally ready to search for his new family. We needed someone with no children under 16 years old due to the reason he came to us and luckily it didn't take long for a family to come forward for him. They fell in love immediately after meeting him and couldn't wait to take him home. He was adopted on the 4th August and as you can see from below, he settled almost straight away!

“I think Diesel is settling in fine. He’s not really left our sides all day but is starting to relax, he’s not shown any interest in his wound and has been full of beans all day.
You and your staff have been really helpful and a joy to deal with. Thank you!”

– Diesel’s owner 

Luna & Vince

This pair of cuties, previously known as Rosemary and Basil, came to us all the way back in May after they were sadly abandoned in a property. We could see from the very beginning that they needed each other and were very much in love. You may be wondering why their stay was so long.. well it turned out that Luna was actually pregnant and when the kittens were born on the 28th May, it was clear that Vince was the father. 
Obviously Luna would have to stay for a minimum of 9 weeks whilst she fulfilled her mothering duties. We were desperate for mum and dad to stay together so we decided to keep Vince here too so that they could start their journey together once their babies had flown the nest. 
Luna was a fantastic mother. We sadly did have to separate Vince from her and the babies for a while as mum needed her own space but we made sure that they socialised every day to keep that unconditional bond that they have. 
The wait was well worth it as on the 7th August they landed themselves the most fantastic home where they are completely doted on, as you can see below.

“Luna and Vince have both settled in very well, we love them so much so thank you.”
– Luna & Vince’s owner ♥

Chive & Parsley

Following on from Luna and Vince, these boys were two of their kittens that were born at our centre on the 28th May. Since their parents did a fantastic job and the socialising that they got from the staff here, they had wonderful personalities and we knew it wouldn't be hard to find a family willing to adopt and love them. Their sister, Sage, was re-homed and then luckily we found someone who wanted both Chive and Parsley so it was lovely to be able to keep two of them together. They were adopted on the 5th August and their new family couldn't be happier with them. These cheeky little boys are keeping them on their toes!

“Thank you so much for helping us find our boys, we absolutely love them and they have settled in so well! Our two little trouble makers!
– Chive & Parsley’s owner



Our little Nugget didn’t have the best start in life, bless him, but luckily because of his charming and cheeky personality, his stay was short with us.
He was brought to us on the 2nd August after being found in a McDonalds car park, hence the name Nugget. He was exhausted and filthy so had clearly been out for a while and it wasn’t clear whether he was dumped there. He had to be rushed to the vets not long after his arrival due to becoming lethargic. We believe he was dehydrated and needed lots of TLC, so that’s just what we gave him. 
After going through all of this, he was always such a happy boy and such a pleasure to be around. Once we were satisfied that he was feeling better and he had the necessary vet treatment, he was put up for adoption. Overall, his stay was just 9 days! He was adopted on the 11th August to a wonderful family. They soon after sent us the pictures below and they absolutely made our day. He is so funny and you can clearly see that he is having the time of his life. He has finally got the happy ever after that he deserves.

“As you can see he’s settling in well, the quiet first few days are well and truly over and he’s now a little whirlwind!
Him and Lenny have met and played nicely although Nugget is still a bit too bouncy and quick for Lenny so he’s mainly keeping his distance, I think they’ll be future best friends!” 
– Nugget’s owner ♥


Beautiful Finn has had a rocky time over the past year or so. He originally came to us in April 2020 after being reported as a stray. We took him in and it was clear he was once loved as he was always such a loving boy. Sadly no one came forward and he was soon adopted in May 2020. 
He got on well in his new home, they had absolutely no complaints about him but they had to make the heart breaking decision to bring him back in July 2021 after their circumstances had changed and they felt as though he wasn’t getting the attention that he deserved. 
We were gutted for him but understood that they just wanted what was best for him. 
Thankfully, his second stay was just as short as the first and we are not surprised because he is such a character. 
He was adopted on the 1st August and we are pretty sure he is now where he belongs. He is so happy and his new family are delighted. 

“Just wanted to let you know Finn is settling in well. He spends most of his time sleeping on the bed or being very playful, he’s very vocal in the morning but we love him to bits and really don’t mind. You can see he’s excited about exploring outside, he’s met our 2 dogs and wasn’t fussed at all which is good. “
– Finn’s owner ♥

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