January 2021 – Keeping up with Hillfield Animal Home

Happy New Year!

Last year was a tough year for everyone. We certainly struggled, like many other charities, as all of our fundraising events had to be cancelled. We get no funding from the National RSPCA so our fundraising events are what we heavily rely on for money to keep our animal home running. Any donations you can give, no matter how big or small, are massively appreciated.

January 2021 brought us lots of snow in Burton-on-Trent one weekend and we just couldn’t resist showing you some of our dogs enjoying it. Check out the video below!

Pets at Home

Some of you may know that our local Pets at Home store have supported us for a while now and regularly carry out fundraising events with Support Adoption for Pets. The most recent one was Santa Paws 2020 and we are thrilled to say we received an amazing £1472! 

The money raised is all thanks to the Pets at Home employees and of course, you! There’s lots of waggy tails who are incredibly grateful so thank you to each and every one of you who takes part and donates towards this fantastic cause. 

There will be another event happening soon so be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook page.


Old girl Macey came to us in February 2020 after being part of a cruelty case. She had some health issues, such as a couple of mammary tumours and sight loss, but due to her being 14 years old, the vets said it was more dangerous to operate.

Re-homing an elderly dog with health issues can be quite difficult and older dogs really struggle in kennels so we set out to find a long term foster family for her to retire with.

A fantastic family came along and have been fostering her since March 2020. Apart from her sight deteriorating, she is in pretty good health considering her age and just needs ongoing pain relief medication.

Her foster family spoil her rotten and regularly update us on how she is doing. Macey recently had a birthday so they sent us a really heart-warming message and pictures that we just had to share:

“On Macey’s paperwork it says her birthday is January but no date, so we pulled a number out of a hat and she celebrated on the 3rd. In her doing so, raised £75 through Facebook for RSPCA!”

Check out some of our success stories below from the past month!


Tiny little Lola came to us in August 2020 after her previous owners were struggling with her separation anxiety. Sadly, dogs can develop behavioural issues when left alone if they feel anxious and can even become destructive.

She was an absolute sweetie from the start and a pleasure to work with. We re-homed her in September 2020 and explained all about her separation anxiety. All was going well until they unfortunately found it too much and she was brought back to us again in December. Lola is incredibly clingy and because she wasn’t allowed up to bed with them, she cried and barked all night.

We went straight back to searching for a new home for her but made sure this time we would find someone who didn’t mind having a little Lola-shaped shadow following them around and going to bed with them.

Thankfully, it didn’t take too long for the perfect family to come along and she was adopted for the final time on 5th January 2021. She has gone to a wonderful family who are home all the time and adored her from the minute they met her. They have send us a lovely update below, along with some pictures of her in her new home:

“Lola is doing great; she really is no trouble at all. She was reticent to go for walks at first, but is getting the idea now. She loves exploring the garden and spends most of the time asleep on someone’s lap! She sleeps on our bed at night and we don’t really notice her there. We are struggling to understand why she ended up with you, but we are grateful to have her.”


Biscuit arrived with us back in September 2020 and unfortunately her stay with us was much longer than we expected. She came to us from a multi-cat household as the owners were struggling to cope and we were told that she was pregnant. She was indeed pregnant as after just 4 days with us, she gave birth to four beautiful kittens.

She was the best mummy and raised them for 9 weeks. Unfortunately, it was picked up within this time that they all had ringworm. Ringworm is a fungal skin infection which presents with hair loss and scabby skin. It can be treated but sadly it can take a while for the spores to go.

Whilst she was having treatment we were approached by someone who had adopted from us in March 2020 and they were looking for a chilled out female cat. We informed them about Biscuit and they were immediately in love and wanted to take her home as soon as she was better.

After a few months of treatment, Biscuit finally got the go ahead from our vet that she no longer had ringworm on 7th January. Her new owners had patiently waited for so long and were so excited that they adopted her the same day!

She is now doing really well and living the life she deserves with her new family. The cat they adopted previously from us called Dave has taken well to her and they are even playing together. Her owners have sent us some wonderful pictures and a quick update below:

“Biscuit has settled in so well in our house. She loves to sleep on our son’s bed in the day time and then at night she has started to play hide and seek behind the curtains with our other cat, Dave.”


 In December 2020 Yoda was reported in someone’s garden as a stray and they were concerned he may have cat flu. After being picked up by an inspector, he came to us and seemed in pretty good health luckily so he was quite quickly ready for adoption. He was always a pleasure to look after and even went home with the Cattery Supervisor, Hayley, for a little while so that he could be socialised and have a bit of company through the night.
A friend of Hayley’s heard about him and immediately fell in love with his picture and he was exactly what she was looking for. 
On 15th January 2021, the lady adopted this little lad and has recently sent us the most lovely update along with some cute pictures:

“We adopted Yoda from Burton RSPCA and I just wanted to recognize how amazing Hayley has been. We’ve been looking at adopting a cat for many months but with the ever changing lock down, we didn’t know how best to start this process. Having seen Yoda on the website we fell in love instantly! Hayley took the time to tell us all about the adorable little fella, what he’s like, his character and even how much he’s eating… he’s a hungry boy! She kept us informed from the get go and would send us daily updates letting us know how he is. What I really wanted to recognize is just how much love Hayley gives to each and every animal. It’s very clear she pours her heart and souls into making sure they are happy and okay. We can’t thank her and yourselves enough for helping us with our baby boy. Hayley made the entire process smooth and she was just incredible!

He’s now safely at home, eating all the food, chasing his tail and getting all the cuddles. A very happy boy indeed and we love him dearly.”


December 2020 – Keeping up with Hillfield Animal Home

Well.. what a year it has been!

Although it has been incredibly tough, especially financially, 2020 has really shown us the generosity of our local community and we feel incredibly lucky to have such kind hearted supporters. 
The cancellation of all of our vital fundraising events has been difficult and we will still need your support in 2021 as we still don’t know when we will be able to return to normal. 
We miss all of our fabulous volunteers massively and we really do hope to see them all in 2021.
On behalf of Hillfield Animal Home, Happy New Year! We hope you enjoy reading our final blog of 2020. 

Making a Difference Locally

Nisa Local in Burton-on-Trent put us forward in December for a chance to win £1000 from the Making a Difference Locally organisation.
They had £3000 to giveaway to three local charities and whoever came in the top three of their votes won £1000 each and we were lucky enough to come third!
You can see the poll for yourself in the pictures below, thank you so much to everyone who voted, all of the charities are incredibly grateful. 
Nisa Local have said that they will be participating in more charity events in 2021 so be sure to keep an eye on their Facebook page! To visit their Facebook page, click the pictures below. 


