April 2021 – Keeping up with Hillfield Animal Home


If you saw our March 2021 blog, you would know that we were asking you all to consider signing a petition to stop ear cropping dogs in the UK. Sadly, the RSPCA has seen a 236% increase in the number of reports during the last five years. We needed your help to get this petition through to parliament so that it can go up for debate. If the petition reaches 100,000 signatures then this will happen. 
Thanks to all of you, we can proudly say that the petition did reach it’s goal! Please don’t stop signing though, this petition will be open until August 2021 and the more signatures the better.

To sign, click the button below! 


Baby fox rescue

On the 10th April we were notified that a tiny fox had been found at the side of the road and the lady wanted to bring it to us. We are not equip for wildlife here but we are happy to temporarily take them in and then organise for an RSPCA officer to take them to a wildlife sanctuary. This is exactly what happened with this little guy and we are so grateful that the lady cared enough to save him.

Vote for us in the Forthglade 50 for 50 charity initiative🙏 They’re giving away 50,000 dogs dinners and we need your help to make sure we’re included! To vote click the image below..


I’m sure most of you recognise this famous lad. He has been with us since September 2020 but during this time he has been returned to us twice due to his occasional aggression. 
We were determined to find him his final and forever home but it needed to be extra special with very patient and experienced owners. 
We carried out appeals and he ended up being a global superstar! We had applications from around the globe and so many people kindly came forward for him. Unfortunately, we could not risk him going just anywhere and most of the applications were not suitable. Lockdown travelling restrictions were also a problem so we had to stay local (Australia was out of the question then!)
Our heart broke for him as we could see every day he was getting more and more fed up but we would never ever give up on him. 
As lockdown restrictions eased, we were approached by a couple in Glasgow who had been following Oscar’s story. They sounded absolutely perfect for him, we were over the moon!
We managed to contact the RSPCA Networking team and arranged transport to take him to his new home. It would be a long journey for him but we knew it would be so worth it. 
On the 27th April we said our goodbyes to Oscar and off he went to start his new life up North.

His new owners soon notified us that he had arrived safely and send us a lovely update:

“The team at Hillfield have been incredible throughout. They helped us with everything related to the adoption, we can’t thank them enough. They gave Oscar such a lovely send-off and I have no doubt they are all missing him already.

 He has only been here less than 24 hours but he is exploring the house, getting to know us and is now asleep on the chair near where I have my ‘working from home desk’ set up.  Don’t get me wrong, we have already seen some of the behaviours that might have led to him getting that reputation in the first place, but after a very long journey in multiple vehicles and the stress and anxiety he must have been feeling, really it is nothing. He even sat on my lap for a couple of minutes yesterday evening without any encouragement or coaxing, he is a lovely, friendly guy.

 It’s all good and we will keep telling him he is safe here with us, he has nothing to worry about, we are not going anywhere and in 8 weeks, when he is finally able to get outdoors to the garden – he looks super keen to get out there – I have no doubt he will be a much happier boy with a lot less frustration. But right now he is just as good as gold, which matches the colour of his beautiful coat.”


From feisty to best friend… happy endings don’t get much sweeter than the incredible story of our beautiful Lulu.
Lulu arrived in early January after being rescued by an RSPCA Inspector. She was living in squalor and had been abused and taunted by her owners who would spray her with a water gun whenever she approached them. When the Inspector eventually managed to catch Lulu in a cat trap she was wild with fear.
The first few days in the cattery were incredibly difficult and Lulu very much chose ‘fight’ over ‘flight’. We could barely get close enough to feed her without her lashing out and hissing ferociously and she was so fierce there were moments we wondered if she would ever be rehomable. A behaviour plan was put in place and staff painstakingly spent the days working with Lulu at a snail’s pace, doing everything we could to gain her trust. It took weeks of blood, sweat and tears (literally, this girl had us feeling every emotion!!) but we got there, and one day things just changed. Lulu relaxed, let down her guard and hopped onto the cattery supervisors knee purring like you’ve never heard before. She finally knew she was safe.
Well just look at her now!! Lulu was adopted on the 3rd April and is settling into her new home as if she’s always been there. Her fabulous new owners adore her and describe her as their best friend. We are so incredibly proud of Lulu and forever thankful to her new owners for taking a chance on her.
Well done Lulu!


