November 2021 – Keeping up with Hillfield Animal Home

Welcome to our November 2021 blog..

Since the beginning of October we have taken in 45 cats, 21 dogs and 1 rabbit. 
It is expected for us to take in more animals at this time of year but sadly it seems worse this year. We are getting dogs in that have not had the socialisation they need and “lockdown puppies” that people don’t have time for anymore. It is breaking our hearts that so many animals have to suffer so we beg that if you are wanting an animal, PLEASE do your research and consider the fact your circumstances may change in the future and the animal will need to fit into your lifestyle. 
Our cat and rabbit adoptions have gone very quiet recently. We usually find that during the colder months we get more people wanting to rehome their rabbits and less wanting to adopt. Due to the lack of adoptions, our waiting lists are building up and more and more animals are waiting to come to us. 
If you know anyone who is wanting a rabbit or feline addition, please send them our way! 

Our lovely duo, Chesney and Crystal, have become quite famous over the last month. We are desperate to get them a home for Christmas so we have had them published on lots of different newspapers and websites and even had a visit from Radio Derby on the 30th November! These two were the stars of their breakfast show and we are hoping this is enough for us to find their special home at last. If you are interested in adopting this beautiful pair, please click the button below:

To have a listen of the Radio Derby breakfast show that Chesney and Crystal were on, click the link below! We are on the show at 1:46, 2:15 and 2:50! 

It's that time of year again when we are especially desperate for your support and with the help of The Pets at Home Foundation, you can help a rescue animal this Christmas! For more information, please ask the staff at your local Pets at Home about the Santa Paws appeal next time you visit

To find out more, click below!

A huge thank you to the pupils and staff at Blessed Robert Sutton school in Burton for their very generous donations at the start of November!
We appreciate every donation and think it is very special that these children had it in their hearts to want to give to such a good cause. Our animals were very pleased!


I’m sure most of you will recognise this beautiful face! For those of you that don’t, this is our beautiful girl Nala.
She came to us way back in October 2020 after being taken from her owner, along with five other dogs, due to their ears being illegally cropped. Ear cropping is a barbaric mutilation of a dogs ears which is illegal in this country. 
Within a month of her stay she gave birth to puppies and, at such a young age, she should not have had to go through this on top of everything else. 
Even though she has been through so much and she had to stay in kennels for 13 months whilst her court case was going through, she has always been such a delight and a firm favourite with our staff and volunteers. 
Their previous owner was prosecuted and thankfully never had any of the dogs back and most have now been re-homed and living a life of luxury at last! 
Our big softy Nala was re-homed on the 1st November 2021 and she has landed herself the most perfect and wonderful home, we really couldn’t have asked for anything better for our girl. Their new owners keep us regularly updated and we get a giggle every now and then hearing her little quirks and what a couch potato she has turned into! 
None of the dogs had ever been in a home environment so all of them have had to adapt to every day things such as the TV, washing machine, hoover, etc. Thankfully, Nala has dealt with this all very well and we are told that she actually loves to watch TV! 
Please have a read of what her new owners have to say below.. 

“We’ve had Nala for over a month now and she’s settled in incredibly well! It’s been such a joy watching her learn and discover new things and as much as we’ve (hopefully) changed her life, she’s changed ours too. She’s such a funny character and has a proper little personality! Nala loves watching tv, long walks and is fantastic with all of the children in our family too!
We’ve always wanted to rescue a dog and now was the perfect time – it isn’t always easy but it is the most rewarding feeling and we couldn’t be happier with the latest addition to our family. And now that we’ve experienced it, we urge anyone that is looking to get a pet, to adopt and rescue one.” – Nala’s owners


We have been dying to update you on our lovable rogue, Tiggy! 
During his six month stay, we never sugar coated it, Tiggy was a handful and needed a patient and experienced owner. Even though he was never the easiest cat to handle and he was always the boss, we couldn’t help but still absolutely adore him! He is SUCH a cool character… and after all, who doesn’t like a bit of a bad boy?!
Tiggy is a strong willed guy who was used to living outdoors so we had an especially hard time finding a home as we knew he would be happier in a rural location with a quiet household. 
We did notice that after a couple of months of settling into the cattery lifestyle, he started to show signs of letting his guard down so we knew in our hearts he had great potential to be the perfect pal for someone one day.
We never give up on these animals and in the end, Tiggy’s wait was worthwhile as he has landed himself an absolutely incredible home. He was adopted on the 5th November and we cannot believe the change in him. It is always going to be a slow and steady settling in for any animal so he still has a way to go but we are over the moon at how happy he looks. You can see him in his new home and what his owner has said below!

He has been doing really well. I’m just being very patient and letting him come out on his own terms. We are making real progress; he came to sit on my knee entirely without encouragement! He has spent the last two hours cuddling up against me and purring very loudly! He seems a lot happier again today.” – Tiggy’s owner

Elsa & Anna

This story is incredibly special and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome of it all. 
It all started when Elsa (Previously known as Ivy) came to us in August as a heavily pregnant stray. She gave birth after being here for six days to five beautiful little girls. We let her nurse them and she did a fantastic job but after nine weeks she was certainly ready to move on from her motherly duties so we set to find her a forever home. 
She was adopted into a fabulous family on the 5th November and we had updates to say how well she was doing. 
In a passing conversation with her family, we happened to mention that one of her babies was still searching for a home and they just couldn’t resist! They brought Elsa down to meet her and we were pretty sure it wouldn’t be a lovey reunion because it is a strange environment here and mum and daughter had been separated for a few weeks.. and we were right. Elsa hissed a few times and didn’t seem interested in her daughter but we assured the family that this would settle down in a home. They just needed a few weeks/months to get used to each other again and they should be able to at least tolerate each other. 
Little baby Anna went home with them that same day on the 23rd November. After just one week we received the below pictures and we are absolutely stunned at how fast they have bonded.. they make the most adorable duo! 

“The cats have settled really well and are now part of the family and have found their forever home. The RSPCA were fantastic and helpful in the rehoming process.” – Elsa & Anna’s owner

Mimi & Moon

Following on from Elsa’s kittens, Mimi and Moon were two from her litter who were also adopted recently on the 3rd November. They are two beautiful white girls with the cutest black splodges on their heads. 
Their new mum had to choose which kittens she wanted to take home and had quite a hard time as this litter were especially gorgeous and had the sweetest little personalities. She finally chose these two girls and they have settled wonderfully in her home. They now have children to play with and their new mum is home most of the time to keep them company. 
We couldn’t be happier with how their story has turned out!

