June 2021 – Keeping up with Hillfield Animal Home


As some of you may already know, it is rabbit awareness week from 28th June until 4th July this year!
This event is to give bunnies the spotlight and spread awareness of how they should be kept in order to maintain good quality animal welfare. 

Here are some of the bunnies we currently have that are awaiting their new family! To find out more, go to our "Adopt a rabbit" page.

Sponsoring one of our kennels or cat pods is a very special way to remember your loved ones. It is an incredibly kind thing to do in such a heart-breaking situation and it also helps to raise money for the animal home. 
Since Covid began we have had no fundraising take place so funds have been low. Like everything and everyone at the moment, we are unsure when we will return to normal but we are doing our best. If you would like to find out more about this, please feel free to call us on 01283 569165.

Recently we found out that beautiful Tilley, who was adopted from us in September 2011, had sadly passed away. She gave her family so much love and joy for the past ten years and they decided to honour her memory by sponsoring one of our kennels. Below is a quote from her fabulous owners:

“Nothing can ever bring back Tilley but sponsoring a kennel at the RSPCA centre where we found her 10 years ago is a great way to keep her memory and support a great cause.  This support will help the kennels ensure they will be there to rescue more lovely dogs like Tilley who will make some families very happy.”

Conan & Lily

These golden oldies came to us on the 14th May 2021 after their owner had to move and couldn’t take them.
Conan is 8 years old and Lily is 6 years old and they are very bonded so we knew from day one that separating them was out of the question. (We only separate animals that come in together if we see that they don’t get on)
They were absolute delights from the get-go and never once were a problem. They got the all clear from the vets and started their search for their new home. 
Considering we usually struggle with older dogs, especially a pair of them, it didn’t take long to find the perfect people for these two. Their new owners had to wait for Conan to be neutered and were so patient with the process. They came to visit and sent us emails asking how they were. It was extremely clear that their love for them was already there and they were itching to get them home. 
They went off to their new home on the 11th June 2021 and it’s safe to say that the dogs and owners are very pleased and content. 
See for yourselves below!

“Just thought we’d share a couple of photos with you of us in our new home. We have lots of beds and a big garden to play in. We have settled in really well. 
We have our 1st holiday in something called a caravan in a couple of weeks. We are so excited.
Love and Licks from Lily and Conan xx”


Well well well.. where do I start with our Bailey? As you can see, he is incredibly handsome!
This little boy was with us for 9 long weeks with barely any interest from anyone. 
Usually we find re-homing small breed dogs easier so you may be looking at his pictures wondering “why did it take so long to re-home this cutie?”
The truth is, the first 4 years of Baileys life, he was extremely under socialised so this meant he found new experiences and other animals very scary and over-whelming. It wasn’t his fault and we worked really hard to combat this by putting him on a behaviour plan and we even got a behaviourist to come and look at him. Her advice was brilliant and he started to improve when going out on walks so this behaviour plan just needed to continue in his new home. 
One on one, Bailey was always a dream to be around, giving LOTS of cuddles and very playful so we knew he would make someone a fantastic companion as he has so much love to give. 
Finally we found the most perfect home for him and they took him on the 2nd June 2021 and as you can see from below, he is a very happy boy!

Ben came to visit us!

Ben was adopted in March 2021 by one of our Swadlincote charity shop volunteers. He now goes with her to the Swadlincote shop and is slowly becoming a local celebrity there as he is always happy to greet the customers. Thanks for the pop-in Ben!

Guinea Pigs

We rarely get guinea pigs in for re-homing here at Hillfield Animal Home but recently we have had two wonderful pairs of males who were an absolute pleasure to look after. 
Firstly we had Aero and Fudge who were re-homed on the 5th June. Then we had Stevie and Whoopi who were re-homed on the 14th June. 
Below you can see them in their new homes getting plenty of enrichment and the love they deserve. (Click on images to expand them)

Aero & Fudge

“They’ve settled in really well. Fudge is a shy little sweetheart, but he does love a cuddle now and then. Aero is definitely the more lively one, whizzing around his run and causing mayhem! 
Thank you for letting Aero and Fudge join our family!” – quote from their new family

Stevie & Whoopi

We would finally like to pay tribute to handsome boy Paddy, who sadly past away in June 2021. He was adopted from us in February 2019 and we still remember how utterly fantastic he was.  His owners contacted us to request the photographs we have of him and in return they kindly sent our kennel supervisor, Nicki, some flowers to thank her for her brilliant photography.