Gorgeous Graham didn’t get the best start to life and had been living as a stray for quite a while before he was rescued. He had obviously been in the wars, with cuts and scrapes to his face and a crooked tail from an old injury. 
When he first arrived here in March he was quite withdrawn and understandably worried. He was shy and submissive and didn’t give much away… but that soon changed! Graham soon turned into one of the biggest characters we had in the cattery, always yawping at us for attention, bouncing around with bundles of energy and he absolutely insisted on sitting on top of the washing machine despite the fact he wasn’t allowed in the laundry room. He was super cheeky and just had a way of wrapping us around that little paw of his.  
Being cooped up in the cattery proved frustrating for Graham at times and he had had his grumpy moments where he’d swipe a little, but he gave plenty of warning when he was in these moods and it mainly happened when he was playing and getting over stimulated. Being a street cat for so long he really missed his freedom but equally he had definitely readjusted to the comforts of domestic life and we were confident in his new home he would find the perfect balance between fun filled companion and avid outdoor explorer.
To give you a glimpse of his cheeky ways whilst he was at the animal here, check out the clip below:

It didn’t take too long for someone to fall head over heels for this handsome boy and he was adopted on the 24th April. His new owner quickly sent us a fabulous update:

“I adopted Graham from you today. I was going to give it a week before I sent in some photos but he’s done so well already! He’s settled so quickly and is loving life. He’s such a loving character and loves sitting in the sunny window looking out and cuddling with his mouse! A bit thank you for your service when adopting Graham and everything you do for all the animals.”

As well as cats, we re-home lots of dogs here at Hillfield Animal Home. Below is a fantastic success story about not one, but two of our beautiful Staffordshire Bull Terriers..

Arlo & Sandy

This story starts back in October 2020 when Sandy, the 12 month old Staffie came into us as her owner was struggling to cope due to their own health issues. 
Sandy was a sweet girl but found new experiences and people quite scary, which wasn’t a surprise considering how young she was when she came here. We worked super hard to gain her trust and before we knew it, she was ready for her new start. 
A very keen gentleman came forward and adopted her on the 12th December 2020 and she has been so happy every since. We were over the moon!
We received some brilliant updates from her new family but he desperately wanted to find her a little friend so we assured him we would let him know when we have a dog suitable. 
Fast forward to March 2021, a very handsome young Staffie called Arlo came to us as his owners were struggling with health issues and lack of time.
He, as do 99% of the animals that come in, found it very scary at first but soon realised we were nice people who would never hurt him. Then we saw the absolute cracking dog that he is!
We had a feeling him and Sandy would make a lovely couple so we contacted Sandy’s owner and they came down a few times. They got on well and Sandy’s owner was so determined for it to work. He had lots of patience and knowledge of the breed so we were confident he would be ok to take them both and have Arlo for a trial at his home. 
We received some fantastic videos and pictures of them both, which you can see below. Situations like this are never going to be smooth sailing and sometimes Arlo did push Sandy too far but overall they were getting on well and it was clear the issues could be worked on. 
Arlo was adopted on the 19th April 2021. They are both hard work but this is something their owner is willing to take on so we are incredibly happy with the final result and can’t thank him enough for persevering and giving them the best home. 
Below is some of the updates we received:

“On the first night I thought what the hell am I thinking, I was so so so tired. Arlo pushed and pushed Sandy and she told him off a lot. He has been getting less boisterous and they have been playing together loads, I think he does maybe irritate Sandy at times but she does also goad him.
Yesterday was a lot better and they have walked really well together several times. I left him on his own whilst we went to my mums for dinner with Sandy and left my camera on him and he was fine. 
Both slept on my bed last night, definitely looking more positive.”

A couple of weeks later, another update:

“Arlo and Sandy are quite happy together. Arlo is a bit of a noisy little devil when he wants to be. I have him training on the long lead now with some very short releases. He is quite over the top, possibly from a bit of anxiety, when left as he goes mental which then sets Sandy off. Overall, hard work at times still very good!”

Get ready for cuteness overload! Bella and Pippa, the mother and daughter Basset Hound duo..

March 2021 – Keeping up with Hillfield Animal Home

This months blog is jam packed with cuties and their wonderful happy endings!

But first, we would like to bring the ear-cropping crisis to your attention in hope that you will join our fight against this horrific act that is happening every day here in the UK.
It sounds obvious, right? Dogs are born with ears – so they must have a purpose and they must be important. They are. Dogs don’t just use their ears for hearing but also for communicating with other dogs and with us too.
Ear cropping is illegal in England and Wales, under Section 5 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006. It’s a painful process where a dog’s outer ears are removed altogether or are surgically altered, with the tips or huge sections of the outer ear being cut off.
It’s against the law to carry out this procedure yourself or to send your dog to a vet in this country or abroad to have their ears cropped. Unfortunately, it still happens.
The National RSPCA has reported that sadly they are seeing increasing numbers of dogs coming into our care with cropped ears and there has been a 236% increase in the number of reports of ear cropping during the last five years. 

