January 2021 – Keeping up with Hillfield Animal Home

Happy New Year!

Last year was a tough year for everyone. We certainly struggled, like many other charities, as all of our fundraising events had to be cancelled. We get no funding from the National RSPCA so our fundraising events are what we heavily rely on for money to keep our animal home running. Any donations you can give, no matter how big or small, are massively appreciated.

January 2021 brought us lots of snow in Burton-on-Trent one weekend and we just couldn’t resist showing you some of our dogs enjoying it. Check out the video below!

Pets at Home

Some of you may know that our local Pets at Home store have supported us for a while now and regularly carry out fundraising events with Support Adoption for Pets. The most recent one was Santa Paws 2020 and we are thrilled to say we received an amazing £1472! 

The money raised is all thanks to the Pets at Home employees and of course, you! There’s lots of waggy tails who are incredibly grateful so thank you to each and every one of you who takes part and donates towards this fantastic cause. 

There will be another event happening soon so be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook page.


Old girl Macey came to us in February 2020 after being part of a cruelty case. She had some health issues, such as a couple of mammary tumours and sight loss, but due to her being 14 years old, the vets said it was more dangerous to operate.

Re-homing an elderly dog with health issues can be quite difficult and older dogs really struggle in kennels so we set out to find a long term foster family for her to retire with.

A fantastic family came along and have been fostering her since March 2020. Apart from her sight deteriorating, she is in pretty good health considering her age and just needs ongoing pain relief medication.

Her foster family spoil her rotten and regularly update us on how she is doing. Macey recently had a birthday so they sent us a really heart-warming message and pictures that we just had to share:

“On Macey’s paperwork it says her birthday is January but no date, so we pulled a number out of a hat and she celebrated on the 3rd. In her doing so, raised £75 through Facebook for RSPCA!”

Check out some of our success stories below from the past month!


Tiny little Lola came to us in August 2020 after her previous owners were struggling with her separation anxiety. Sadly, dogs can develop behavioural issues when left alone if they feel anxious and can even become destructive.

She was an absolute sweetie from the start and a pleasure to work with. We re-homed her in September 2020 and explained all about her separation anxiety. All was going well until they unfortunately found it too much and she was brought back to us again in December. Lola is incredibly clingy and because she wasn’t allowed up to bed with them, she cried and barked all night.

We went straight back to searching for a new home for her but made sure this time we would find someone who didn’t mind having a little Lola-shaped shadow following them around and going to bed with them.

Thankfully, it didn’t take too long for the perfect family to come along and she was adopted for the final time on 5th January 2021. She has gone to a wonderful family who are home all the time and adored her from the minute they met her. They have send us a lovely update below, along with some pictures of her in her new home:

“Lola is doing great; she really is no trouble at all. She was reticent to go for walks at first, but is getting the idea now. She loves exploring the garden and spends most of the time asleep on someone’s lap! She sleeps on our bed at night and we don’t really notice her there. We are struggling to understand why she ended up with you, but we are grateful to have her.”


Biscuit arrived with us back in September 2020 and unfortunately her stay with us was much longer than we expected. She came to us from a multi-cat household as the owners were struggling to cope and we were told that she was pregnant. She was indeed pregnant as after just 4 days with us, she gave birth to four beautiful kittens.

She was the best mummy and raised them for 9 weeks. Unfortunately, it was picked up within this time that they all had ringworm. Ringworm is a fungal skin infection which presents with hair loss and scabby skin. It can be treated but sadly it can take a while for the spores to go.

Whilst she was having treatment we were approached by someone who had adopted from us in March 2020 and they were looking for a chilled out female cat. We informed them about Biscuit and they were immediately in love and wanted to take her home as soon as she was better.

After a few months of treatment, Biscuit finally got the go ahead from our vet that she no longer had ringworm on 7th January. Her new owners had patiently waited for so long and were so excited that they adopted her the same day!

She is now doing really well and living the life she deserves with her new family. The cat they adopted previously from us called Dave has taken well to her and they are even playing together. Her owners have sent us some wonderful pictures and a quick update below:

“Biscuit has settled in so well in our house. She loves to sleep on our son’s bed in the day time and then at night she has started to play hide and seek behind the curtains with our other cat, Dave.”


 In December 2020 Yoda was reported in someone’s garden as a stray and they were concerned he may have cat flu. After being picked up by an inspector, he came to us and seemed in pretty good health luckily so he was quite quickly ready for adoption. He was always a pleasure to look after and even went home with the Cattery Supervisor, Hayley, for a little while so that he could be socialised and have a bit of company through the night.
A friend of Hayley’s heard about him and immediately fell in love with his picture and he was exactly what she was looking for. 
On 15th January 2021, the lady adopted this little lad and has recently sent us the most lovely update along with some cute pictures:

“We adopted Yoda from Burton RSPCA and I just wanted to recognize how amazing Hayley has been. We’ve been looking at adopting a cat for many months but with the ever changing lock down, we didn’t know how best to start this process. Having seen Yoda on the website we fell in love instantly! Hayley took the time to tell us all about the adorable little fella, what he’s like, his character and even how much he’s eating… he’s a hungry boy! She kept us informed from the get go and would send us daily updates letting us know how he is. What I really wanted to recognize is just how much love Hayley gives to each and every animal. It’s very clear she pours her heart and souls into making sure they are happy and okay. We can’t thank her and yourselves enough for helping us with our baby boy. Hayley made the entire process smooth and she was just incredible!

He’s now safely at home, eating all the food, chasing his tail and getting all the cuddles. A very happy boy indeed and we love him dearly.”