Santa Paws 2020!

If you read our November blog, you would have seen all about the Santa Paws event that has been held this year by Support Adoptions for Pets and Pets at Home.
We are thrilled to say that this appeal raised £1.2m thanks to all of your lovely supporters! This money will be split between many rescues in the country and will help so many little lives.

Christmas Presents

As well as the above financial help, our animals have received some absolutely brilliant Christmas presents this year!

Dunelm approached us as they wanted to do an appeal to their customers in order to give our animals lots of goodies this Christmas. The appeal went well and they brought down some lovely gifts. Thank you to everyone that took part, our animals deserve the best and that’s what we can give them when we have your help. 

We also had a lovely young lady who donated some shoe boxes filled with toys and treats. She had asked for this as her birthday presents from her friends and family which is incredibly selfless of her. 

Considering the year we have all had, we are pleased to say that we have still managed to carry on making a difference to so many animals’ lives. This year we have re-homed 208 cats, 97 dogs, 33 rabbits and 6 guinea pigs!

Check out some of our success stories below from the past month!


Rosie is a two year old Dachshund cross who came to us in November 2020 after she wasn’t getting on well with the young children in the home. When she first arrived she was absolutely terrified and struggled to get used to the kennel environment. After lots of attention and work from the staff she finally started to show what a sweet little girl she really is. She started to become confident meeting new people but still had a long way to go. 
We knew her stay with us wouldn’t be long as smaller dogs do tend to be easier to re-home and she also had a lovely personality to match. 
A young couple came along with their dog Luna and they adopted Rosie on 8th December. As she was once again heading into an unknown place, she needed to adjust and settle. Her new family have been wonderful and taken things at her pace and now she is loving life with her new best friend Luna. Rosie’s family sent us some brilliant photo’s and a short update on how she is doing below. 

“Rosie did really good on her first night. She slept in her new bed all night and didn’t even need to get up during the night for a toilet break. She is becoming quite attached to our other dog Luna, which is lovely to see.” 

We then received a truly lovely message on Christmas day:

“Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and thank everyone at RSPCA for looking after Rosie. She has fitted in so well with out life, so we are really blessed, thank you for letting us adopt her, we are forever grateful.”


Tiny little Teddy came to us in November 2020 after he had developed a very strange habit and it was causing concern to his previous owner. He had started to become posessive over the faeces of the other dogs in the home and because of him ingesting lots of this, he was frequently getting stomach infections.
We found that he is a sweet boy, he just needed someone who knows his breed and can put him in his place. 
Luckily, this is just what we found and he was very quickly adopted on 28th November and is doing extremely well and being treated like the prince he is!
Shortly after his adoption, we received a fantastic email from “Teddy” telling us just how happy he is. 

“I just thought I’d let you know that I’m doing very well in my new home. I have a lovely bed to sleep in, I’m getting lovely dinners and I’ve put a bit of weight on, 0.8kg in fact. I’ve been given some nice toys which I like to chase, pull and nibble on. I have been to two different parks and have been walking a bit more each time I go and I’m getting braver at meeting people.  I’ve have lots of cuddles and I’m constantly told that I’m a good boy.”


 Gorgeous Daisy is a six year old Collie cross who sadly found herself with us through no fault of her own, the previous owner was in a difficult position and couldn’t give her what she needed. 
She was an absolute pleasure to look after and never caused any problems whilst in our kennels. She would always greet everyone she met with a wagging tail and just craved love and affection. 
Once she was placed up for adoption, we found that a lot of people wanted to offer this beautiful girl a home, which is great! We managed to match her with a couple who fell in love with her instantly and she was actually adopted on her birthday, which was just the best birthday present she could ask for.
Her new family sent us some pictures of her chilling out so she obviously felt right at home!

November 2020 – Keeping up with Hillfield Animal Home

The past 8 months have been extremely difficult here at Hillfield Animal Home and, like many other charities, our funds have dipped as we are unable to hold any fundraising events. We rely heavily on the generosity of the public, therefore if you are able to help in any way, we would really appreciate it.

Santa Paws 2020!

We are over the moon to say that our local Pets at Home are supporting us once again with the Santa Paws event this year!
The event is to support animals at Christmas time who don’t have a family. Here at Hillfield Animal Home we don’t get a Christmas break, the animals need us 7 days a week, all year round so we need your help so that we can continue our vital work, especially at such a difficult time. To find out more or to donate, please click the button below.
Social Asset for Rescues

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We have been able to carry out adoptions from the 17th April 2020, following very strict guidelines from RSPCA headquarters and DEFRA, ensuring the safety of staff and public at all times.

We are pleased to say that we have managed to successfully re-home 124 cats, 47 dogs, 24 rabbits and 4 guinea pigs during this time!
Check out some of our success stories below from the past month!


Big girl Wilma came to us in July 2020 after a lady had rescued her from a puppy farm where she was being sold for cheap online. The lady took her home and sadly her dogs were not happy by her presence so she turned to us. 
Wilma is a Caucasian Shepherd so she is naturally a very big girl and very fluffy! This meant we needed a particular home for her as not everyone can handle such a big dog. 
She went to live with a couple in August that we trusted very much and we knew them from when they had adopted previously. 
Unfortunately she was back with us just over two weeks later as she had pulled the lady over and it was a concern for everyone as we didn’t want anyone getting injured. 
We were back to searching for her forever home and we thought we were getting nowhere until a pair of lovely people came forward who had adopted from us back in July this year. 
Some of you may remember our August blog, if not, you can take a look here: 
Bruno was adopted by these wonderful people and had an incredible three months with them but sadly he passed away in October 2020 due to an illness. They did everything they could and we are forever grateful for the happiness they gave Bruno in the last months of his life. 
They were missing him greatly but knew they could give Wilma the home she deserves so decided to take her home. She was officially adopted on 14th November 2020 and although she is a very cheeky monkey, they couldn’t be happier with her. 

“Wilma is beginning to settle in now and losing her aloofness. She’s greeting us in the morning, rather than ignoring us until her breakfast is presented. She really enjoys her walks and being in the garden where she bounces around like a pinball. We were relieved to find that she reacts to fireworks by treating them as a threat so just barks back at them. She’s still an obstinate so-and-so but is starting to learn the rules, coming back when called, although intermittently and chicken skin bribes help. She’s learnt about paw drying on entering the house and seems to be content here, snoozing with a snore not dissimilar to a pneumatic drill! ” 


When this beautiful girl came to us in October 2020, we knew she wouldn’t be here long because how could anyone resist that gorgeous face!? She had the most perfect personality to match too.
She’s a five year old Saluki and unfortunately her owner had health issues and found themselves unable to cope so a very kind dog walker brought her to us as she knew we would be able to do best by her. 
Daisy had her vet check and the necessary vaccinations and due to our waiting list to adopt, we were able to find the perfect match almost immediately. She was officially adopted on 1st November 2020 and has very much landed on her feet with her new family. You can see from the photo’s below just how settled and content she is!