There is good news though, YOU can help! 
Please sign the petition below. If it reaches 
100,000 signatures, this petition will be considered for debate in Parliament.


On 16th March 2021, it was officially a year since our old girl, Macey, went to her foster family! I think it's clear she has been spoilt like the princess she is and we could not have asked for a better foster home for her.


Our big and lovable Mya came to us in January 2021 along with another dog called Buster, after their owner couldn’t cope and they both needed vet treatment which they couldn’t afford.
We kept them separate as they didn’t seem to like each other. Buster had some skin issues which we treated immediately and he very quickly went into a foster home, where they have now adopted him.
Mya had more serious issues as she had a huge lump on her abdomen and also a smaller mammary lump. We were nervous for her big operation because the vets had no idea what the lumps could be until they opened her up and it is also such a big operation for an older dog (10 years old).

Mya pre-op and as you can see, the lump on her abdomen was very large and uncomfortable.

On the 10th February she went in for her big operation and it was found that the big lump was actually a hernia. They managed to repair this with some mesh that was fitted. The smaller lump was a mammary tumour which was sent off to the lab.
It was touch and go what the outcome would be for a few days and she stayed in with the vets overnight so that they could keep an eye on her. Very quickly, Mya seemed to feel massive relief because she perked up a lot and was ready to come back to the animal home. The smaller lump came back benign, thankfully!
We didn’t want this poor girl to have to go into a kennel after such a big operation so she went off into a lovely foster home whilst she recovered.
All of her post op checks went really well and we are so proud of how well she coped with everything that happened to her over such a short space of time. She really is such a wonderful girl who loves everyone she meets. 

It was now time to start looking for a home for this beautiful girl! We were approached by a member of our committee because she thought her friend would be ideal for Mya. Soon after, they met and it was love at first sight. Mya was officially adopted on the 6th March and is happier than ever before. Her new owner is the apple of her eye and they couldn’t be a better match for one another. 

Below are pictures of Mya post op and then happy in her new home. 

Get ready for cuteness overload.. Bunny was adopted at the end of February and we just couldn't resist sharing this video that her owner sent of her new boyfriend grooming her ears whilst having a cuddle!


Poor little Lottie has had quite a rough few months, bless her. She originally came to us in January after she was apparently growling at the children and other dogs in the house. We believe the house was too busy for this anxious lady and this is why her temperament changed over time.
Whilst with us, she showed no aggression and was a very happy little girl.
After having the necessary vet checks and behaviour assessment, we found a lady who sounded perfect for her. The lady had a huge garden for Lottie to explore and was retired with no children around so it would be nice and quiet for her.
This lady adopted Lottie on the 26th January but unfortunately brought her back to us just over two weeks later. She told us that Lottie was urinating in the house a lot and she could not cope with this. We were confused why she would act this way as she was always clean in her kennel and her previous owners said she was house trained.
It was a shame to see her back but we thought maybe it just wasn’t the right match for Lottie as it sounded like she was very anxious with this lady unfortunately.

We set out again to find the perfect home for her and this time we would ensure she went to someone who could handle Lottie’s sometimes anxious ways and would give her all the love she could ever ask for… and that is just what we found!
On the 2nd March, the most wonderful people adopted our Lottie and she has been no bother at all, as you can see from their update below: 

“Thanks for letting me have Lottie, she’s such a lovely dog. She will walk for hours if I let her and she likes playing with a ball in the garden. She might be little but she hogs the sofa!
She is toilet trained and has settled in lovely!
When some normality comes back I’m sure she would love to visit when you have an open day.”


Pompom came to us in July 2020 after being taken from her owner, along with another cat and a dog. She was classed as a “case animal”, which means there is an ongoing court case prosecuting the owner and they cannot be re-homed until this is over.
Pompom was always a pleasure to work with as she is such a confident and clever girl with tons of personality. This meant that when she was signed over to us on 13th February 2021, we could finally re-home this beautiful girl!

To find out more about Pompom’s story, take a look at our Spring 2021 newsletter here: 

She was adopted by a lovely lady on the 25th February and we recently had an update on how she is getting on, she looks so happy!

