April 2020 Keeping up with Hillfield Animal Home

Like the rest of the country, we have experienced tough times over the past couple of months due to the lockdown. We are a self-funded branch so this means we have been unable to hold any events to help maintain the important work we do here at Hillfield Animal Home.

However, we are extremely lucky in the fact that we have had very generous support from our community and our brilliant staff have gone above and beyond to ensure the animals in our care get everything they need and all of the love they can possibly give.


On the 17th April 2020, we were given the go ahead from head office and DEFRA to continue adoptions with very strict guidelines.

We decided to start re-homing cats and rabbits from the centre that we believe are easy going and would fit into a home environment quite easily. We have also been able to re-home a few dogs that were in foster homes already and wanted to stay there!

We are over the moon to say that we have managed to re-home 20 cats, 7 dogs, 1 rabbit and 2 guinea pigs so far!

We have at all times ensured that the guidelines have been followed and our staff and the public have not been put at any risk. 


The lovely Shaggy, now named Bomber, is one of our residents who has recently found his forever home. We are over the moon at how lucky we have been to find such loving and caring owners for this boy because he had such a rough start when arriving here in January.

He came to us as a long term stray with very sore and irritated ears. After a few vet visits we decided it was in his best interest to have a procedure to remove the problem tissue from his left ear and he has never been happier!

He is now living a life of luxury with very experienced cat owners, it’s like he has always been there!

A quote from his new owner:

“Bomber is settling in beautifully. He’s eaten, used the litter tray and is now sleeping in a shark bed. Thank you for our wonderful boy. He really is a star! He is so loving and beautiful. Thank you. Xx”


Our shy but extremely friendly boy, Jim, came to us in February 2020 after sadly being abandoned by his owner.

Luckily a lovely lady came along looking specifically for a black cat and we knew Jim was the man for the job! She immediately fell in love with him and he is now settling in. Upon arrival at his new home, they had made him his own welcome home banner which can be seen below. He even has his own website! – www.jimthecat.co.uk

I think it’s safe to say Jim is incredibly lucky and has really landed on his paws.


Our beautiful Sky, now named Suki, has recently been re-homed after spending a month with us. Her new owner has commented on her progress: “Suki, what a character! We renamed her when we adopted her recently. Suki means ‘beloved’ or ‘loved one’ in Japanese and, as she had already stolen our hearts, it seemed right.

She can be a real live wire one minute and fast asleep on her bed the next. We originally fostered her but it wasn’t long before we asked to adopt her as she seemed the perfect dog for us. She turned out to be very obedient and loves long walks which is good because so do we. We were privileged to have our last RSPCA rescue dog for 12 years and we knew he would be a tough act to follow.

Suki is delightful, loves her toys, can throw a ball in the air herself, loves to catch it if it’s thrown for her, stays close to us when out for a walk, and is usually quiet in the house but has a great bark if someone knocks on

the door. Any faults I hear you ask? Like many Lurchers she is a food thief. Thankfully she has now stopped getting onto the kitchen worktops as she has now learnt that it isn’t good manners. But she LOVES her food so it’s just as well she likes running.”


The crazy little Flash came to us with his brothers and sisters mid-March of 2020 due to their owner being unable to cope. Luckily, one of our members of staff fell in love and decided to adopt on 24th April!
He is now being spoilt and having the best time in his new home, I mean just look at that happy little face!

If you would like to help us continue finding these gorgeous animals new homes then we would really appreciate if you could donate using the button below! Thank you for your support.