“The girls are getting on really well. They are very playful, which is lovely to watch.
Thank you again for all of your help. My phone is full on kittens pictures now!
I am so glad I had two kittens, they love being with each other, always sleeping together and playing. They are a joy to have.”

These two kittens are just two out of six that we have available at the moment. To find out more, please click the button below the video!

October 2021 – Keeping up with Hillfield Animal Home

Autumn Fair 2021

Most of you will have seen and some of you may have even attended, we had our first fundraising event on the 24th October and we are pleased to say that it was a HUGE success!
Thanks to you all, we raised an amazing amount of £3,740.47!
Not having the funding coming into our centre for over a year and a half has been tough but it is looking like we are coming out of the other side now and with your help, we can continue our vital work to help save these poor animals that find themselves here. 
We will not be able to hold another event this year but hopefully come next summer we can welcome you all back again for another get together! Keep an eye on our website for details.
Check out some of the pictures from our Autumn Fair below!

Facebook Event Cover 1920x1080 px

We would like to say a special thank you to the family and friends of the late Susan Andrews for donating £264.16 in memory of this much loved lady. Our sincere condolences to you all.


We have some kittens coming up soon that will need very special homes so please do get in touch if you would like more information! 

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Golden oldie, Lemmy, came to us back in August and won the hearts of us all immediately. He was always such a gentleman and pleasure to be around, we would even have him in the office most days as he was no trouble at all. 
Being 14 years old, he had a few health problems that needed attention such as bad teeth, stiff joints, lumps on his body and his kidney function wasn’t great but this is expected at his age. He had a dental where two of this teeth were removed and whilst under anaesthetic his lumps were looked at and biopsy’s were taken. Thankfully the lumps are non-cancerous and would be more trouble to removed so he will be just fine! 
As for his kidneys, he was placed on a renal diet and will need blood tests every 6 months. 
He had been through so much for such an old lad so once he was on the mend we started a search for a loving family to let him retire with. 
On the 7th October he was re-homed to a couple who have adopted from us many times before and they even have a little girlfriend for him! They adopted Sally the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from us a year ago so Lemmy now has her to spend his twilight years with. 
You can see him in his new home below and also if you look closely at our Autumn Fair photo’s at the top of the page, Lemmy and Sally made an appearance! 

“Lemmy is doing well, we went for a short walk at Branston Water Park this morning. He has two short walks a day. He loves going out and loves meeting people and other dogs. He has quietly settled with our Cavalier Spaniel and they seem to be company for each other. Already he has found a place in our hearts and we are so pleased to have him.” – Lemmy’s owner


This gorgeous momma, Jellybean, originally came to us way back in July after being reported as a long term stray and no one was claiming her. It was quickly realised when she arrived here that she was pregnant so of course we waiting for her to have her babies. 
She gave birth on the 11th August and did a wonderful job of raising her beautiful babies for 9 weeks. By the end of the 9 weeks she was well and truly over motherhood and wanted to start her own life. We got her spayed as soon as we could and finally started to look for a home. 
She was always such a delightful little girl who loved to be around us so we knew in a home she would make the loveliest companion. 
She was re-homed on the 17th October and hasn’t looked back since! Her new family adore her and she is getting treated like the princess she is finally. 
You can see how happy she is in her new home below!

“She has us both wrapped around her little paw and is the cutest little bean!
She loves to play, so has a whole corner of toys! Comes for cuddles and attention and has turned into our alarm clock for breakfast in the morning!
She’s slotted right in, and is the perfect addition as our first fur baby!” – Jellybean’s owner


Timid little Belle came to us on the 14th October after being sadly kept in a cage and we are unsure how long this was for. 
During her two week stay with us, she didn’t give much away and spent all day curled up looking rather sad. We tried to interact with her but she wasn’t interested. 
She was placed onto our website and quite quickly we had a call to say someone was interested in meeting her after losing their beloved cat not long ago. 
We explained her story and how quiet and timid she is here and then they were down at the centre within half an hour, talk about eager! 
After meeting her they couldn’t wait to take her home and give her a chance at being happy. We didn’t see the point her waiting any longer so we got the paperwork done and off she went. 
On the same day we were sent pictures of Belle in her new home and we didn’t recognise her! 
We had no idea she was such a playful and happy little girl deep down and so relieved they decided to take her as they are clearly a match made in heaven. 

“She is an angel, went and hid a little but she came out. She likes that spot on the couch because she can see my parents coming in and out the room especially at dinner time!”

Belle came to us with another cat called Casper. They were both kept in cages separately and he is still searching for his happily ever after. We believe that, given a chance, Casper will be just as happy and comfortable as Belle now is. To find out more about him, click the button below..

Ragnar & Lagertha

We’ve had our usual busy kitten season this past year, with this litter being just one of many. 
Ragnar and Lagertha were born at our centre on the 22nd July 2021 after their mum, Jasmine, had arrived as a heavily pregnant stray. 
Keeping a close eye on them and mum, we let Jasmine work her magic in raising them and before we knew it, they were all ready to fly the nest!
These babies were so lovely and beautiful but lets be honest, what kitten isn’t!? We knew they wouldn’t be here long and we were also lucky enough to find their mum a home as soon as she was ready too. 
Ragnar and Lagertha in particular were re-homed on the 25th September but we have recently had news about how fantastic they are doing and couldn’t resist sharing it with you all!

“They have both settled in so well and we felt like we had them forever after just a few days.
They greet me every morning with the biggest meows and purrs while they chase me round the kitchen as I sort their breakfast.
They are into absolutely everything and love nothing more than finding the most unusual places to sleep, even in my hood. We think some days they forget they are cats and they sit watching us eat, playing fetch and dribbling their ball.
We are so happy they are now part of our family and thank you for choosing us.” – Ragnar & Lagertha’s owner


Little Arthur is another kitten who, along with his four brothers, was born here at the centre. He was born on the 4th August and his mum, Daisy, did the most amazing job with her babies. All of the cat mums we have had this year have been brilliant mothers but Daisy in particular needed no extra help from us as she knew exactly what to do. 
A little background information on this lot.. Daisy first gave birth to a litter in a building yard back in April. She is semi-feral so back in April we were unfortunately unable to catch her but we kept her first lot of babies and re-homed them. 
By the time we caught her in July, she was pregnant again so we kept her here whilst she looked after her second litter. 
Arthur’s mum has now gone to live on a small holding so that she can be looked after but also have the freedom of lots of open space as she is incredibly scared of humans. 
Arthur was re-homed on the 20th October to a really loving family and has even since had an adopted brother join his home too and they are the best of friends!