“Well… it’s like she’s always been here! Such a lovely natured dog and she loves the bed, especially next to the hubby! Couldn’t imagine being without her. Thank you all so much.”


 Crazy girl Roxy had us all smiling as soon as she arrived here in October 2020! She is such a happy girl and adapts incredibly well to new surroundings. You could hear Roxy from a mile away with her powerful bark, she liked to let you know of her presence! The kennel staff have said she was a firm favourite and that she was an absolute pleasure to walk
She came to us through no fault of her own, her previous owners were struggling with health issues and felt she needed someone who could give her more. 
Roxy stayed with us for only three weeks before she found her new family and now she is putting a smile on their faces. We did warn them that she’s a barker but as you can read from their quote below, she has been good as gold since being home. Sometimes animals can show different behaviours here with us because of the environment so we are thrilled she is being such a good girl!

“She is a lovely well behaved dog and hasn’t stopped wagging her tail since she got here. To say we are pleased to have her would be a massive understatement. You warned us of her barking but she hasn’t barked at all since she has been with us. She just seems to be the happiest  ” 

October 2020 – Keeping up with Hillfield Animal Home

The past 7 months have been extremely difficult here at Hillfield Animal Home and, like many other charities, our funds have dipped as we are unable to hold any fundraising events. We rely heavily on the generosity of the public, therefore if you are able to help in any way, we would really appreciate it.

Morrisons to the rescue!

This past month, Burton and Derby Morrisons have both been extremely generous and dropped off two lots of donations for our animals. 
Some supermarkets, such as Morrisons, have donation bins in their stores for you to buy food for us so please do check it out next time you do your weekly shop!
Our dogs particularly like Chappie tinned meat, the cats like to eat Whiskas or Felix meat and the rabbits enjoy Burgess nuggets.
Thank you!

We would like to say a very special thank you to Shacklocks LLP who have recently been in touch to tell us that we were chosen this year to receive funds from the Russell Swinson Memorial Trust. We are over the moon that a very kind soul decided to distribute their estate to animal charity’s and we received a very generous amount of £5000 in October 2020.
This money couldn’t have come at a better time as we have struggled tremendously during the pandemic. Thank you to everyone who leaves a legacy for our animals, they are extremely grateful that they are in your thoughts and these types of donation are what we rely on so heavily to keep running.

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We have been able to carry out adoptions from the 17th April 2020, following very strict guidelines from RSPCA headquarters and DEFRA, ensuring the safety of staff and public at all times.

We are pleased to say that we have managed to successfully re-home 105 cats, 43 dogs, 23 rabbits and 2 guinea pigs during this time!
Check out some of our success stories below from the past month!


Our extremely handsome chap, Nelson, gave us a rollercoaster of emotions during his stay with us and after his rocky start became a firm favourite with everyone he met here at our centre. 
He came to us in July 2020 after being kept in poor conditions and absolutely no socialisation, meaning he was scared of his own shadow. Coming to us was especially scary for Nelson so we took it very slowly with him at the start, as he made it quite clear he didn’t want us near him. 
After a couple of weeks he gradually started to let certain members of staff near him because they worked so hard to gain his trust. Fast forward a few months and he is still a little wary but he has well and truly shown us his loving and gentle side thanks to our amazing hard working staff! 
Due to the fact it took us a couple of months to be able to walk Nelson and get him to trust us, we were unable to get him to the vets until September. He desperately needed a dental as his mouth seemed to be causing him discomfort and was rather smelly. He went under for his operation in September and due to some complications he unfortunately came out with a nasty infection, fractured jaw and minus 33 teeth! We were told that all of this is a lot to deal with and would be very difficult to heal but he had already shown us what a true fighter he is so we brought him back to the centre with lots of medication and started his healing journey. 
After a few weeks on antibiotics and pain killers, he went for an x-ray and we were over the moon at how well he had fought his fracture and infection.
Now that he had shown us what a miracle he is, we knew he was ready to find his new family but we needed a very particular home for this boy as he was still very nervous of new people. 
He got quite a lot of attention and applications and within these applications we found a couple who have a female Bassett called Betty. They explained how they have had plenty of experience with nervous Bassett’s, their home was perfect for him and we found that he really thrives around other dogs so the fact they have another dog sounded perfect! 
After lots of visits and getting to know Nelson, his adoption day finally came on 16th October 2020. It was a very emotional day for all and the centre hasn’t been the same without this special boy but we are thrilled at how well he is doing after having such a sad start to his life. 
His new family have sent a few updates and also sent a picture of him sleeping with his new best friend!

“He’s settling in just fine, he had a couple of accidents but he is fine now. He follows me everywhere and doesn’t like it when he can’t see or hear me but that’s only to be expected, as he adapts he will learn I am always coming back. He and Betty were zooming around the garden last night playing chase, never knew Bassett’s could move that fast!
We hoped they would lie together but not this quickly! He really is a beauty, thank you so much!” 


Our quiet girl, Louise, broke our hearts when she came to us in August 2020. We had a phone call from a very kind gentleman who was concerned about his neighbours cat. He explained how his neighbour had sadly passed away in December 2019, leaving behind his beloved cat, Louise. The lovely neighbours had done the best they could to feed her every day but it was coming to a time where the house had to be sold and therefore, Louise needed somewhere to go. This meant Louise had been living without her loving owner for 8 months and this had a huge impact on this poor little soul because when she came to us she was extremely frightened and her fur was all matted.
The neighbours said that she was very much a loving lap cat with her previous owner so we knew she had great potential.
We were absolutely right because when she found her new home on 10th October 2020, her new family sent us immediate updates to say how amazingly well she had settled and so quickly! We expected her to take a while to come out of her shell but she obviously felt right at home straight away. She is absolutely loving all of the fuss and attention she is getting in her new home. The owner’s granddaughter was a great help throughout the whole process as she was the one who spotted Louise for her nan. She sent over some lovely pictures of Louise in her new home and also some tear-jerking words, be sure to have tissues at the ready!

