December 2021 – Keeping up with Hillfield Animal Home

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and fingers crossed next year will be safer and happier for everyone! 
Here at Hillfield Animal Home we have been busier than ever with taking animals in but have thankfully had some extremely happy endings for our animals too. The donations we have received this Christmas have been spectacular and we can’t thank you all enough for your never-ending support. 

Charlie and Tommy Save the Day

Alison Kilduff, who had previously adopted dogs from us, approached us in December to say she had written a children’s book dedicated to her grandchildren, Charlie and Tommy. The story was inspired and is in memory of her much loved dog, Domino, who was adopted from us many years ago and lived for 12 happy years with Alison. 
She published and sold the book, raising a tremendous £200! With this money, she kindly bought us food, treats and toys for our animals. You can see all of the goodies she and her family brought in and have a read of her lovely book below..

More donations..

We had some fabulous donations from The Sump pub, Burton and Beeches Park Children’s Day Nursery in December! The Sump pub are also doing a fundraiser for us over the next few months. To check it out, head over to their Facebook page or go in and have a chat with their friendly staff. 

We got lots of Christmas prezzies for our animals and even treats for the staff from all of you.🎁❤
One person in particular told us that she had no idea that we are a self-funded branch and when she found out, she chose to bring her donations to us this year.
This has made us realise that a lot of you may not know that we have to raise all of our own funds in order to keep running and be able to care for the hundreds of animals we take in each year.
We don’t get funding from the National RSPCA so, as you can imagine, Covid restrictions have made it all extra tough.
If you would like to help towards our running costs of £5000+ per week, please click here:
If you want to find out more about sponsoring a kennel/cat pod or leaving a legacy for us, call us on 01283 569165 and we will be happy to help!

Chesney & Crystal

If you keep up to date with us on social media and read our blog last month, you may recognise this special pair of British Shorthair’s.. 
Chesney and Crystal were on the Radio Derby breakfast show in November and have been mentioned in lots of online news articles in hope of finding them a home. 
We are thrilled to say that they finally, after five months of waiting, have found their forever and happy home on the 13th December. We couldn’t have asked for a better home for them and they have settled in wonderfully.
Their new owner approached us after she had been keeping an eye on them on our website for three weeks, unsure on whether to give us a call. She finally did and, after lengthy and detailed discussions on their needs and finding out about her circumstances, she booked in to come and meet them.
On the day of the meet she fell in love with them before they had even come out of their carriers. She spent lots of time with them and made a decision to give them a chance at happiness and their health issues didn’t seem to bother her as she had two other rescues with illnesses and is also a retired nurse. Her other cat was in a rescue centre for two years as no one wanted him because of his diabetes. She also has an elderly dog with diabetes who is retiring with her after the rescue struggled to find him a home.
We knew she was perfect for them the moment she told us “I have spent my whole life caring for people, now it’s my time to put my love and money into animals that no one else wants”

Chili & Bean

We now have a pair of Shih Tzu’s to share with you and their story is quite remarkable..
Chili and Bean came to us in July 2021 after being taken from their owner as they had been reported for irresponsibly trying to sell them at a car boot sale. We found that they had urine stains on them and a vet visit showed they were both anaemic, most likely due to being underweight. They were just tiny babies when they got here so we very quickly searched for a foster home. We contacted one of our previous trusted fosterers and she was very eager and excited to care for them and what an excellent job she has done for us once again!
They slowly grew into the most beautiful and brilliant dogs and with her already having two dogs of her own, they got to be well socialised and can now mix with others without a problem. 
As they were taken from their owner, the case had to go through court in order for us to take ownership of Chili and Bean and eventually rehome them.  Sadly these cases can take months and even years sometimes. Thankfully this one was one of the shorter ones and they were signed over to us in December. Although they were lucky enough to not spend all of this time in kennels, they did suffer from some health issues and had many trips to the vets. Chili has a bad underbite and this has affected her teeth development meaning she will need a dental with extractions in the near future. Bean suffers from bouts of an upset stomach so has to be on a special diet and sometimes probiotics. They also would need to be neutered/spayed so these costs are not something the previous owner wanted to pay and with a vet note to explain their issues and potential costs, we managed to get them signed over and they could now begin the rest of their happy lives. 
It is no surprise that the fosterer fell head over heels for this pair so she decided to adopt them on the 8th December!


Pebbles had a very sad start to her journey but we can assure you that by the time you read to the end you will be smiling!
She is five years old, which in rabbit years is on the older side. She arrived here in November via an RSPCA Inspector after her owner did not want to care for her anymore and wasn’t meeting her needs. 
We immediately noticed that she had a large growth on her abdomen which looked like it had been there a long time and was very sore. 


We didn’t want to put her under too much stress as rabbits can go downhill extremely fast so we let her settle for a couple of days and then took her for a vet check. They agreed it needed removing and she was put on pain killers in the meantime. 
Her operation went ahead on the 16th November and was a huge success. We now needed to focus on her healing and putting weight on.
A week later we were approached by someone who had adopted a male rabbit (Alfie) from us the previous year and they were sadly looking for a new friend for him as they had just lost their female to a stomach tumour that was untreatable. 
We were so sad for them and wanted to do everything to try and get their boy another friend as rabbits are extremely social animals and can quickly get depressed.
We immediately thought of Pebbles as a potential match as they were looking for an older female so I quickly suggested her. They were amazed as she looked just like the one they had lost who was a black and white Dutch rabbit, just like Pebbles. We organised for them to come with Alfie to see how they got on together and it went really well. After a couple of visits and Pebbles now healing superbly, they finally adopted her on the 11th December and we have continued to see them blossom into a lovely relationship. Rabbit bonding can take months but they are going at a slow and steady pace and we couldn’t be happier that Pebbles finally has the life she deserves. 

“Both of our rabbits came from you and although it’s taken them 18 months to get together, they have found each other in their forever home.
They are both very well, slowly getting to know each other and Pebbles is eating like a tiny horse.
Pebbles and Alfie had their first proper side by side snuggle. Still working things out but I think they are progressing really well. You can see Pebbles tummy where she is laid on her side, her fur is growing back beautifully.” – Pebbles & Alfie’s owner

We are going to end our final blog of the year with a happy photo of our old girl, Lexi. She came to us recently after her owner found themselves homeless and didn't want Lexi to struggle on the streets at her old age. As you can see, she is now super happy in her foster home where she goes on holidays and snuggles with her foster mum every night.

Happy New Year everyone, see you in 2022!