“Arthur came to us a shy little fella that wasn’t too keen on being handled. We adopted another little fella Colin. Instantly they became the best of friends, having a buddy has been great for Arthur, he is now the first to greet you and first on your lap where he sits purring away. He’s found his true self and is loving life.” – Arthur’s owner

September 2021 – Keeping up with Hillfield Animal Home

Welcome to our September 2021 blog!

As it gets colder, we seem to be getting busier with both re-homing (which is great!) but sadly animals coming into us too. Our Cattery has been full for months now and we are operating a waiting list with more waiting to come in. 
On the other hand, we have been re-homing our dogs and cats brilliantly. You can see some happy ending stories further down!
It isn’t out of the ordinary for us to see a drop in bunny adoptions when it starts to get colder but if you know anyone who would like to give a rabbit a loving home, please send them our way!

Introducing our six beautiful XL Bullies!

Some of you may recognise these lovely faces from our recent Facebook post, for those of you that don’t, please meet Nala, Piglet, Robyn, Boss, Violet and Flint!

On the 1st October 2020, we took a phone call from one of our Inspectors to ask for help regarding 6 XL Bullies that had had their ears cropped. Of course we obliged.. and these 6 beauties started the long process of awaiting a trail date for their owner to be prosecuted for illegal ear cropping.
Ear cropping is illegal in the UK and is a horrendous, barbaric mutilation that has no benefit to the dog. It’s cruel and painful and can cause no end of problems for the dog.
Their previous owner has now been prosecuted, so we can now get the ball rolling with finding them amazing homes. Flint and Robyn were lucky enough to find amazing foster homes who have now adopted them.
We will be looking for homes for the remaining lot so please feel free to fill out an application form on our “Adopt a Pet” page. (Please note that we are receiving a lot of interest so if you do not hear from us within a week or so then please assume you have been unsuccessful at this time.)
We are hoping they will all be re-homed by the end of October so keep an eye out for our October blog for more updates on these guys!
You can read more on their story here: 
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Skinny and frightened Luna came to us in July 2021 after her owner was sadly struggling with mental health issues. The owner’s health problems meant that Luna wasn’t getting the care she needed and she was in a bit of a state when a family member brought her to us. 
After taking time and patience to settle Luna into the kennels, we focused mostly on getting her weight up as she was terribly underweight. Due to lack of nutrition, her coat was dull and had small matts all over too. As she is a Saluki cross Lurcher, she is supposed to be slender but she definitely needed more meat on her bones as you can see below:

Once she started putting on weight, we started her re-homing journey. As she is quite a sensitive little soul, we needed someone who would be willing to visit quite a few times before adopting her as she finds new people and situations quite scary.
We certainly didn’t need to look far as Luna caught the eye of one of our dog walking volunteers. We can’t blame her because Luna is the most beautiful and gentle girl who just needed time to show you her true beautiful colours. 
After quite a few visits, she was adopted on the 18th September and seeing the update below that they recently sent us, she has settled in wonderfully! 

“She is doing really well. She’s settled into home life and loves being part of the family. We are slowly building up her confidence with her walks although she is still nervous of some noises and boisterous dogs. 
She has visited the vet today for a weigh-in and check-up and is progressing well.
Her favourite activities are scoping the garden for squirrels, chasing her tennis ball around the garden and of course in true Lurcher style, stretching out on the sofa!
We are all really happy to have her as part of our family.”

– Luna’s owner


Lulu had a tough start to life and unfortunately had a traumatic history of being physically abused and tormented. Her stay with us totalled to a whopping 7 months overall.
Understandably when she first came into the shelter, Lulu was terrified and was lunging and hissing trying to protect herself. Lulu didn’t trust any of us, and we worried that her fear of humans was already too deep to reverse… but we didn’t give up. It’s taken blood sweat and tears to get her ready to start a new life and we are so incredibly proud of the progress our little Lulu made.
Lulu may always be a work in progress, but she is SO worth it. From the first hand sniff, the first purr and the first time she sat on our laps, every little step she took made us so incredibly proud and being a part of her life and journey was a total privilege. 
Lulu is bright, playful, intelligent and once she gets to know you, super friendly. She is inquisitive, greedy, chilled but SO funny to watch when she skips around giddily chasing her bouncy ball. She struggles to trust, and can still have a tendency to lash out when she feels threatened, but this is to be expected when she had such a traumatic past. Lulu needed someone with experience with cats so they can understand her cues and give her lots of patience and space. 
She was actually re-homed in April but sadly she came back to us the following month because it just wasn’t the right match. Her next search for a home went on for four months but we were determined to find the PERFECT match and that’s just what we did.
She was adopted on the 4th September and we are over the moon at how well she is settling. She still has a long road ahead but her new owners are wonderful and have given her the space and time she needs. You can see her in her new home below!

“As you will see she is settling in and the lovely side of her is always there. Doing a lot of exploring and of course staking her territory.
She has insisted on taking a look outside (like’ every window that is ajar she wants to get through) so we have allowed her outside, we don’t take our eye of her and she soon comes skating back.
We are sure she is beginning to think ‘this could be my place’.”

– Lulu’s owner ♥


Sweet little Daisy-Lou is a three year old beautiful girl who came to us as her owner was moving into a property with dogs and they didn’t think Daisy-Lou would cope very well with the change. 
Daisy-Lou struggled an awful lot with the cattery lifestyle as she is very fragile and nervous natured to begin with. When spending time with her, after a little while she would start to feel comfortable and show her incredibly loving side. We knew as long as someone could look past her initial scared behaviour then she would make a very loving and loyal companion. 
Her stay with us ended up being 19 days, which isn’t bad at all! She was adopted on the 20th September and is settling in slowly but wonderfully. 

“Daisy came home with us at lunchtime last Monday and spent the first day in hiding until she eventually came out to see us at 8 o’clock in the evening.  Since then she has got more confident each day and is really settling in very well.  We think she likes her new home.  We already love her to bits!”
– Daisy-Lou’s owner ♥


Scarecrow Festival 2021

In August the residents of Brizlincote took part in their Scarecrow Festival once again to raise money for our animal home. They did this for us last year and have done just as fantastic this year.
They raised just over £50 and just look at their fantastic creations!



Burton Morrisons often have donations for us but at the beginning of September they had half a van full all for our animals, we couldn’t believe our luck!

