July 2021 – Keeping up with Hillfield Animal Home

July has been super busy as we have noticed a HUGE increase in people wanting to re-home their pets unfortunately.
When it comes to cats, we have seen that there are more and more people feeding cats that they think may be strays. We understand that i
t isn’t always obvious if a cat has an owner or not but it’s important to try and find out before feeding a cat who appears in your garden. Most cats will roam and go into different gardens, this is normal and unavoidable.

Firstly, check with neighbours and put out leaflets to see if anyone comes forward. If no one comes forward, then ask a vet if they will scan for a microchip.
If all of this fails and you are concerned over the health of a stray cat, please contact the National RSPCA cruelty line on 0300 1234 999.

Reasons why feeding cats that you don’t own can cause issues:

  • They may actually have loving homes that are waiting for their safe return so feeding them encourages them not to go back and therefore remain in your garden.
  • Some cats may have diet requirements/allergies so you could potentially be causing them harm.
  • Many cats will take advantage of an extra meal even if they’re well fed by their owners, it doesn’t always mean they’re hungry and underfed.

For cat owners: if your cat will allow it, try putting a collar on with your details and the words “DO NOT FEED ME” engraved on a tag.
Also, microchipping is extremely important for reuniting pets and we offer this service for just £10 per animal!


Sweet little Tabatha came to us in May 2021 after being handed into the vets as a stray in terrible condition. She had matted fur and both of her sides had been shaven causing a skin infection. The vets advised that this happened as whoever had shaved her had used bad clippers and it had caused a bad case of “clipper rash”. After lots of TLC in a foster home, her skin soon healed and her beautiful coat started to show again. 

As you can see, she made huge progress.
You can read her full story in our summer newsletter by clicking the button below and please feel free to take a look at the clip below of Tabatha in her foster home just to see what a real sweetheart she was. 

After spending two months in our care, our Tabatha finally found the most perfect home on the 14th July. We have since received some wonderful updates and she seems so happy. She deserved a loving and caring home and that’s just what she got!



Big softy, Milkshake, arrived with us in June 2021 after being a long term stray. He was in quite a state when he first came as he had quite clearly been on the streets for a long time. We had to treat a bite wound and carry out a dental for him as he had some broken teeth.  As with all of the other cats we have here, we carried out the routine combo blood test on him and sadly he tested positive for a condition called FIV. This a viral infection that weakens the immune system, similar to HIV in humans. It may sound bad but cats with this condition can actually lead happy and healthy lives but we ask that they are kept as indoor cats so that they don't pass it on to other cats.  As he was healing in our care, we were approached by the lady who had been feeding him whilst he was living as a stray, as she had fallen deeply in love with him. We told her his diagnosis and she thankfully still couldn't resist his chunky and beautiful little face. So that he could live an even happier life, she was going through a process to get a large "catio" built so that Milkshake would have the chance to still see the outdoors but be safely kept securely in this catio.  It all sounded so perfect for him so we kept her updated with his recovery and let him heal before he could head off to stay with her forever.  Since the lady lives further up north, we had to get our networking team and arrange for him to be transported to her.  Fast forward three long weeks, the day finally came and Milkshake was off to his forever home! 

His wonderful new owner soon sent us an update on his progress:

“Milkshake is doing really well and is so happy and settled. He is growing in confidence every day and will now jump up on the settee and on the bed. He is a beautiful cat with a wonderful personality. He loves to play, especially with his orange fish toy and blue mouse. He uses his scratch post every day and chirrups happily to communicate with us. Hopefully the Catio will be completed by September. We can’t wait to show you the pictures.
Thank you for bringing him to us we are so happy to see him. ” – Milkshake’s owner 