“After reading Louise’s story on the RSPCA website about the passing of her owner, I knew I had to reach out to adopt her for my nan who has found herself alone since the passing of my grandad last year. Watching the two of them bond and seeing Louise go from a scared, timid cat who would sometimes lash out when being approached, to confidently walking up to house visitors and lapping up all the fuss within just a few short days of being adopted, has been so beautiful to see. My nan may have provided Louise with her forever home, but Louise has provided my nan with the love and company she’s long needed. We can’t thank the RSPCA enough for all their hard work and the good they do for all the animals in need of their help. Thank you.”

Cher & Suki

This cheeky pair of girlies had a long stay here, they came to us in June 2020 along with 6 kittens because their owner had too many animals. Cher is actually Suki’s grandmother so they share a very special bond and nursed their kittens together. 
Once their motherly duties were coming to an end, they were ready to start their own lives in a home just for them! 
We were surprised at how little interest they had but we do often find it is harder to re-home a pair of cats as it is more responsibility. We definitely didn’t want to separate them so we just needed to hold onto hope that someone would come along and luckily, the perfect lady did! 
We were extremely grateful as this lady went well out of her way and travelled 3 hours to come and see them. They were adopted on 29th September 2020 and are now living a life of luxury down south.
Their new owner sent a very lovely message shortly after their adoption: 

“If I had known then what I know now, I would have re-named the girls Thelma and Louise!
From the “great dry food tub” attempted break in, to the theft of the defrosted chicken breasts, these two are trouble! 
Equally, Cher loves nothing more than laying on my lap for uninterrupted, constant affection. Suki prefers to attack my feet when I’m in bed, Cher isn’t ready for that yet, although I was pleasantly surprised to have her greet me this morning when I woke up. 
The girls settled in immediately, with Cher instantly showing her gratitude by wanting constant attention and hopping from one front paw to the other in eager anticipation of it. 
They came into my life at a point where I was extremely unhappy. I knew the unconditional love of a pet would help me, but receiving double the love and affection has been the best cure ever! I have absolutely no regrets! I guess you could say, I didn’t rescue them, they rescued me.” 


Big boy Arthur may look like a big bruiser but he is quite the opposite. He has shown us that he is actually quite a timid and shy little soul. The only time he plays up is when we have to de-flea and worm him but this is purely out of fear. 
He has unfortunately found himself with us twice this year. He originally came to us in February 2020 after being a long term stray so we are completely unaware of his past. Due to being stray, he had quite a rough look to him and didn’t quite trust new people so it took three months for him to be re-homed. Sadly this home didn’t work out because he was acting very independently and didn’t seem to relax so he was back with us in July. 
We were really sad for him but knew a lot more this time the type of home that he needed. Thankfully, some very patient and experienced ladies came along and adopted Arthur on 4th October 2020. He went to live with a dog, cat and a chicken! We were eager to know how he would deal with such a big change in his life but he has not looked back. We have received some lovely photo’s of him snoozing the days away and he seems rather happy with his new little family.

“Arthur is doing well so far. He sleeps on my bed, is OK with the dog if she doesn’t move too fast and is making friends with my other cat slowly. We love Arthur!”


Frankie found himself with us in August 2020 after being found as a stray.  Sadly no one came forward for this fur baby so we soon after put him up for adoption. He was always a sweet little boy and we desperately wanted to find him a female rabbit to be paired with. 
A rabbit that had previously been adopted from us in June 2020 had sadly lost her friend so they came back to us looking for a male to pair with her and we had just the boy for the job!
They adopted him on 6th October. We went through the whole bonding process and warned it may take a while, as it sometimes can. Luckily, these two took to each other immediately and are absolutely inseparable. Just look at the photo’s they have sent us, they make the sweetest couple. His new family sent us an email on their progress too:

“We adopted Frankie last week and I just thought you’d like an update. Our aim was to slowly bond him with Molly, who we adopted from you in June, but that wasn’t required as they became instant best friends and are generally inseparable already. We do often wonder how many rabbits we have as they never keep still so when we are trying to clean them out, it’s like there are six of them!”

September 2020 – Keeping up with Hillfield Animal Home

The past 6 months have been extremely difficult here at Hillfield Animal Home and, like many other charities, our funds have dipped as we are unable to hold any fundraising events. We rely heavily on the generosity of the public, therefore if you are able to help in any way, we would really appreciate it.

In September we saw a bit of a drop with our donations but luckily for us, Phoenix Pet Foods in Swadlincote came to our rescue and gave us a massive donations. Just look at all of those goodies! Our centre cat, Humphrey, decided to check it all out and he certainly approved!
Around the same time we did also put out an appeal for cat food and we had an amazing response, so thank you if you contributed.

Did you know it was Remember a Charity in your will week from 7th - 13th September? We rely heavily on legacies so to find out more, please click the button below.​

We have been able to carry out adoptions from the 17th April 2020, following very strict guidelines from RSPCA headquarters and DEFRA, ensuring the safety of staff and public at all times.

We are pleased to say that we have managed to successfully re-home 87 cats, 35 dogs, 22 rabbits and 2 guinea pigs during this time!
Check out some of our success stories below from the past month!


Adorable little Ted came to us in August 2020 after his owner struggled to give him what he needed and he was in quite bad condition. 
From the get-go he was always a super friendly boy who loved everyone he met so we knew his stay wouldn’t be long. After his vet visits, behaviour assessment and a much needed bath, we set out looking for the perfect home for this cutie pie. He attracted a lot of attention, we were overwhelmed with the application forms for him but we managed to pick what we thought would be ideal for him. 
After a couple of visits from him new family, they knew he was the one and adopted him on 23rd September! 
We have had an update since then to say he has settled in fabulously, along with some lovely pictures. Take a look below!

“Ted has settled in lovely, it’s like he’s been here forever. Thank you so much for everything you did for him. He loves cuddles on the sofa and a walk round the local country park.” 

Ellie & Tia

This gorgeous pair of older girlies had a rough start when arriving here. We managed to get to them just in time but they were incredibly skinny, we think this is because they came from a multi-animal household so maybe there was competition for food. They were also extremely nervous of humans so we took it extra slow with these two.
After a lot of time spent with them, they did show signs of wanting affection but we strongly believed in order for them to get better and trust again then they would need to progress in a home environment. This is why we contacted a couple who had adopted from us before and were particularly looking for an older pair of cats, so we thought this would be perfect. The couple had experience with nervous cats and were also willing to do whatever it took.
After an initial meet they decided they definitely wanted to go ahead so they adopted them on 15th September!
Ellie and Tia have settled in much quicker than we thought they would and haven’t had any issues with their eating. It will take a lot longer for them to be comfortable completely but it’s heading in the right direction thanks to the lovely family that took them on. 
Below are some pictures of them in their new home and a little quote from their owners:

“The girls have settled in nicely now! In the last few minutes they were chasing each other around the house, although now it is suspiciously quiet…
Tia has settled in brilliantly and tends to follow me around and she is very sociable, Ellie is still not sure. She came out from her hiding place (under the sofa) last night, had a look round and came for cuddles, but couldn’t settle.” 