EVENT – Autumn Fair 2021

This event took place on the 24th October 2021, to see how it went, click here:

Autumn Fair 2021

Date: Sunday 24th October 2021

Time: 12noon til 4pm

Location: Hillfield Animal Home, Hillfield Lane, Stretton, DE13 0BN.

Entry Fee: £1 includes free entry into raffle.

Tickets are available on the gate or book now.

Online Booking

Click ‘BOOK NOW’ to buy your entry tickets, to enter your cat, dog and rabbit into the Pet Competitions. 


There is parking available on our field at the bottom of the drive. Parking at own risk. 

Alternative parking available within the village.

Please avoid parking on Hillfield Lane and our Driveway as this can block access onto our site and into the village.

There are limited disabled parking spaces located on our field at the bottom of the drive.

We have one disabled toilet on site for public use.

There will be hand sanitiser available on all stalls.

There are limited card readers across the site for contactless and chip and pin payments.

Corporate Donors

Wing Wah

Raffle Prize

Beacon Hotel | Roseacre Pub Company

Raffle Prize

Experience Days

Burton Albion

Raffle Prize

The National Brewery Centre

Raffle Prize

Wetmore Fish & Chips

Raffle Prize

August 2021 – Keeping up with Hillfield Animal Home

We have had a wonderful August with lots of happy endings so we want to continue the positivity and show you these rabbits who were born at our centre on the 30th July 2021, aren’t they lovely!
These beauties will not be available for a little while yet so please keep an eye on the “Adopt a Rabbit” page for when they are ready to find their forever home. 

On a serious note..

It has been another busy month for us down at Hillfield Animal Home with kitten season well and truly underway! 
At the end of August we had a whopping 27 kittens on site that were either born here or found as strays. Obviously kittens are lovely and who doesn’t love a kitten!? However it is very sad to see as most of the mother cats are very young themselves. No animal should be giving birth when they are barely developed themselves but unfortunately, cats become sexually mature at four months old. 
It puts a lot of strain on their little bodies and can soon after weaning their babies become pregnant again. If your cat is not spayed then they will continue to go through this and it can cause various health problems either at the time or later on in life. 
We are always trying to spread awareness of the benefits of getting your animals neutered because so many people seem to be uneducated on this subject. We have a page explaining these benefits here:

As well as kittens, this month has been all about the dogs with it being International Dog Day on the 26th August! Below are just three of the cuties that are looking for their forever home at the moment. To find out more about them, head over to the "Adopt a Dog" page.

Please note that at any point the animals below could be reserved or adopted so please ensure they are available before applying.

Facebook Event Cover 1920x1080 px


This handsome hunk came to us in July after he was showing food aggression around the child in the home. At just 11 months old, his previous owners had done a wonderful job with his training so far. He knows basic commands and is a well behaved boy, including around other dogs. This made him an absolute pleasure to work with and he was a firm favourite with our dog walkers. After seeing the vet and settling into kennel life, he was finally ready to search for his new family. We needed someone with no children under 16 years old due to the reason he came to us and luckily it didn't take long for a family to come forward for him. They fell in love immediately after meeting him and couldn't wait to take him home. He was adopted on the 4th August and as you can see from below, he settled almost straight away!

“I think Diesel is settling in fine. He’s not really left our sides all day but is starting to relax, he’s not shown any interest in his wound and has been full of beans all day.
You and your staff have been really helpful and a joy to deal with. Thank you!”

– Diesel’s owner 

Luna & Vince

This pair of cuties, previously known as Rosemary and Basil, came to us all the way back in May after they were sadly abandoned in a property. We could see from the very beginning that they needed each other and were very much in love. You may be wondering why their stay was so long.. well it turned out that Luna was actually pregnant and when the kittens were born on the 28th May, it was clear that Vince was the father. 
Obviously Luna would have to stay for a minimum of 9 weeks whilst she fulfilled her mothering duties. We were desperate for mum and dad to stay together so we decided to keep Vince here too so that they could start their journey together once their babies had flown the nest. 
Luna was a fantastic mother. We sadly did have to separate Vince from her and the babies for a while as mum needed her own space but we made sure that they socialised every day to keep that unconditional bond that they have. 
The wait was well worth it as on the 7th August they landed themselves the most fantastic home where they are completely doted on, as you can see below.

“Luna and Vince have both settled in very well, we love them so much so thank you.”
– Luna & Vince’s owner ♥

Chive & Parsley

Following on from Luna and Vince, these boys were two of their kittens that were born at our centre on the 28th May. Since their parents did a fantastic job and the socialising that they got from the staff here, they had wonderful personalities and we knew it wouldn't be hard to find a family willing to adopt and love them. Their sister, Sage, was re-homed and then luckily we found someone who wanted both Chive and Parsley so it was lovely to be able to keep two of them together. They were adopted on the 5th August and their new family couldn't be happier with them. These cheeky little boys are keeping them on their toes!

“Thank you so much for helping us find our boys, we absolutely love them and they have settled in so well! Our two little trouble makers!
– Chive & Parsley’s owner



Our little Nugget didn’t have the best start in life, bless him, but luckily because of his charming and cheeky personality, his stay was short with us.
He was brought to us on the 2nd August after being found in a McDonalds car park, hence the name Nugget. He was exhausted and filthy so had clearly been out for a while and it wasn’t clear whether he was dumped there. He had to be rushed to the vets not long after his arrival due to becoming lethargic. We believe he was dehydrated and needed lots of TLC, so that’s just what we gave him. 
After going through all of this, he was always such a happy boy and such a pleasure to be around. Once we were satisfied that he was feeling better and he had the necessary vet treatment, he was put up for adoption. Overall, his stay was just 9 days! He was adopted on the 11th August to a wonderful family. They soon after sent us the pictures below and they absolutely made our day. He is so funny and you can clearly see that he is having the time of his life. He has finally got the happy ever after that he deserves.

“As you can see he’s settling in well, the quiet first few days are well and truly over and he’s now a little whirlwind!
Him and Lenny have met and played nicely although Nugget is still a bit too bouncy and quick for Lenny so he’s mainly keeping his distance, I think they’ll be future best friends!” 
– Nugget’s owner ♥


Beautiful Finn has had a rocky time over the past year or so. He originally came to us in April 2020 after being reported as a stray. We took him in and it was clear he was once loved as he was always such a loving boy. Sadly no one came forward and he was soon adopted in May 2020. 
He got on well in his new home, they had absolutely no complaints about him but they had to make the heart breaking decision to bring him back in July 2021 after their circumstances had changed and they felt as though he wasn’t getting the attention that he deserved. 
We were gutted for him but understood that they just wanted what was best for him. 
Thankfully, his second stay was just as short as the first and we are not surprised because he is such a character. 
He was adopted on the 1st August and we are pretty sure he is now where he belongs. He is so happy and his new family are delighted. 