“Just wanted to say how well she’s settled in and how loved she is. She’s had fun exploring her new home and is definitely more interested in the boxes toys come in than the actual toys themselves! She’s brightened up every day and I feel so lucky to have her, thank you all your help! Here are a couple of my favourite photos of her! “

The other cat from the same house as Pompom was called Webster, this is him below in his new home


Katy has been through a lot in the past few months and we are amazed at how well she has coped; she has managed to remain her lovely cheeky self throughout.
It started when she came to us in December 2020 after her owner had sadly passed away. She was a scared girl at first, which is understandable as she had just lost her companion.
Soon she started to come out of her shell and show us what a sweet girl she can be but she also had boundaries, like most other animals. She would tell you if she didn’t want a fuss anymore but we didn’t have a problem with this as, if you’re a cat owner you will relate, cats do often have that sassy side to them.
We didn’t have any issues and managed to re-home her in January 2021 to a wonderful and experienced couple who wanted a friend for their cat. They did everything right, introduced them correctly and took their time. Unfortunately, even after a couple of months, there was no sign of them accepting each other and it seemed to be causing their existing cat a lot of stress. Reluctantly, they decided to bring Katy back to us as they thought it would be more fair for everyone.

Katy’s second stay with us was a lot shorter and after a week, we found her a home with no other animals and experienced owners. She was adopted to her forever home on the 19th March and we have since had an update:

Hi everyone, as you can see Katy is making herself at home. She has settled in a treat. She has her own bedroom. We have bought her lots of toys and she makes us laugh. She is gorgeous and truly lovely. She has found her forever home. Love her. She was meant to be with us.”

Roo's Journey

Roo came to our animal home when he was just 6-7 months old, along with five other rabbits. 
Unfortunately the previous owner had an issue with over breeding and also was moving house and couldn’t take them with her. 
Within the five rabbits there was the mother and two separate litters of kits. We separated the older ones from mum as they were fine to leave her now and we also didn’t want any more accidental breeding going on.
The other litter was two tiny 4 week old bunnies so they had to stay with mum for a little longer. 
We cared for them all until they were all ready to find their new homes.
Roo hit the jackpot when he met his new family. They have a female that they wanted to bond with him and the son was incredibly good with Roo so they were sure to become best friends!
The photo’s above show from start to finish the process of the family coming to meet Roo, introducing him to Flopsy, excitingly taking him home and then him settling in. His family have commented below: 

“We feel so blessed and so lucky to have adopted Roo. He’s settled in really well and bonded very quickly with our girl Flopsy.”

Four out of the six rabbits have now been re-homed but we still have the youngest two here waiting for a new family. If you are interested, head over to our “Adopt a Rabbit” page to read more about Pickle and Nibbler. 

February 2021 – Keeping up with Hillfield Animal Home

At last it looks like things are looking up and we may see some sort of normality come the summer! We can’t wait to welcome back our wonderful volunteers and see you all on our fundraising events. The past year has put a huge dent in our funds so we are still relying heavily on your generous donations. Any donation you can give, no matter how big or small, is massively appreciated.

Valentines Weekend 

Pets at Home Burton carried out another event for us this past month which focused on spreading love on valentines day to all of the animals who currently have no family. 
Every penny that was donated was distributed to all of the RSPCA centres that Pets at Home support but we especially thank the Burton Pets at Home store as they focus on helping our branch and we are so grateful.
As well as this, we were invited to a Facebook Live event on 12th February where Support adoption for pets (a registered charity established by Pets at Home) had a special surprise for us. 
Our admin supervisor attended this online and it was announced that we would receive a bonus surprise of £2000! This was very unexpected and we were over the moon! 
Thank you to all of you that donate towards these events that Pets at Home carry out throughout the year as, without you, this would not be possible. 


Continuing the great news, we have a lovely story about a stray cat for you below!

A cat was reported to us at the beginning of February as a stray that had been hanging around for a while. We managed to catch her and bring her in and once she was here we noticed she was actually on our lost and found register as missing from July 2020!

Luckily she was microchipped as well so we immediately contacted the owner and she was absolutely thrilled. The owner could not believe that she was alive and well after all of this time.

Fifi the cat has now been picked up by her owner and has the happy ending she deserves. The second photo of her below is her once she got back home and we have also been told she has reunited with her loving sister who missed her very much. 

Please always keep your pet’s microchip details up to date, it is so important as you never know if you will be in the position of losing them.

Check out some of our adoption stories below from the past month!


