February 2022 – Keeping up with Hillfield Animal Home

We can’t believe it’s March already. This year is flying by!
Keep on scrolling to see some of the things we have been up to in February and some of the animals that found their happily ever after..

Rabbit awareness week is great for spreading information on how to properly take care of rabbits. They are a lot more work than some people realise so it is important to do your research before deciding to take on rabbits. 
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We are appealing for your help towards our vet bills as the rising cost is becoming extremely hard for us to keep up with. We spend approximately £5000 – £6000 per month on vet bills.
To help towards our plea, click here: https://gofund.me/d49aef14
➡️We are an independently funded branch, meaning we raise our own funds and receive very little from the National RSPCA⬅️
Below are just a few of the sick animals that have needed urgent treatment recently..
Thank you.

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Dottie’s story started on the 30th December 2021 when seven dogs were reported dumped from a van in horrendous condition. Thankfully non of them were hurt whilst roaming the streets and they were taken to vets by RSPCA Inspectors and the police. Poor little Dottie, weighing just 2kg, was in the worst physical condition as she was covered in matts and faeces. The vets had no option but to shave her coat. 
The person who dumped the dogs was caught on CCTV but unfortunately it is very bad quality and nothing has come from it. You can see the clip by clicking the button below. 

Dottie arrived at our centre on the 4th January 2022. As soon as she came out of the van a member of our reception team immediately took a shine to her. She was physically shaking with fear and was far too tiny to go into a kennel so she stayed with the member of staff in reception and then taken home to foster. 
Dottie’s foster parents were nervous as she had to get along with their three cats and, with having no background information, they had no idea what to expect from her behaviour or health. 
Apart from not being house trained (which is to be expected from a rescue dog a lot of the time), she was an absolute angel and fit right into their routine and home. She took her time to trust them, which is understandable given her background, but soon showed them what a loving and funny character she really is. Everyone at the animal home has been amazed at how she has flourished and coped with everything that has happened to her. There was no way her foster parents could let her go so she was adopted on the 6th February and even comes to work with her mum sometimes. You can see her wonderful new life below, she has even recently been on holiday to the seaside!

“It breaks my heart what she might have gone through before finding us but she’s safe now and we love her so so much. To see her go from being timid and frightened of her own shadow to the most outgoing and cheeky girl has been a blessing. She has fit in with our gang  so well and fills our days with so much happiness and laughter.” – Dottie’s mum ©



On the 14th January 2022 we got a phone call from a very concerned member of public as she had noticed a cat that looked in a bad state that was trying to get into her house. Sadly she had cats of her own so didn’t want to risk him coming in and causing any disruption so we asked her to bring him to our centre. 
When Nico, previously knows as Mowgli, arrived it was clear he had been living rough on the streets for a long time. He had scars on his face, chubby cheeks from not being neutered and he was a bit smelly! He settled into the cattery lifestyle very easily, we really think he was just grateful to be safe and warm at last. Nico was always a pleasure to be around, giving everyone cuddles and saying hello with little “meows”. 
As part of the vet visits for all of our cats, we carry out a combo blood test which tests for FIV (feline AIDS). Sadly Nico tested positive, meaning his immune system is a little compromised, but overall he can still live a happy and healthy life. We simply ask that FIV cats are kept strictly indoors in order to protect their health and also avoid the FIV being passed on to other cats. We weren’t too worried about him not adjusting to this change as he seemed to enjoy home comforts and absolutely loved being around people. We got him neutered and then he patiently waited for a new home to join. 
Fast forward to the 15th February.. he was adopted and he has proved us right! He has settled amazingly with his new family and, as you can see from below, he is getting all of the cuddles he could ever wish for! Although we miss his cheeky little face, we are so pleased for him. 

Just to report Nico had a good first night – he settled well and didn’t hear from him all night! He seems to love cuddling up on our sofa in a blanket and happily follows me around. He is definitely very food orientated, he is literally on the table or on your knee if we have food so we are working on that one!
As you know Nico didn’t really know how to play and we haven’t had much luck with any of the toys we have got a home – bought him some cat nap mice today… he’s gone crazy for them! Its first time we seem him play with anything!” – Nico’s mum ©