“Just wanted to let you know Finn is settling in well. He spends most of his time sleeping on the bed or being very playful, he’s very vocal in the morning but we love him to bits and really don’t mind. You can see he’s excited about exploring outside, he’s met our 2 dogs and wasn’t fussed at all which is good. “
– Finn’s owner ♥

Why not take our quiz below to see how much you know about us!?


July 2021 – Keeping up with Hillfield Animal Home

July has been super busy as we have noticed a HUGE increase in people wanting to re-home their pets unfortunately.
When it comes to cats, we have seen that there are more and more people feeding cats that they think may be strays. We understand that i
t isn’t always obvious if a cat has an owner or not but it’s important to try and find out before feeding a cat who appears in your garden. Most cats will roam and go into different gardens, this is normal and unavoidable.

Firstly, check with neighbours and put out leaflets to see if anyone comes forward. If no one comes forward, then ask a vet if they will scan for a microchip.
If all of this fails and you are concerned over the health of a stray cat, please contact the National RSPCA cruelty line on 0300 1234 999.

Reasons why feeding cats that you don’t own can cause issues:

  • They may actually have loving homes that are waiting for their safe return so feeding them encourages them not to go back and therefore remain in your garden.
  • Some cats may have diet requirements/allergies so you could potentially be causing them harm.
  • Many cats will take advantage of an extra meal even if they’re well fed by their owners, it doesn’t always mean they’re hungry and underfed.

For cat owners: if your cat will allow it, try putting a collar on with your details and the words “DO NOT FEED ME” engraved on a tag.
Also, microchipping is extremely important for reuniting pets and we offer this service for just £10 per animal!


Sweet little Tabatha came to us in May 2021 after being handed into the vets as a stray in terrible condition. She had matted fur and both of her sides had been shaven causing a skin infection. The vets advised that this happened as whoever had shaved her had used bad clippers and it had caused a bad case of “clipper rash”. After lots of TLC in a foster home, her skin soon healed and her beautiful coat started to show again. 

As you can see, she made huge progress.
You can read her full story in our summer newsletter by clicking the button below and please feel free to take a look at the clip below of Tabatha in her foster home just to see what a real sweetheart she was. 

After spending two months in our care, our Tabatha finally found the most perfect home on the 14th July. We have since received some wonderful updates and she seems so happy. She deserved a loving and caring home and that’s just what she got!



Big softy, Milkshake, arrived with us in June 2021 after being a long term stray. He was in quite a state when he first came as he had quite clearly been on the streets for a long time. We had to treat a bite wound and carry out a dental for him as he had some broken teeth.  As with all of the other cats we have here, we carried out the routine combo blood test on him and sadly he tested positive for a condition called FIV. This a viral infection that weakens the immune system, similar to HIV in humans. It may sound bad but cats with this condition can actually lead happy and healthy lives but we ask that they are kept as indoor cats so that they don't pass it on to other cats.  As he was healing in our care, we were approached by the lady who had been feeding him whilst he was living as a stray, as she had fallen deeply in love with him. We told her his diagnosis and she thankfully still couldn't resist his chunky and beautiful little face. So that he could live an even happier life, she was going through a process to get a large "catio" built so that Milkshake would have the chance to still see the outdoors but be safely kept securely in this catio.  It all sounded so perfect for him so we kept her updated with his recovery and let him heal before he could head off to stay with her forever.  Since the lady lives further up north, we had to get our networking team and arrange for him to be transported to her.  Fast forward three long weeks, the day finally came and Milkshake was off to his forever home! 

His wonderful new owner soon sent us an update on his progress:

“Milkshake is doing really well and is so happy and settled. He is growing in confidence every day and will now jump up on the settee and on the bed. He is a beautiful cat with a wonderful personality. He loves to play, especially with his orange fish toy and blue mouse. He uses his scratch post every day and chirrups happily to communicate with us. Hopefully the Catio will be completed by September. We can’t wait to show you the pictures.
Thank you for bringing him to us we are so happy to see him. ” – Milkshake’s owner 

Ella & Teddy

This tiny duo came to us in June 2021 after their had been an incident with the resident cat. We were advised that the elderly cat had always lived in the home and then when they decided to get dogs, the cat had to go upstairs and carefully put outside sometimes as the dogs didn't like her. We would always advise against getting new animals if they will not get on with your existing animal as situations like this can sadly happen and existing animals can feel left out. Whilst they were with us we found that with people they were a really sweet pair, always happy to see you and wanting attention. Teddy was always a bit more reserved than Ella but once he got to know you, he was just as cheeky and lovely. After the necessary vet checks and treatments, they were finally ready to find their new home. It was noted at the vets that Ella had an old injury to her eye but it wasn't causing her any issues or discomfort so we were advised to monitor this. We said goodbye to them on the 18th July 2021, exactly a month after they arrived, and they haven't looked back since. We could not be happier for them as they have landed in such a brilliant home, getting all of the fuss they could possibly want. We received these fantastic pictures and update below from their new owner:

“Just wanted to say thank you again for helping us find Ella & Teddy. 
As you can see they’re settling in nicely and we are so in love with them. 
They’re quite photogenic as you can see!” – Ella & Teddy’s owner 



This absolutely stunning girl found herself here with us in June 2021 after her owner’s circumstances unfortunately changed. 
At just 8 months old, she hadn’t yet seen much of the world and still needed lots of socialising and training, which is sadly something we see in older dogs that come to us too.
It is super important, especially at a young age, to have your dog around different people, animals and environments (at a steady and careful pace of course) so that they will grow to be confident and sociable. Puppy classes are a great idea to get this all kick started at a young age!
After lots of patience, toys and treats, we gained Quinn’s trust and she showed us what a clever girl she really is who is just so excited about life! 
After just two weeks, Quinn found the most loving family to join and as you can see below, she is just full of beans and enjoying every minute of her new life!