Gorgeous boy Chanock came to us on 21st January after his owner sadly wasn’t giving him what he needed and couldn’t cope. Due to his past, we expected him to have a few behavioural issues but we couldn’t have been more wrong. Chanock was an absolute pleasure from day one and was always such a good boy. He is 5 and a half years old and is very well mannered and friendly with everyone he meets. Once he had his vet checks and neutering, we set to look for his new home and it didn’t take long at all.

He captured the hearts of a loving family and was adopted on 6th February.

Once again, he settled very quickly and it’s like he has always been there. His lovely new owners have been brilliant and sent us lots of photos of him, we miss him a lot so this is really nice to see. Below is an update that they also sent us:

“Chanock is so affectionate and loves lots of cuddles and a good brushing. He has settled in very quickly in his new home. He likes to sleep on our bed at night but if he gets too warm you will find him downstairs on the cuddler settee.  He likes going for walks over the field and loves to say hello to other dogs and give them a good sniff.

 He has a new toy ” Miss Strawberry” he is so gentle with her bless him. So happy we adopted him as he is a smashing dog.”


Last month we featured a cat called Biscuit and this month we have a story about one of her kittens for you to read!
Little Florentine was born at our centre on the 21st September 2020, along with her three brothers. They were healthy kittens and their mum did a fantastic job at raising them for 9 weeks. 
All was going well until we sadly had a ringworm outbreak at the centre and these babies caught it just as they would have been ready to leave the nest. 

Ringworm is a fungal skin infection which presents with hair loss and scabby skin. It can be treated but sadly it can take a while for the spores to go. Our staff were amazing with the treatment and always wearing protective gear but sadly the ringworm just was not going away. We had to change their treatment after a couple of months and this started to work, yay!

One of her brothers got the all clear so he was adopted immediately so that there wasn’t a risk of him being re-infected. Then in mid-January the remaining three kittens were re-tested and unfortunately Florentine still had ringworm on her nose. Her brothers were all clear so we had to reluctantly separate them from her.

Florentine is incredibly social with people and other animals so having her brothers away from her and spending a couple of nights alone really upset her and she broke our hearts with her cries. We couldn’t see her like this so we made the decision to put her brothers back in with her and she was back to her cheeky and happy self straight away! This meant that the boys would have to stay with us until she had the all clear but in the long run, we knew it would all be worth it.

On 16th February we had the fantastic news that Florentine was finally ringworm free! We were over the moon because this meant that these three babies could now go to their new families after waiting a whopping five months. 

Florentine was adopted on 17th February and then her brothers went the following day. They are all settling in really well. Flo’s new family sent us an update below:

“Florentine seems to be settling in well and a bit of a night owl for her playfulness. She has explored the downstairs of the house but seems weary of going upstairs for now. She is eating well and using the litter try quite well if with a bit of litter getting kicked around the floor afterwards and is finding a new hiding place for us to find her from in the morning every night.

The kids love her lots already and she seems to be fitting it with us very well.”


Myla arrived with us on 4th December 2020 and spent 52 days altogether here with us. She came to us with two babies but they were soon split from her as they were old enough and Myla is a very independent lady who needs her space. Her previous owner was moving house and couldn’t take her with them unfortunately. We sadly see this very often so it is always important to consider your animals when moving house and to do everything you can to take them with you as they are a part of your family.

Myla is a really funny bunny with lots of personality, she loves her toys and to be hand fed so we knew she would make someone a lovely little companion.

On 25th January she was re-homed and has never been happier. We have received lots of pictures of Myla making herself at home and she is now mainly a house bunny so she has all the space and attention she could wish for. We couldn’t have asked for a better home for this little girl and she even has two canine friends who she is getting on with wonderfully, especially Bertie!

“Myla is doing amazing and is absolutely adorable. She has become a bit of a house bunny as she spends so much time with me while I study and she appears to love it. Myla loves Bertie’s company, they have become good friends!”

This month we would like to share some of our not so happy stories so that you can get an insight of what we deal with every day..

Poor Oscar is on his third sting with us since September 2020, after being returned again due to his (sometimes) feisty nature. We’re so sad to see Oscar back in the cattery and we are making it our mission to find his final, 100%, no giving up on him FOREVER home! Oscar is a complex character and certainly not for the faint hearted, but given time and space he will show you what a great guy he can be.

Oscar is outgoing, adventurous and friendly… yes, FRIENDLY! Oscar is not a grumpy guy through and through and actually 98% of the time he is a chatty good natured boy who is happy to potter about doing his own thing and pop back over for a meow and quick head bump to let you know he’s not forgotten you.