Our fluffy little Popcorn came to us in July 2020 through no fault of her own. She was rescued from someone who couldn’t care from her and then in her new home she wasn’t getting on with the ladies male rabbit so unfortunately found herself here at the animal home. We found straight away that she is a very independent bunny who doesn’t particularly like to be handled too much and will tell you if she has had enough.
We wanted to get her spayed as soon as possible because sometimes they can portray behavioural issues due to their hormones so this would hopefully help calm her down, which it did… a little bit. 

We loved her quirky and sassy ways and hoped someone else would also love this enough to adopt her. Luckily, a wonderful lady came along after Popcorn’s 10 week stay here and decided to take her on and she hasn’t looked back since. She was adopted on 18th September and we have received an update recently on how she is doing. It sounds as though she is extremely happy with her new home and is even showing her loving side, have read below!

“She has settled in fine and is a lovely bundle of fluff. She is quite happy to be handled and will come for a fuss too! She also loves to forage in the hay box for treats too!”


August 2020 – Keeping up with Hillfield Animal Home

The past 5 months have been extremely difficult here at Hillfield Animal Home and, like many other charities, our funds have dipped as we are unable to hold any fundraising events. We rely heavily on the generosity of the public, therefore if you are able to help in any way, we would really appreciate it.

We have been able to carry out adoptions from the 17th April 2020, following very strict guidelines from RSPCA headquarters and DEFRA, ensuring the safety of staff and public at all times.

We are pleased to say that we have managed to successfully re-home 69 cats, 29 dogs, 15 rabbits and 2 guinea pigs!
Check out some of our success stories below from late July and August 2020!


Eight year old Bruno had quite the journey with us here. He originally arrived in January 2020 with another dog, Roxy, after his owner could not meet their needs and they were hardly being walked. This meant that Bruno found the world quite a scary place. Unfortunately he turned on the dog that he arrived with so they had to be separated. 
The kennel staff worked super hard with this handsome boy and after some time he learnt to trust people again and a structured routine in the kennels really helped him. 
The dog he came in with was adopted in March but sadly Bruno still hadn’t found his new home by July. The owners of the other dog approached us because they really wanted to see if Bruno and Roxy would get on together again. We were so excited and our fingers were crossed that he would settle back with Roxy but unfortunately it didn’t work out so we were back on the hunt for his forever home. 
Luckily, the perfect couple came down and fell in love with him immediately! After meeting him a few times they decided to take him home to see how he adapted to a new environment..
Bruno has not looked back since! He was adopted on 8th August and has settled amazingly, He really is the apple of their eye. We are over the moon to have eventually found the perfect home for this very loving boy. His new owners have even purchased a new car just so Bruno is more comfortable and has the space that he needs! 
His new family have been sending us wonderful updates and pictures, please see below:

“Just to let you know that Bruno is settling in well. He seems very happy and comfortable in his new environment. He has decided that the house and garden are his territory and is now taking an active interest in monitoring everyone’s activity. He’s eating well, going for walks on his lead and not disturbing us at night. He even coped well with the thunder storm last night, certainly better than any of the other dogs we have had. He’s a big softy and we’re pleased to have him! “


Sweet little Cocopop came to our centre in May 2020 after being found collapsed in someone’s garden struggling to breathe. After an immediate vet visit, it was found that she was severely dehydrated and had cat flu. 
Luckily cat flu is treatable so she started her medication straight away. After a couple of weeks her flu cleared up and we were able to take her for another vet visit. As she is an older girl, we carried out a geriatric blood test to ensure there wasn’t anything nasty going on. This little cutie is a miracle because it was found that she is very healthy for her age and only has some minor kidney function difficulties which can be helped with a renal diet. 
As soon as she was ready we put her up for adoption and we really thought we would have people fighting over her because just look at that pretty face! 
Sadly we found that her age seemed to put people off so we carried out an appeal on our social media and she was also mentioned on our news appearance in July. This appeal really did it’s job because we had a few people approach us.
She found her perfect match and was quickly adopted on the 28th July! Her new family sent a lovely update, please see below:

“After a short time with this delightful little feline, we can happily say all is well. She is cute, cheeky, crafty and very quickly taken over our home. We are allowed to stay, as long as we give huge amounts of fuss together with food on demand!

She plays just like a kitten and loves the views, you can see her on her favourite chair looking out at the bird activity on the garden in the photo’s below. 
When she is being fussed she purrs like a Rolls Royce and is prone to tearing around the house like a Duracell bunny! She is definitely a kitten disguised as an old cat.”


Beautiful boy, Len, found himself here in March 2020 when he was reported as a long term stray. We found that he clearly hadn’t received love and affection for a long time as he was really weary of any human contact. We actually felt at first that he may have gone too far and become feral but we didn’t want to come to this conclusion until we worked with him first. 
It’s lucky we did because he has done a complete u-turn and really starting to enjoy being around humans. We owe a lot of this to his new owner because she fostered him for a while and really gained his trust. At first he hid and would swipe regularly but after spending lots and lots of time with him, he started to sit on her lap and enjoy being stroked! 
She decided he belonged with her and adopted him on 30th July 2020 and he continues to improve. He is so happy with her that he doesn’t even want to venture outside!

“It appears Len does not want to go outside now, he sits on the doorstep for ten minutes and that’s it! He has not drawn blood for weeks now, I’m thinking the bites were not aggressive at all, just he didn’t know how to communicate. He still does it, just not as hard! Despite you thinking he would never be a cuddly cat.. you were so wrong! I can even pick him up and give him a cuddle, who’d have thought it!? Thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt, he’s a great kitty (apart from the food obsession!)” 



Patch is a 5 year old English Spot who arrived here way back in November 2019 after his owner sadly had to have a long stay in hospital. He has always been a delight to be around and he has a really sweet nature. 

Overall, Patch spent 8 months at our centre and was our longest resident rabbit for a while. We believe this was due to the fact he is older and also has a few minor health issues with his eyes and teeth. We were desperate for him to find a home with a female rabbit who he could spend his retirement with and receive the companionship that he deserves. 