“Quinn has settled into our family so well, we can take toys and food from her with no growling. She is super quick to learn and she really wants to please. No accidents in the house she is going outside to toilet. Super fantastic little lady.
Thank you for putting us together” – Quinn’s owner 


This tiny little bundle of fluff came to us at just 1 month old back in December 2020, along with five other bunnies, one of them being his mum. His previous owner had accidental breeding going on and was also moving house so couldn't take all six of them sadly. We had them all in and had to separate a few of them as we didn't want any more babies. At Pickle's initial vet check, it was noted that his teeth were overgrown so we had to increase his hay intake. When this didn't make much difference after a few of months, he went into the vets to be castrated and at the same time they burred some of this teeth. The vets only wanted to remove teeth as a last resort so we had them burred again a months later and continued to monitor him. Unfortunately his teeth continued to cause him problems so we booked him in and he had his two upper incisors removed. Due to this being a long anaesthetic for such a small bunny, we waited for him to recover before booking him in to have his lower incisors removed. During the healing process he did have a little infection at one point but this was very quickly treated and he made a full recovery! At six months old, he was finally ready to find a family to join and this is exactly what happened on the 10th July 2021, after a whopping 7 month stay with us. His new home could not be better for him and he is the happiest of bunnies with free roam around the house, lots of cuddles and toys to play with.

“He’s settled into his new home really well. He’s so lovely and very funny and lively! He loves exploring every room in the house and jumping up on to the sofas (he’s just jumped up on the sofa next to me now!)” – Pickle’s owner ♥


Handsome little Nigel came to us in June 2021 after he was found in very unsuitable accommodation. We don’t believe his needs were being met and he wasn’t being fed the correct food as his teeth were overgrown, stopping him from eating. Rabbits can go downhill extremely fast so we had him looked at by a vet immediately. His teeth were burred, he was given a gut stimulant injection and placed on some medication and this seemed to work, he was soon looking much better thankfully. 
Nigel’s stay with us was quite short compared to other rabbits we get here at only 5 weeks.
His new family came and adopted him on the 12th July and he even has a girlfriend to spend the rest of his days with. They are getting along great, as you can see below!

“It’s safe to say he’s happily settled in and enjoying the bonding time with Belle!” – Nigel’s owner ♥

June 2021 – Keeping up with Hillfield Animal Home


As some of you may already know, it is rabbit awareness week from 28th June until 4th July this year!
This event is to give bunnies the spotlight and spread awareness of how they should be kept in order to maintain good quality animal welfare. 

Here are some of the bunnies we currently have that are awaiting their new family! To find out more, go to our "Adopt a rabbit" page.

Sponsoring one of our kennels or cat pods is a very special way to remember your loved ones. It is an incredibly kind thing to do in such a heart-breaking situation and it also helps to raise money for the animal home. 
Since Covid began we have had no fundraising take place so funds have been low. Like everything and everyone at the moment, we are unsure when we will return to normal but we are doing our best. If you would like to find out more about this, please feel free to call us on 01283 569165.

Recently we found out that beautiful Tilley, who was adopted from us in September 2011, had sadly passed away. She gave her family so much love and joy for the past ten years and they decided to honour her memory by sponsoring one of our kennels. Below is a quote from her fabulous owners:

“Nothing can ever bring back Tilley but sponsoring a kennel at the RSPCA centre where we found her 10 years ago is a great way to keep her memory and support a great cause.  This support will help the kennels ensure they will be there to rescue more lovely dogs like Tilley who will make some families very happy.”

Conan & Lily

These golden oldies came to us on the 14th May 2021 after their owner had to move and couldn’t take them.
Conan is 8 years old and Lily is 6 years old and they are very bonded so we knew from day one that separating them was out of the question. (We only separate animals that come in together if we see that they don’t get on)
They were absolute delights from the get-go and never once were a problem. They got the all clear from the vets and started their search for their new home. 
Considering we usually struggle with older dogs, especially a pair of them, it didn’t take long to find the perfect people for these two. Their new owners had to wait for Conan to be neutered and were so patient with the process. They came to visit and sent us emails asking how they were. It was extremely clear that their love for them was already there and they were itching to get them home. 
They went off to their new home on the 11th June 2021 and it’s safe to say that the dogs and owners are very pleased and content. 
See for yourselves below!

“Just thought we’d share a couple of photos with you of us in our new home. We have lots of beds and a big garden to play in. We have settled in really well. 
We have our 1st holiday in something called a caravan in a couple of weeks. We are so excited.
Love and Licks from Lily and Conan xx”


Well well well.. where do I start with our Bailey? As you can see, he is incredibly handsome!
This little boy was with us for 9 long weeks with barely any interest from anyone. 
Usually we find re-homing small breed dogs easier so you may be looking at his pictures wondering “why did it take so long to re-home this cutie?”
The truth is, the first 4 years of Baileys life, he was extremely under socialised so this meant he found new experiences and other animals very scary and over-whelming. It wasn’t his fault and we worked really hard to combat this by putting him on a behaviour plan and we even got a behaviourist to come and look at him. Her advice was brilliant and he started to improve when going out on walks so this behaviour plan just needed to continue in his new home. 
One on one, Bailey was always a dream to be around, giving LOTS of cuddles and very playful so we knew he would make someone a fantastic companion as he has so much love to give. 
Finally we found the most perfect home for him and they took him on the 2nd June 2021 and as you can see from below, he is a very happy boy!

Ben came to visit us!

Ben was adopted in March 2021 by one of our Swadlincote charity shop volunteers. He now goes with her to the Swadlincote shop and is slowly becoming a local celebrity there as he is always happy to greet the customers. Thanks for the pop-in Ben!

Guinea Pigs

We rarely get guinea pigs in for re-homing here at Hillfield Animal Home but recently we have had two wonderful pairs of males who were an absolute pleasure to look after. 
Firstly we had Aero and Fudge who were re-homed on the 5th June. Then we had Stevie and Whoopi who were re-homed on the 14th June. 
Below you can see them in their new homes getting plenty of enrichment and the love they deserve. (Click on images to expand them)

Aero & Fudge

“They’ve settled in really well. Fudge is a shy little sweetheart, but he does love a cuddle now and then. Aero is definitely the more lively one, whizzing around his run and causing mayhem! 
Thank you for letting Aero and Fudge join our family!” – quote from their new family

Stevie & Whoopi

We would finally like to pay tribute to handsome boy Paddy, who sadly past away in June 2021. He was adopted from us in February 2019 and we still remember how utterly fantastic he was.  His owners contacted us to request the photographs we have of him and in return they kindly sent our kennel supervisor, Nicki, some flowers to thank her for her brilliant photography. 

May 2021 – Keeping up with Hillfield Animal Home


Now that lockdown restrictions have been eased, we are getting busier and busier. We are open by appointment only so are asking people to not turn up at the centre without an appointment.
To get an appointment, you would have needed to have filled out an online application form and then we will call you to come and meet the animal. 