However, Oscar has shown an unpredictable side and has at times been very aggressive. In time we hope these grumpy moments will become fewer and far between. We very much take the approach of letting him be independent and don’t put pressure on him for cuddles and we think this has definitely helped

In January we published an appeal on our Facebook page and very quickly Oscar became a global celebrity. You may think we are exaggerating but we did actually receive over 100 applications for him, some being from the US, Australia, Germany and Mexico!

This was fantastic but unfortunately we do not re-home outside of the UK and due to the lockdown we have to keep strictly within an hour of our centre, so Australia was definitely out of the question!

We did have a few applications who were close enough but we found that these people either had children or other animals and sadly Oscar would not like this at all. We have to put Oscar first so we had to decline almost every kind person that came forward to help this little guy.

A few people came to visit him but after thinking about it properly they decided he was too much and therefore, Oscar is still here waiting for his final home. To find out more, click the button below:

Appeal to trace person who dumped elderly neglected dog

In February 2021, an investigation was launched by the RSPCA after an elderly dog was found abandoned in the garden of an empty shop.
The elderly female German Shepherd-cross dog was found outside an empty premises in Waterloo Street, Burton on Trent, by a workman who had just finished a job on the property. He could see the dog was in poor condition and had no food or water so brought her to us on Monday 1st February.

The dog, who was named Shadow, was found to be clearly underweight, her fur was filthy and she had an untreated and infected tumour the size of a golf ball on her neck and a mass near her groin.

She was put on antibiotics and tests were carried out to see if she required an operation to remove the growths.

Shadow was not microchipped so we were unable to find any contact details of an owner so the Inspector who took over her case then launched an appeal for information to trace her owner.

The Inspector said: “It seems poor Shadow was abandoned by her owner probably because she was elderly and they could see needed treatment for a tumour. It is heart-breaking that someone would choose to do this to their pet when they are clearly in need of help. It is clear her needs were not being met and we are grateful for the member of the public who found her. At this stage I don’t know if Shadow was dumped in the garden of the property or if she was abandoned nearby and wandered in – but the garden was enclosed. There is never any excuse to dump an animal when there are plenty of charities out there to help those struggling. I am hoping someone will recognise the dog and may be able to identify who owned her. I would also like to find out who the previous tenants were in the property before it was vacated as they may be able to help with my enquiries.”

We were bathing her neck tumour regularly as it had been bleeding and was in quite a mess, but she put up with everything like a star and was so well natured. Unfortunately since arriving, she suffered terrible with diarrhoea and not eating and no treatment seemed to be working. She went to our vets a few times and it was picked up that she was absolutely riddled with cancer and as well as the visible tumours, a mass was detected in her abdomen and suspected to have also spread to her lungs which was causing her to struggle with breathing. 
With the vets advise, we sadly had to make the decision to put this poor girl to sleep as it was the kindest thing for her and her cancer was causing her a lot of pain. 

We are sharing Shadows story because we think it is important for people to be aware that, unfortunately, situations like hers happen every single day. 
If you ever suspect that an animal is being mistreated, please don’t hesitate to contact the National RSPCA on 0300 1234 999 so that it can be looked into. 

January 2021 – Keeping up with Hillfield Animal Home

Happy New Year!

Last year was a tough year for everyone. We certainly struggled, like many other charities, as all of our fundraising events had to be cancelled. We get no funding from the National RSPCA so our fundraising events are what we heavily rely on for money to keep our animal home running. Any donations you can give, no matter how big or small, are massively appreciated.

January 2021 brought us lots of snow in Burton-on-Trent one weekend and we just couldn’t resist showing you some of our dogs enjoying it. Check out the video below!

Pets at Home

Some of you may know that our local Pets at Home store have supported us for a while now and regularly carry out fundraising events with Support Adoption for Pets. The most recent one was Santa Paws 2020 and we are thrilled to say we received an amazing £1472! 

The money raised is all thanks to the Pets at Home employees and of course, you! There’s lots of waggy tails who are incredibly grateful so thank you to each and every one of you who takes part and donates towards this fantastic cause. 

There will be another event happening soon so be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook page.


Old girl Macey came to us in February 2020 after being part of a cruelty case. She had some health issues, such as a couple of mammary tumours and sight loss, but due to her being 14 years old, the vets said it was more dangerous to operate.

Re-homing an elderly dog with health issues can be quite difficult and older dogs really struggle in kennels so we set out to find a long term foster family for her to retire with.

A fantastic family came along and have been fostering her since March 2020. Apart from her sight deteriorating, she is in pretty good health considering her age and just needs ongoing pain relief medication.