As you can see below, he finally found this when he was adopted on 9th August! The bonding process is going well with his new girlfriend and the new owners are being extremely responsible as they are doing everything at a slow pace so that they have the best chance at living together eventually. They decided to change his name to Pipkin, which we think suits him very well!

“Pipkin has settled in very well and is very chilled. He even coped with the thunderstorm ok! They have made a positive start to bonding. They did “box” through the bars for a couple of days but inside, in neutral space, they snuggle together. He even got groomed last night! Just thinking of ways to take this behaviour outside where my doe seems more defensive. If she can get over that they should be fine. Will continue to take things one day at a time and may try them in a play pen in the garden. He is a sweet bunny!”

July 2020 – Keeping up with Hillfield Animal Home

The last few months have been extremely tough for our Animal Home. We have been unable to hold any fundraising events, meaning our funds are increasingly dropping.
However, we are incredibly lucky because we have such amazing supporters.

For example, a very generous boy named Oliver who is 11 years old has come forward to raise money for our animals. He has walked 5 laps of his local park EVERY DAY of July and has already raised £339!
He is clearly a huge animal lover and we love to see younger generations be so caring towards other living creatures as it is SO important! 
If you would like to sponsor and encourage Oliver’s fundraiser, please click the button below:

Some of you may have seen, Hillfield Animal Home were lucky enough to be featured on the Midlands News on 23rd July 2020! 
Our Cattery Supervisor, Hayley, did a brilliant job of explaining how sad we feel when animals are carelessly abandoned. Our Centre Manager, Christine, also made an appearance and did a fantastic job at getting across that you shouldn’t be adopting during lockdown if you can’t commit when you go back to work. 
See the clip for yourself below!

We have been able to carry out adoptions from the 17th April 2020, following very strict guidelines from RSPCA headquarters and DEFRA, ensuring the safety of staff and public at all times.
We are pleased to say that we have managed to successfully re-home 55 cats, 27 dogs, 14 rabbits and 2 guinea pigs!
Check out some of our success stories below from July 2020!


Our beautiful girl, Jessica, came to us in May 2020 after being abandoned in a box with her four kittens. You may recognise this as they were mentioned in our news appearance!
Even though she appeared to have had no love and consideration from her previous owner, she has always displayed trust and affection to our staff, and anyone she meets in fact.
She was always a fantastic mother to her four babies and once her motherly duties were coming to an end, it was finally time for Jessica to find the home she deserves and receive the love she craves so badly!
Her gorgeous little face caught the eye of a few people but a really lovely lady and her mum came down almost immediately and fell completely in love with her. We were over the moon at how dedicated and invested they were in making sure they were doing everything right for Jessica so it was a no brainer when they said they wanted to adopt her. 
She went to her new home on 25th July 2020 and it’s like she has always been a part of their lives. Her new family have sent us an update below:

“She’s settled in really well, she loves sitting in the window and has now found her new favourite chair to sleep on. She sits on the end of my bed and greets me in the morning.
We absolutely love her to bits and feel so lucky to have her!”


Cupcake came to us in February 2020 after her companion died and the owner’s decided they weren’t in a position to look after her and get her a new friend. 
We always say that it is best to keep rabbit in pairs as they are very social animals and can often get depressed being on their own so we are thankful that the owners decided to give her a second chance with us rather than let her live alone. 
Unfortunately we don’t think Cupcake had received as much handling and attention as she needed as she was quite a nervous little girl. We also found that with other rabbits, Cupcake was quite dominant but we didn’t give up as she did show signs of wanting to bond. 
Thankfully a very kind lady came to see her as she was looking for a female friend for her boy bunny. Taking a very careful approach, we tried them together and felt as though given time they would get on great and be very happy together. It looks as though we were right because look at the wonderful photo’s the owner has sent recently!
She also wrote a short quote about how she is doing:

“I approached the RSPCA following the loss of my rabbit, to adopt a companion for my other rabbit, Storm. Cupcake is settling in well and she is definitely the boss! It was great working with the team at Burton, who are extremely dedicated in looking after the pets in their care and finding their perfect homes.”


Crazy boy Monty found himself with us at the end of June 2020 after his owner’s struggled with his high energy around their young child. He is a lovely dog and really loves everyone he meets but just needed someone who could give him the time and energy release that he needs. 
Luckily he wasn’t with us long as he had a very high number of people wanting to take him on and give him a loving home. He was adopted on 18th July 2020 and is now settling into a home where he gets all of the attention and lots of walkies! 
Monty’s only down side is that he hasn’t been socialised with other dogs but his new family are getting a behaviourist to sort this out and we are thrilled because it shows that they are super dedicated and want the best for him. The update below just shows that if you give an animal time and patience, they will soon flourish. As you can see from the pictures, he is very content and happy already and loves to sun himself in the garden! 
We received an update from his new owners:

“Monty settled in just fine. He was quite barky the first couple of nights, but he is now settled on an evening. He just needs time to get used to different noises. He is such a good Bull Terrier, he listens and is very loving. We are introducing him slowly to other dogs when out and about, he sometimes feels a bit threatened and can growl, again with time he will settle. Adopting from you was absolutely brilliant, we were lucky to be picked as he was quite popular apparently. You guys certainly made it easy for us and we are grateful to have him.” 



We would love to share a really special story about lovely Lottie.

In October 2018 Lottie arrived as a skinny, urine stained, bedraggled stray with fur loss so bad her tail was as skinny as a rats… BUT JUST LOOK AT HER NOW!

Sadly Lottie’s adoption in 2018 didn’t work out and she was returned to us in September 2019… but at least this meant we got to appreciate her stunning transformation. Gone was the skinny tail and in it’s place was a beautiful thick coat of fur. She had gained weight brilliantly and quite literally looked like a different cat.

Lottie was still the sweet, gentle, friendly and outgoing girl she always was. Her owners that returned her had mentioned that she had a tendency to scratch at carpets so we knew that new owners would need to take this on board and understand Lottie might be a little hands on with the upholstery! 
Thankfully her second stay wasn’t long at all and she was adopted again on 30th September 2019 and she hasn’t looked back since. Her coat has continued to improve and she is still showing her truly amazing personality. Please do take the time to read the update below because we are so heart warmed by it and so grateful that she is now settled and happy. 

“She is so gentle and has loved lockdown with all of the company and fuss. She follows me around and meows at me for attention. She will run and drop to the floor in front of you for a belly rub and loves being groomed by her mummy. She was adopted as a house cat but has enjoyed joining us in the garden and basking in the sun. She has mastered her balancing and hunting skills whilst being outside though! On an evening she will curl up on the sofa between mummy and daddy and when we’re ready for bed she runs upstairs into her spot under the bed where she sleeps. 
Overall she has settled in really well with the other two cats and is loving life and even better I’m enjoying life with her in it.”