We understand that not everyone has access to a computer so if you know someone who is looking to adopt but is put off by the online aspect, please urge them to contact us and we are quite happy to send an application form out in the post. 

Magic's tragic story

Some of you may have already read Magic’s story on our Facebook page but we are trying to spread the message as much as we can so that this can be avoided as much as possible. 
Please read her story from her loving owners below.. 

“Magic was adopted by ourselves from the RSPCA in Burton as a kitten in 2016. She was so adorable. She was even content when we moved house and adopted another Kitten (Poppy) from RSPCA Burton in 2017.
Magic was a crazy yet loving cat, she had such a character about her and was very nosy. She was an outdoor cat but wouldn’t venture far and would always be in at mealtimes as she loved her food.
On the morning of Tuesday 27th April 2021 Magic was her usual self, she ate her breakfast as normal, ventured out, was her normal cheeky self then went to sleep on a bed upstairs. She would always come meowing for her food at about 4:30pm but that day she didn’t she stayed upstairs, she eventually came down sniffed her food and went outside. When she returned, she sniffed her food again and went back upstairs and slept. We thought she had maybe eaten something that had upset her tummy. Later in the evening she was becoming lethargic and also couldn’t make it outside to the toilet so we put 2 litter trays inside for her. She started to pick up late at night and ate some food, walked around, jumped on my knee for fuss, so we again thought it was an upset tummy.
The next morning she was upstairs walking around, she was very wobbly and had no energy.
We managed to get her in the vets who kept her in and did blood tests. They found that she had Ethylene Glycol in her body which is found in antifreeze and other products. This is attractive to cats as it’s sweet smelling. The tiniest amount is very harmful to cats and unless you see them drink it and get them straight to the vets it’s impossible to treat. Sadly the vets couldn’t treat her as it had attacked her internally so on the evening of Wednesday 28th April 2019 we sadly had to have her put to sleep. She was only 5 1/2 years old, we were and still are devastated.
We have no idea if it was an accident or if it was deliberate.
Please ensure items with Ethylene Glycol in are kept out of a cats reach, in a sealed container and all spills are cleaned up immediately.
If your cat becomes unwell and you think it may be poisoning please get it checked out immediately by a vet.”

We hope you all stay safe and have fun in the nice weather but please remember the safety of your four legged friends as heatstroke can be fatal.

Please never leave your dog in a warm car, not even if you are "going to be quick". A car can become as hot as an oven very quickly, even when it doesn't feel that warm. When it's 22 degrees, in a car it can reach an unbearable 47 degrees! Please don't be afraid to call 999 if you see a dog in a hot car, you could save a life. For more information on how to help and keep dogs cool in this weather, visit here:


If you’re a regular on our social media and blogs, you will know all about our ginger boy Oscar who was re-homed at the end of April. (You can get up to date with his story in our previous blogs)
We have had various updates from his wonderful owners since then so I will allow them to tell you below all about his progress so far!

5th May 2021:

“The first few days were clearly quite stressful for him; a lot of pacing around and being quite wary of us. But Saturday morning we saw a bit of a change. He came through to get us up (he is clearly a very early riser and is keen to get food as soon as he is awake). After scoffing down his food he was ready for play. This was the first time he engaged with us and his toys – he had given all the play things a wide berth – but now he wanted to chase and jump and generally just have fun. It was great to see him relax a bit and enjoy himself. 
Since then he has just come on leaps and bounds (literally! he just loves jumping), and is now having several playtimes a day. He is great fun and we always let him initiate the play so that he feels comfortable. He comes and gets us when he wants to play, it is amazing.
He is also sitting on our laps and generally engaging well with us, he is quite an affectionate little boy.
He is obviously desperate to get outdoors. We try to distract him when one of us needs to go out but he is already far too clever for us and can sense when a move towards a door is happening. He also knows exactly where the food and treats are kept and is often to be found sitting at the cupboard door looking for something more to eat.
Quite honestly, we just love him and are delighted to have him as a part of the family.”

26th May 2021, Oscar had become frustrated not being able to go outdoor so they decided to let him out earlier than the advised 6-8 weeks as he was too stressed:

“Honestly, we can’t tell you what a difference this has made to his spirits. He seems like a different cat, there is a real spring in his step and he has just loved being out exploring. 
He spent most of the day just going out and in the door, scenting all around the door inside and out. He then went further away from the door and back, a little further and back, and so on for most of the morning. It was such a joy to see how happy he was.
He was exhausted in the evening and snuggled with us on our laps on the sofa for a while before heading off out again about 10pm. We had to wait up until 12.30am to make sure he came home and eventually he did, felt like the parent of a teenager waiting for them to come home 
So, all is good here. He has been out a few times already this morning and is now fast asleep in a new spot he has taken a liking to, still near to where I am working, so that’s lovely for me.”


Old lady Twix came to us on the 27th February 2021 after her owner had sadly passed away a couple of years ago and the remaining family were struggling to look after her. Her past seemed a little vague so we don’t know a lot other than she may have originally come from a rescue and has had a couple of different homes. She was very attached to her owner who passed away so this affected her behaviour, adding to why she came to us. 
Although she is 15 years old, she has plenty of life in her! She loves to play and we were told she loves nothing more than going out and laying in the sun. 
She is a typical cat and if she doesn’t like something, she sure will tell you! Her quirky ways and how vocal she is really made her stand out in the cattery. Every morning she would shout at the staff walking past, starting our day off with a smile. 
As for her health, she really isn’t doing bad considering her age. She had to have a dental and her tail amputated as she had no feeling in it. She also had her leg x-rayed and it turns out she has mild arthritis. 
We set out to look for someone who was willing to look past her age and see the wonderful little girl she really is and she really would be no trouble. 
After a couple of failed reservations, we finally had a couple come forward who were super excited to give her all of the love she deserves! They met her, fell in love and then never looked back. They adopted her on the 1st May 2021 and now they can’t imagine a life without their sassy Twix. 
Much like Oscar, Twix started to get frustrated after being inside her new home for 4 weeks as she could see that her new family had a HUGE garden so she was dying to explore. We advised them that if it was causing her too much stress staying inside, to let her out supervised and so they did..
She has never been happier! She is living the absolute dream, exploring and sunbathing outside and then coming in for a snooze. We can never thank her family enough for giving her everything she deserves. 