Her foster family spoil her rotten and regularly update us on how she is doing. Macey recently had a birthday so they sent us a really heart-warming message and pictures that we just had to share:

“On Macey’s paperwork it says her birthday is January but no date, so we pulled a number out of a hat and she celebrated on the 3rd. In her doing so, raised £75 through Facebook for RSPCA!”

Check out some of our success stories below from the past month!


Tiny little Lola came to us in August 2020 after her previous owners were struggling with her separation anxiety. Sadly, dogs can develop behavioural issues when left alone if they feel anxious and can even become destructive.

She was an absolute sweetie from the start and a pleasure to work with. We re-homed her in September 2020 and explained all about her separation anxiety. All was going well until they unfortunately found it too much and she was brought back to us again in December. Lola is incredibly clingy and because she wasn’t allowed up to bed with them, she cried and barked all night.

We went straight back to searching for a new home for her but made sure this time we would find someone who didn’t mind having a little Lola-shaped shadow following them around and going to bed with them.

Thankfully, it didn’t take too long for the perfect family to come along and she was adopted for the final time on 5th January 2021. She has gone to a wonderful family who are home all the time and adored her from the minute they met her. They have send us a lovely update below, along with some pictures of her in her new home:

“Lola is doing great; she really is no trouble at all. She was reticent to go for walks at first, but is getting the idea now. She loves exploring the garden and spends most of the time asleep on someone’s lap! She sleeps on our bed at night and we don’t really notice her there. We are struggling to understand why she ended up with you, but we are grateful to have her.”


Biscuit arrived with us back in September 2020 and unfortunately her stay with us was much longer than we expected. She came to us from a multi-cat household as the owners were struggling to cope and we were told that she was pregnant. She was indeed pregnant as after just 4 days with us, she gave birth to four beautiful kittens.

She was the best mummy and raised them for 9 weeks. Unfortunately, it was picked up within this time that they all had ringworm. Ringworm is a fungal skin infection which presents with hair loss and scabby skin. It can be treated but sadly it can take a while for the spores to go.

Whilst she was having treatment we were approached by someone who had adopted from us in March 2020 and they were looking for a chilled out female cat. We informed them about Biscuit and they were immediately in love and wanted to take her home as soon as she was better.

After a few months of treatment, Biscuit finally got the go ahead from our vet that she no longer had ringworm on 7th January. Her new owners had patiently waited for so long and were so excited that they adopted her the same day!

She is now doing really well and living the life she deserves with her new family. The cat they adopted previously from us called Dave has taken well to her and they are even playing together. Her owners have sent us some wonderful pictures and a quick update below:

“Biscuit has settled in so well in our house. She loves to sleep on our son’s bed in the day time and then at night she has started to play hide and seek behind the curtains with our other cat, Dave.”


 In December 2020 Yoda was reported in someone’s garden as a stray and they were concerned he may have cat flu. After being picked up by an inspector, he came to us and seemed in pretty good health luckily so he was quite quickly ready for adoption. He was always a pleasure to look after and even went home with the Cattery Supervisor, Hayley, for a little while so that he could be socialised and have a bit of company through the night.
A friend of Hayley’s heard about him and immediately fell in love with his picture and he was exactly what she was looking for. 
On 15th January 2021, the lady adopted this little lad and has recently sent us the most lovely update along with some cute pictures:

“We adopted Yoda from Burton RSPCA and I just wanted to recognize how amazing Hayley has been. We’ve been looking at adopting a cat for many months but with the ever changing lock down, we didn’t know how best to start this process. Having seen Yoda on the website we fell in love instantly! Hayley took the time to tell us all about the adorable little fella, what he’s like, his character and even how much he’s eating… he’s a hungry boy! She kept us informed from the get go and would send us daily updates letting us know how he is. What I really wanted to recognize is just how much love Hayley gives to each and every animal. It’s very clear she pours her heart and souls into making sure they are happy and okay. We can’t thank her and yourselves enough for helping us with our baby boy. Hayley made the entire process smooth and she was just incredible!

He’s now safely at home, eating all the food, chasing his tail and getting all the cuddles. A very happy boy indeed and we love him dearly.”


December 2020 – Keeping up with Hillfield Animal Home

Well.. what a year it has been!