If you would like to help us continue finding these gorgeous animals new homes then we would really appreciate if you could donate using the button below! Thank you for your support.

June 2020 – Keeping up with Hillfield Animal Home

The last few months have been extremely tough for our Animal Home. We have been unable to hold any fundraising events, meaning our funds are increasingly dropping.
However, we are incredibly lucky because we have such amazing supporters. If you saw last month’s blog, you would have seen that a few members from the Facebook group “Hearts of gold” raised £3000 for us by doing a sponsored silence and cake raffle! 
Recently we had an influx of kittens and, due to our food order being delayed, started to struggle as the kitten food was rapidly running out. It got to the point where staff members had to go to the shop on a daily basis in hope the next day our delivery would come. 
When “Hearts of gold” got wind of our problem, they sprung into action again and managed to donate a very generous amount of kitten food, as you can see below. 


We have been just as lucky this month because a very generous boy named Oliver who is 11 years old has come forward to raise money for our animals. He will be walking 5 laps of his local park EVERY DAY of July and has already raised £124!
He is clearly a huge animal lover and we love to see younger generations be so caring towards other living creatures as it is SO important! 
If you would like to sponsor and encourage Oliver’s fundraiser, please click the button below:

We have been able to carry out adoptions from the 17th April 2020, following very strict guidelines from RSPCA headquarters and DEFRA, ensuring the safety of staff and public at all times.
We are pleased to say that we have managed to successfully re-home 36 cats, 16 dogs, 11 rabbits and 2 guinea pigs!
Check out some of our success stories below from June 2020!


Poor Jerry has had a hard time over the last few months. He came to us in March 2020 and we knew very little about his past. It was clear that he had lost a little trust in humans as he was very easily spooked and nervous when coming in to contact with people.
After lots and lots of socialisation and building up his trust, he slowly started to show his incredibly sweet side. You honestly couldn’t wish for a more gentle and loving boy once he knows you!
Luckily, a lovely couple came along in June and saw past his nervous nature and really wanted to give him a chance. Thankfully he went to his fabulous new home on 28th June 2020!
His new owners have sent us an update with some lovely photo’s:

“Jerry is doing really well, he was initially quite shy (understandably) and spent most of the first day hiding under our sofa bed but once he had eaten some food he has really chilled out and seems quite relaxed. Thanks again to all of the staff at RSPCA Burton, we can tell that you must have put so much work in for him to be so relaxed and comfortable around us.”

Billy & Thumpy

Billy and Thumpy have quite the story! 
These two beauties actually came to us separately, Thumpy in February 2020 and Billy in April 2020. 
We tend to keep our rabbits separate unless someone specifically asks us to bond them as we get a lot of people coming to us with a rabbit that needs one friend.
However, in June, these two had a lucky break and a wonderful family came along asking if we could try Billy and Thumpy together. We try our best to give all of the animals the best chance so we carefully put them in separate pens next to each other. WELL.. straight away they showed really positive behaviour and Thumpy even did a bit of flirting!
The family were thrilled, came to meet them and fell in love. Thankfully we were able to do the necessary checks very quickly and they were adopted on 26th June.
They are now settling in their new home, absolutely loving life! Their new owner’s sent us some pictures of them in their new home and Billy even introduced himself on the first day to their existing rabbit. They are of course taking the careful steps to bonding as it isn’t something that happens overnight but so far so good! 
Here is a quote from their new owner:

“Billy and Thumpy are settling in well and eating and drinking normally. Billy was straight down the ramp and introducing himself to Cheddar. Thumpy has been making herself at home in her hutch but is still quite nervous. The boys have been stroking her gently and talking quietly to her so she gets used to us. We used the rabbit carrier to move Thumpy to the ground floor of her apartment yesterday and after a while of getting used to it she loved it. She’s now up and down the ramp all of the time and she’s getting on well with both of the lads through the cage!”


Although the majority of our animals have quite a sad background or reason for coming to us, Nugget’s story is particularly heartbreaking. 
He is around 10 years old and came to our centre on 10th January 2020 as part of a cruelty case. Unfortunately Nugget was not treated with love and kindness before coming to us and was in quite a state. Due to this, he had some trust issues and could sometimes be unpredictable. He also has some health issues such as losing his sight, arthritis and anal furunculosis. His medication is very costly so we knew from the beginning he was going to be a difficult dog to re-home but we were determined not to give up on this handsome hunk and find someone willing to work with him and be able to afford his unfortunate medical problems. 

One of our loyal volunteers came forward, as she is a massive German Shepherd lover, and wanted to give him a chance to see if he would settle in her home. 
We decided to give it a shot because she is very experienced and knowledgeable about the breed, his medical conditions and his behaviour. She took him for a trial in June and as soon as she got him home he acted like a puppy again! He quickly learnt that she was there to care for him and love him.
We are very thankful that she could look past his imperfections because he is a real sweet soul underneath all of that fur! 
The new owner officially adopted him on 29th June 2020 and we are lucky enough to get regular updates <3 

If you would like to help us continue finding these gorgeous animals new homes then we would really appreciate if you could donate using the button below! Thank you for your support.

May 2020 – Keeping up with Hillfield Animal Home

This month we have had HUGE support from our community. These brilliant ladies carried out a sponsored silence and cake raffle in aid of our animals here at Hillfield Animal Home on 29th May 2020. They raised an amazing and impressive amount of £3000!
We will be placing a plaque at the centre in memory of Paul Davenport. Paul was a 6ft 3 Grenadier Guard but a real softy with animals. He took in stray cats, in fact he took in anything he could help. His daughter and granddaughter took part in the sponsored silence and inherited his love for animals!

This money will help us to continue looking after these poor souls that end up with us. Please feel free to check out just some of the stories we have had from the past month and their happy endings below. 



On the 17th April 2020, we were given the go ahead from head office and DEFRA to continue adoptions with very strict guidelines.

We are over the moon to say that we have managed to re-home 29 cats, 13 dogs, 5 rabbits and 2 guinea pigs so far!

We have at all times ensured that the guidelines have been followed and our staff and the public have not been put at any risk. 