We always look forward to the updates we get about Twix because she is quite honestly a huge legend and we will never forget that meow!
Here is a quote from her owners:

“We adopted Twix on 1st May and we already can’t imagine life without her. She has such a personality, she’s a sassy playful old lady who loves cuddles and lots of quality time! Thank you so much for bringing her into our lives and the amazing work you do!”


Axel is a beautiful, now 9 month old, Labrador cross who came in half his body weight – only weighing 16kg!
He came to us on the 13th March after his owner had all four of their dogs taken from them by an inspector. His owner was clearly overwhelmed with having too many dogs and couldn’t cope and give them what they needed. Axel wasn’t very close with the other dogs so we were planning on re-homing him separately. Below you can see just how skinny he was whilst in our care.

We had him on a special diet plan whilst in our care to help him put on some much needed weight. He did really well and put on 7kg in his first week!
He hadn’t seen much of the world in his short life so he found new people a little scary. After spending a bit of time with him, he would soon show you the what a lovable and funny boy he really is. We all fell head over heels with him here at the centre because how can you not love that face!? 
After his necessary vet checks and castration, he was now ready to look for his new life. We knew it wouldn’t take long and we were right. He was adopted by a wonderful couple on the 12th April 2021. We had a brilliant update not long after showing us what he had been up to. His family have done a wonderful job and he is going to have the best life with them!
Please read the update below, it’s worth it!

“It’s been a great few weeks, he has settled so well with us. The toilet training went smoothly and he’s now very happy going to the back door to let us know when he wants to go out. 
Axel has met a dog, Ted, at work three times already and loves playing chase around the warehouse and office bashing into anyone who gets in the way! He also loves prancing around collecting up all the toys that Ted has hidden. All the ladies at work have loved having him about and he’s featured on the work Instagram story more than once already. 
He has had play dates with Harley (Lhassa Apso X Toy Poodle) which have gone really well. Harley loves to be chased and Axel obliged running rings around us all in the garden.  
He’s really been great, such an intelligent boy, and such a character. We have laughed more in the last few weeks than the last few years with his funny looks and head tilts. He loves to steal your seat if you get up off the sofa, even if he already has his own spot and he makes sure we’re both in bed with a patrol around the room before he’s content with going to lie down in his for the night. 
Every single dog we’ve met he has wanted to play with from Dachshunds to St Bernards. He really isn’t afraid of dogs of any size and everyone we meet when out walking gets a slobbery lick of the hand as a greeting before moving along. He has really just been a joy…even if he did decide to break out of his crate and sit waiting at the door for 20 minutes last week! 
He is also filling out nicely with his ribs now nearly completely blended in and more shape around his hips. 
Thank you again to everyone there for looking after him and letting us be his new parents. It has been an amazing few weeks and we’re looking forward to many years to come with Axel.”


Our crazy boy Wilson came to us on the 3rd May 2021 after he nipped the neighbour and since his owner shared a garden with them, they couldn’t risk it happening again. 

It was clear to us that in his nearly 3 years of life, he hadn’t really been taught a lot of manners so needed training, socialising and plenty of exercise. His mind is always on the go so he is a handful and needs a lot of stimulation. We knew his handsome looks would get lots of attention but we were looking for someone with experience with terriers and also someone who had the time to put him in his place and keep him busy. 
It didn’t take long until we heard from a lady with lots of Terrier experience, so she came to meet Wilson. 
Immediately she fell in love with him and even after hearing about what a little terror he can be, she was very happy to take him on and give him all that he needs.  
She adopted him on the 19th May and changed his name to Frank. Usually we wouldn’t advise that an animals name is changed once they are adults, however, he never responded to “Wilson” so we felt it would be fine and he could have a proper new start to his life. 
We very quickly received an update on how he is doing, which you can see below:

“Been whizzing around my new owner’s home and garden, doing the grand tour….looks okay, my sort of place!!
Have met some of the neighbours and they seem okay, they liked me, which is always a bonus!!
Thank you for looking after me.
Take care, keep safe and thank you.”


Now some of you may have read about another Lulu from April's blog.. I can assure you, even though they look suspiciously similar, this months Lulu is a completely different cat. She came to us on the 8th April 2021 after her owner had sadly passed away. Much like our other Lulu, this little girl found coming to us quite scary and greeted us with a hiss a lot of the time. Once spending some time with Lulu and out of the cattery environment in our social area, she did show us what a lovely and affectionate cat she is so we knew she had huge potential. We just needed someone willing to look past the initial shyness. We expected her stay to be much longer than it was, due to her nervous nature, so we were thrilled when she was adopted on the 3rd May 2021! I will let her new owners explain how it has gone since then:

“Having adopted Lulu on Monday (May 3rd), we just wanted you to know how very loved she is and that she is starting to settle in.
Your analysis of how it would go was spot on. For the first half an hour,  she actually played with a cat nip toy, in the kitchen and then ran into the utility room and huddled in the litter tray for what seemed like forever ☹!
She’s tried one or two hiding places, but her preferred one became the top of the spare microwave. 
This morning, she was in a pyramid bed when I came down.  She actually rushed up to welcome me and clearly wanted me to sit down and make a lap for her (Of course I did!)
I don’t think she’ll ever be a food-driven cat, but she was clearly too stressed to even think about food at first and we never had any evidence that she’d drunk the fresh water that was constantly available for her.  But she is eating a bit more now and we even caught her drinking today.  She’s used her litter tray over the last day or so, which was also good news!  She’s washing herself as well, which I think is another good sign!
I’m so glad we kept her lovely name; she definitely recognises it!  It’s good for her to have one constant in her world.
She now approaches us regularly for fuss and cuddles and will doze on our laps.  When we’re both on the sofa she spends a few minutes with each of us, and then switches to the other … almost as though she doesn’t want to disappoint either of us.  For a longer afternoon nap, her preference is still to be on the microwave under the boiler.  She’s calling all the shots, and we don’t mind a bit!
My grandchildren are very much looking forward to getting to know her in a few weeks when Lockdown has further eased and Lulu is ready.  In the meantime, they were fascinated by a video I sent them of Lulu standing up on her back legs, planning her imminent leap on to the sink-edge!
So all is well.  We love her to bits and can’t imagine our home without her now.
Thank you for everything you did for her.”

Teddy, the 7 month old Jack Russell, is our animal of the month as he is still looking for his forever home to join. Check out his profile on the "Adopt a dog " page to see if he is the one for you!

It is very quiet with our rabbit re-homing at the moment so if you know anyone looking for a rabbit to adopt, please send them our way because, as you can see, we have lots of cuties available!

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