Although it has been incredibly tough, especially financially, 2020 has really shown us the generosity of our local community and we feel incredibly lucky to have such kind hearted supporters. 
The cancellation of all of our vital fundraising events has been difficult and we will still need your support in 2021 as we still don’t know when we will be able to return to normal. 
We miss all of our fabulous volunteers massively and we really do hope to see them all in 2021.
On behalf of Hillfield Animal Home, Happy New Year! We hope you enjoy reading our final blog of 2020. 

Making a Difference Locally

Nisa Local in Burton-on-Trent put us forward in December for a chance to win £1000 from the Making a Difference Locally organisation.
They had £3000 to giveaway to three local charities and whoever came in the top three of their votes won £1000 each and we were lucky enough to come third!
You can see the poll for yourself in the pictures below, thank you so much to everyone who voted, all of the charities are incredibly grateful. 
Nisa Local have said that they will be participating in more charity events in 2021 so be sure to keep an eye on their Facebook page! To visit their Facebook page, click the pictures below. 


Santa Paws 2020!

If you read our November blog, you would have seen all about the Santa Paws event that has been held this year by Support Adoptions for Pets and Pets at Home.
We are thrilled to say that this appeal raised £1.2m thanks to all of your lovely supporters! This money will be split between many rescues in the country and will help so many little lives.

Christmas Presents

As well as the above financial help, our animals have received some absolutely brilliant Christmas presents this year!

Dunelm approached us as they wanted to do an appeal to their customers in order to give our animals lots of goodies this Christmas. The appeal went well and they brought down some lovely gifts. Thank you to everyone that took part, our animals deserve the best and that’s what we can give them when we have your help. 

We also had a lovely young lady who donated some shoe boxes filled with toys and treats. She had asked for this as her birthday presents from her friends and family which is incredibly selfless of her. 

Considering the year we have all had, we are pleased to say that we have still managed to carry on making a difference to so many animals’ lives. This year we have re-homed 208 cats, 97 dogs, 33 rabbits and 6 guinea pigs!

Check out some of our success stories below from the past month!


Rosie is a two year old Dachshund cross who came to us in November 2020 after she wasn’t getting on well with the young children in the home. When she first arrived she was absolutely terrified and struggled to get used to the kennel environment. After lots of attention and work from the staff she finally started to show what a sweet little girl she really is. She started to become confident meeting new people but still had a long way to go. 
We knew her stay with us wouldn’t be long as smaller dogs do tend to be easier to re-home and she also had a lovely personality to match. 
A young couple came along with their dog Luna and they adopted Rosie on 8th December. As she was once again heading into an unknown place, she needed to adjust and settle. Her new family have been wonderful and taken things at her pace and now she is loving life with her new best friend Luna. Rosie’s family sent us some brilliant photo’s and a short update on how she is doing below. 

“Rosie did really good on her first night. She slept in her new bed all night and didn’t even need to get up during the night for a toilet break. She is becoming quite attached to our other dog Luna, which is lovely to see.” 

We then received a truly lovely message on Christmas day:

“Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and thank everyone at RSPCA for looking after Rosie. She has fitted in so well with out life, so we are really blessed, thank you for letting us adopt her, we are forever grateful.”


Tiny little Teddy came to us in November 2020 after he had developed a very strange habit and it was causing concern to his previous owner. He had started to become posessive over the faeces of the other dogs in the home and because of him ingesting lots of this, he was frequently getting stomach infections.
We found that he is a sweet boy, he just needed someone who knows his breed and can put him in his place. 
Luckily, this is just what we found and he was very quickly adopted on 28th November and is doing extremely well and being treated like the prince he is!
Shortly after his adoption, we received a fantastic email from “Teddy” telling us just how happy he is. 

“I just thought I’d let you know that I’m doing very well in my new home. I have a lovely bed to sleep in, I’m getting lovely dinners and I’ve put a bit of weight on, 0.8kg in fact. I’ve been given some nice toys which I like to chase, pull and nibble on. I have been to two different parks and have been walking a bit more each time I go and I’m getting braver at meeting people.  I’ve have lots of cuddles and I’m constantly told that I’m a good boy.”


 Gorgeous Daisy is a six year old Collie cross who sadly found herself with us through no fault of her own, the previous owner was in a difficult position and couldn’t give her what she needed. 
She was an absolute pleasure to look after and never caused any problems whilst in our kennels. She would always greet everyone she met with a wagging tail and just craved love and affection. 
Once she was placed up for adoption, we found that a lot of people wanted to offer this beautiful girl a home, which is great! We managed to match her with a couple who fell in love with her instantly and she was actually adopted on her birthday, which was just the best birthday present she could ask for.
Her new family sent us some pictures of her chilling out so she obviously felt right at home!