Ella & Teddy

This tiny duo came to us in June 2021 after their had been an incident with the resident cat. We were advised that the elderly cat had always lived in the home and then when they decided to get dogs, the cat had to go upstairs and carefully put outside sometimes as the dogs didn't like her. We would always advise against getting new animals if they will not get on with your existing animal as situations like this can sadly happen and existing animals can feel left out. Whilst they were with us we found that with people they were a really sweet pair, always happy to see you and wanting attention. Teddy was always a bit more reserved than Ella but once he got to know you, he was just as cheeky and lovely. After the necessary vet checks and treatments, they were finally ready to find their new home. It was noted at the vets that Ella had an old injury to her eye but it wasn't causing her any issues or discomfort so we were advised to monitor this. We said goodbye to them on the 18th July 2021, exactly a month after they arrived, and they haven't looked back since. We could not be happier for them as they have landed in such a brilliant home, getting all of the fuss they could possibly want. We received these fantastic pictures and update below from their new owner:

“Just wanted to say thank you again for helping us find Ella & Teddy. 
As you can see they’re settling in nicely and we are so in love with them. 
They’re quite photogenic as you can see!” – Ella & Teddy’s owner 



This absolutely stunning girl found herself here with us in June 2021 after her owner’s circumstances unfortunately changed. 
At just 8 months old, she hadn’t yet seen much of the world and still needed lots of socialising and training, which is sadly something we see in older dogs that come to us too.
It is super important, especially at a young age, to have your dog around different people, animals and environments (at a steady and careful pace of course) so that they will grow to be confident and sociable. Puppy classes are a great idea to get this all kick started at a young age!
After lots of patience, toys and treats, we gained Quinn’s trust and she showed us what a clever girl she really is who is just so excited about life! 
After just two weeks, Quinn found the most loving family to join and as you can see below, she is just full of beans and enjoying every minute of her new life!

“Quinn has settled into our family so well, we can take toys and food from her with no growling. She is super quick to learn and she really wants to please. No accidents in the house she is going outside to toilet. Super fantastic little lady.
Thank you for putting us together” – Quinn’s owner 


This tiny little bundle of fluff came to us at just 1 month old back in December 2020, along with five other bunnies, one of them being his mum. His previous owner had accidental breeding going on and was also moving house so couldn't take all six of them sadly. We had them all in and had to separate a few of them as we didn't want any more babies. At Pickle's initial vet check, it was noted that his teeth were overgrown so we had to increase his hay intake. When this didn't make much difference after a few of months, he went into the vets to be castrated and at the same time they burred some of this teeth. The vets only wanted to remove teeth as a last resort so we had them burred again a months later and continued to monitor him. Unfortunately his teeth continued to cause him problems so we booked him in and he had his two upper incisors removed. Due to this being a long anaesthetic for such a small bunny, we waited for him to recover before booking him in to have his lower incisors removed. During the healing process he did have a little infection at one point but this was very quickly treated and he made a full recovery! At six months old, he was finally ready to find a family to join and this is exactly what happened on the 10th July 2021, after a whopping 7 month stay with us. His new home could not be better for him and he is the happiest of bunnies with free roam around the house, lots of cuddles and toys to play with.

“He’s settled into his new home really well. He’s so lovely and very funny and lively! He loves exploring every room in the house and jumping up on to the sofas (he’s just jumped up on the sofa next to me now!)” – Pickle’s owner ♥


Handsome little Nigel came to us in June 2021 after he was found in very unsuitable accommodation. We don’t believe his needs were being met and he wasn’t being fed the correct food as his teeth were overgrown, stopping him from eating. Rabbits can go downhill extremely fast so we had him looked at by a vet immediately. His teeth were burred, he was given a gut stimulant injection and placed on some medication and this seemed to work, he was soon looking much better thankfully. 
Nigel’s stay with us was quite short compared to other rabbits we get here at only 5 weeks.
His new family came and adopted him on the 12th July and he even has a girlfriend to spend the rest of his days with. They are getting along great, as you can see below!

“It’s safe to say he’s happily settled in and enjoying the bonding time with Belle!” – Nigel’s owner ♥