Alfred & Rosie

These beautiful gingers have had quite the journey! They originally came to us in March 2019 and it wasn’t long until they were adopted. Unfortunately they were returned in December 2019 as they were messing in the house.
We were really sad to see them back but we were determined to find their final home this time.
They are father and daughter so we definitely did not want to split them up, they both have some minor health problems and they are also aged 9 and 11 years. Older cats are usually harder to re-home but we knew there would be someone special willing to look past all of this and give them the love they very much deserve.

After having a couple of failed reservations, a wonderful lady and gentleman came along in May 2020. They were happy to look past their imperfections and see what amazing and beautiful souls these two are. They are now being spoilt rotten and getting more love than they could ever imagine.
Their new owner recently sent us this update:

“They are absolutely adorable! We love them, they are proper fusspots so it’s fair to say they are staying. To see my daughter smile as much as she has with Rosie has really made my day and made me realise that I’ve definitely made the right decision. Thank you for putting your trust in us to look after them they will be well looked after and spoilt rotten!”


Sweet little Dudley was born at the centre on 21/04/2019 along with his two sisters. 
Their mum came in to the centre a couple of weeks previous heavily pregnant after being a long term stray. 
We looked after mum and kittens and once the kittens were 8-9 weeks old they were ready to “fly the nest” and start their own chapter. 
Dudley was re-homed in June 2019 and has settled beautifully. We recently received a card from his owner to say how great he’s doing with some lovely pictures, he has grown into such a big boy!


Cher was one of our longest residents here at Hillfield Animal Home from last year. She came to us in August 2019! 
Unfortunately we find that black rabbits do tend to stay with us longer, it’s the same with black cats. She is also 4-5 years old so this may have been why we struggled to re-home her.   

After having no interest from anyone we were very concerned for this little sweetheart. 
Thankfully in May 2020 we finally had a lady from up North contact us to say that Cher was just what she was looking for and we were thrilled! She had a male rabbit who was desperate for a friend so after a lot of discussion about how to bond rabbits, we were able to go ahead with adoption. 

Following the strict guidelines during lockdown, we had Cher transported up North where she met her new owners. We soon had an update to say that she was settling great and her new boyfriend seemed happy to have a friend.

We are over the moon that Cher has finally found her forever home and very grateful to her new owners!



Our happy go lucky boy, Chase, has had his ups and downs over the past 8 months. He came to us in September 2019 and was adopted in October. We were very confident that he would be ok in his new home but sadly they had to bring him back in May 2020 as he nipped the children. 
He was such a cheeky lad and had his quirks, as they all do. We knew then that he needed a home with no children as we definitely did not want him to come to us for a third time. 

Luckily his second stay with us only lasted 6 days as we found the PERFECT home for him. 
We get regular updates, he seems to have found his happy place and is thriving! 

Here is a quote from his new owner:

“Since Chase has come into the Brealey household he has been the perfect puppy. He definitely lives up to his name with running up and down the garden with his favourite tennis balls. He loves his walks twice a day and couldn’t of wished for a more loving, healthy, fuss free dog. Definitely man’s best friend, life wouldn’t be the same. Thank you RSPCA so much for all your help and support from start to finish with the process of adoption, if your considering it, do it! Life changing.”

If you would like to help us continue finding these gorgeous animals new homes then we would really appreciate if you could donate using the button below! Thank you for your support.

April 2020 Keeping up with Hillfield Animal Home

Like the rest of the country, we have experienced tough times over the past couple of months due to the lockdown. We are a self-funded branch so this means we have been unable to hold any events to help maintain the important work we do here at Hillfield Animal Home.

However, we are extremely lucky in the fact that we have had very generous support from our community and our brilliant staff have gone above and beyond to ensure the animals in our care get everything they need and all of the love they can possibly give.


On the 17th April 2020, we were given the go ahead from head office and DEFRA to continue adoptions with very strict guidelines.

We decided to start re-homing cats and rabbits from the centre that we believe are easy going and would fit into a home environment quite easily. We have also been able to re-home a few dogs that were in foster homes already and wanted to stay there!

We are over the moon to say that we have managed to re-home 20 cats, 7 dogs, 1 rabbit and 2 guinea pigs so far!

We have at all times ensured that the guidelines have been followed and our staff and the public have not been put at any risk. 


The lovely Shaggy, now named Bomber, is one of our residents who has recently found his forever home. We are over the moon at how lucky we have been to find such loving and caring owners for this boy because he had such a rough start when arriving here in January.

He came to us as a long term stray with very sore and irritated ears. After a few vet visits we decided it was in his best interest to have a procedure to remove the problem tissue from his left ear and he has never been happier!

He is now living a life of luxury with very experienced cat owners, it’s like he has always been there!

A quote from his new owner:

“Bomber is settling in beautifully. He’s eaten, used the litter tray and is now sleeping in a shark bed. Thank you for our wonderful boy. He really is a star! He is so loving and beautiful. Thank you. Xx”


Our shy but extremely friendly boy, Jim, came to us in February 2020 after sadly being abandoned by his owner.

Luckily a lovely lady came along looking specifically for a black cat and we knew Jim was the man for the job! She immediately fell in love with him and he is now settling in. Upon arrival at his new home, they had made him his own welcome home banner which can be seen below. He even has his own website! – www.jimthecat.co.uk

I think it’s safe to say Jim is incredibly lucky and has really landed on his paws.


Our beautiful Sky, now named Suki, has recently been re-homed after spending a month with us. Her new owner has commented on her progress: “Suki, what a character! We renamed her when we adopted her recently. Suki means ‘beloved’ or ‘loved one’ in Japanese and, as she had already stolen our hearts, it seemed right.

She can be a real live wire one minute and fast asleep on her bed the next. We originally fostered her but it wasn’t long before we asked to adopt her as she seemed the perfect dog for us. She turned out to be very obedient and loves long walks which is good because so do we. We were privileged to have our last RSPCA rescue dog for 12 years and we knew he would be a tough act to follow.

Suki is delightful, loves her toys, can throw a ball in the air herself, loves to catch it if it’s thrown for her, stays close to us when out for a walk, and is usually quiet in the house but has a great bark if someone knocks on

the door. Any faults I hear you ask? Like many Lurchers she is a food thief. Thankfully she has now stopped getting onto the kitchen worktops as she has now learnt that it isn’t good manners. But she LOVES her food so it’s just as well she likes running.”


The crazy little Flash came to us with his brothers and sisters mid-March of 2020 due to their owner being unable to cope. Luckily, one of our members of staff fell in love and decided to adopt on 24th April!
He is now being spoilt and having the best time in his new home, I mean just look at that happy little face!

If you would like to help us continue finding these gorgeous animals new homes then we would really appreciate if you could donate using the button below! Thank you for your support.